Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Half Off And Holiday Drama

I actually look forward to the day after Christmas... everything is half off or more at the Shops as they close out Seasonal merchandise!  I got my Baklava for 90% Off, apparently there was not a run on Baklava this Christmas so they had a hefty overage of it.  I couldn't be more delighted to Score this box of Mini assorted Baklava for a ridiculously low price... Nom-Nom!!!  I was Tempted to buy more than one box at such a deep discount, but didn't wanna end up in a Baklava Coma just before the New Year.  *Smiles*

So the whole Crew here has been feeling under the weather and they've been Bearish since they're all not feeling Well and needing lots of attention.   Sick Men and Sick Kids are very dramatic when they are not feeling Well and I'm no Nurse Nightingale I must tell you!  *LOL*   I had to Work the day after Christmas, my usual Night Shift and it was very busy, so by the time I roll in at just about 10:00 p.m. very weary, the last thing I want to greet me at the threshold of Villa Boheme' is a bunch of whiny Sick people being very dramatic about it.  *Le Sigh*

So it's a Good thing that I had Scored some Pioneer Woman Seasonal Bowls half off and filled them all with assorted Gourmet Christmas Nut Medleys and Holiday Treats also marked way down, to buoy my Spirits.  After I medicate and tuck all the Sick people into Bed I do plan to Enjoy some Comfort Food indulgences, since I can stay up super late and sleep in now that The Force are out of School on Winter Break. 

The Man absolutely Loves Pioneer Woman and watches all her Shows where she's doing Amazing things for her Family out there on the Ranch. She makes me feel very Tired just watching all the Work she does making everything from scratch actually, way too much of an over-achiever, so I just like her Products being hawked at Wal-Mart.  *LOL*   I especially like them when they're on Sale.   Her Brand is really Cute and I'm sure she's a very Nice Woman who just doesn't realize how bad she's making most of the rest of us look to our Families when we don't do nearly so much in a day for them!?  *LMAO*

So there I was playing around with my new Pioneer Woman Bowls to begin Photographing them for this Post and The Man asked me if now I'd soon be Baking and Cooking like her?!   Yeah, Right... uh huh... you're living in a Fool's Paradise Honey if you think that will ever happen in this Lifetime!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*   Nope, just flinging some Nuts and Such in her Bowls and calling it a day Honey, I responds.  *Winks*   He went to Bed shortly thereafter, rather sulkily, since I also wasn't fussing over him when he made quite the Production of telling me at great length how Sick he suddenly felt Today, the moment I'd walked thru the door after my Shift.  *LOL*

I'd already had both of The Force regale me with their ailments as soon as I barely got thru the door... and since they were dropping like Flies around here I really didn't want any of them near me, so that I might stay Well!!!?!!?   They each gave me a List of what they think they Need from the Store... you know, IF I was going to the Store Tomorrow directly after waking up.   In case you might have forgot, there are NO Stores directly around Subdivision Hell out here in the Boonies... NO Conveniences whatsoever!  So to Shop any Store that is remotely closest to Villa Boheme' is gonna be at least an Hour or more of my Life that I'll never get back... Swell.

This Rural Living shit is really working my last nerve... I made it a point to remind The Man again of that and how much I Miss the City every day, before he coasted off to Bed after giving me his List of "Sick Man" necessities. *LOL*  The Good thing is, they're all too Sick to wanna tag along Tomorrow as an entourage when I do make the Pilgrimage to the Store to pick up their "Sick People" supplies... and Nail Glue.  Since the damn fake Nails I put in Princess T's Stocking had no Glue in the Kit, WTF!?!   And so I haven't heard the end to that since she opened her Stocking of coarse.  She's fixated on Nail Glue in fact and of coarse I forgot to get some before Work... Dammit!  *Le Sigh*

I did however, remember to get a damned Air Pump to blow up the freakin' going flat Soccer Ball I got her for Christmas!  Why do they Sell those things NOT already totally inflated?!??!   And of coarse we didn't have an Air Pump anywhere and so she melted down about having her very first opened Gift be too flat to play with... a Gift that she'd been asking for incessantly!  So it totally took the Joy out of receiving it when it was not fully inflated and Tears ensued!  *Uh Oh*


This is Why she looked like THIS while being photographed with said slightly limp Soccer Ball... which renders them Useless of coarse!   Her countenance speaks a thousand words and she'd finally quit being Hysterical and Dramatic, dried her Tears, and we'd managed to move on to the rest of the Gift Opening.  So, first thing I bought the day after Christmas was a damned Air Pump, which cost more than the freakin' Soccer Ball Gift... and just for good measure, another Cheap Soccer Ball that was fully inflated {I checked this time} in case the original one might be defective and have a leak?!  *LOL*

And that wasn't the only Gift Opening Drama... I had bought both of The Force these Virtual Reality Headset Glasses that you put your Smart Phone into... I had thought it to be a Gift they'd J'Adore and get really Excited about!   Well, they WERE totally Jazzed... UNTIL... their damned Smart Phones didn't fit!!!   Shit... apparently tho' the Box said MOST Smart Phones interface with this Device, neither of theirs did... who knew?!  *Le Sigh* 

 So I hadda give them away to the other Grandkids that came over Christmas Day and had Smart Phones that did fit.  Whew... well, at least I dodged a bullet about having to stand in a long Return Line to get a refund... and had two Happy Teen Grand-Daughters, the ones to the Left and Right of their Mom, that Scored an unexpected Bonus Gift each.   But as you can well imagine, The Force was disappointed and expecting a Replacement Gift each.  *Ha ha ha*

But other than all that... everything is Post-Christmas Swell around here.  *Bwahahahahahaha*   And I still did look forward to the day after Christmas Sales at a few Shops I was able to visit before my Shift.   Seemed peeps were out in force Shopping, many seemed to be buying all of their Christmas Gifts in fact!   So I'm assuming many people just do Christmas late to Save money and Salvage their Budgets for the Holidays, which is Smart.

The Man has also been testy that The Son and all the Grandkids have been raiding the Candy Dishes and he was worried we'd run out and there'd be less for him... and so to appease him I bought some more Chocolates, just for him, on Sale after Christmas too.  He gets very possessive about Treats and has mini Panic Attacks about Sharing... and really tries to Secretly Hoard and Hide Candy since having his Traumatic Brain Injury.  And then he forgets where he's hidden it, so I'm finding it stashed everywhere and some of it got old and has to be thrown away!  *LOL*  Even tho' he's partially Deaf he can hear anyone rustling around in a Candy Dish from a Mile away, I Swear... I also Swear he Counts it all???!??!  *LMAO*

The Daughter-In-Law told The Son perhaps he shouldn't take any of his Dad's Candy Home with them... when The Man began to get slightly agitated.   The Son assured her that it's not DAD'S Candy, Mom buys it for everyone to Share {True that}... and that Dad has plenty of Candy, he probably has Candy in the hidden compartments in the Arms of his Media Chair {he does}, his Closet, his Bedstand and God knows where else around the house stashed!?!  *Bwahahaha!*  I assured them both that I would be sure to replace Dad's stashes when they get low, so don't worry, he won't go into Chocolate Withdrawal anytime soon... and I'd get it all on Sale after Christmas anyway.  *Smiles*

So everyone got sent Home with Treat Bags filled and now that I've replenished it already The Man is now at ease that we won't run out of Treats in Paradise.  *Winks*   I even bought him a large box of Whitman Sampler that was on Sale for Two Bucks that nobody is allowed to touch, exclusively his, he hid it immediately.  Now if only he remembers where the Hell he hid it while it's still Fresh, all will be Well.  *LOL*

And Princess T just wandered into the room here whining and holding her New Lime Green fully inflated Soccer Ball replacement and informed me it is supposed to Glow in the Dark and doesn't!  Apparently she's been standing in a Dark Room just to see and Test it!!!  *Oh Lord!*  GO AWAY I told her, or I'll light your ass up, I don't Care and I'm NOT buying anymore freakin' Soccer Balls!!!  She went away coughing loudly so I'd remember just how Sick she is... and I'm Wondering why that Prescription Cough Syrup hasn't yet knocked her ass out?!?   See... this is Why Women my Age don't Breed anymore and usually shouldn't still be Raising Children!!!  *LOL*

I think I finally got all the Guys down for the Night... and so once she does conk out there will be Peace in the Valley and no more Trouble in Paradise!?   I might even get this Post done without further incessant interruption and the playing of a very feeble, very tired and inept version of Nurse Nightingale?   And then visit FB and see what all my Family and Friends have been up to?   I am hearing that various Family Members and Friends have been dropping like Flies too with various Winter Ailments, so 'tis the Season to succumb to shit like that...

And I just Pray they don't all spread their Sick Germs all over me because I don't have the Time nor the Luxury of getting Sick.   Full Time Caregivers are allegedly supposed to stay 100% Healthy all of the time or we're completely Screwed you see... as is everyone in our Charge and Care.  So... as we're so often tritely told by Agencies and Caseworkers who are supposed to offer Assistance or Services to us and so often don't... Good Luck with that and we Hope it all Works Out...


May Peace and Wellness be with you as we approach this New Year on the immediate Horizon my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hahaha! I have to smile at your husbands chocolate obsession. . .I can identify completely. Carl has to have something sweet immediately after dinner (even if he's full from the meal), and I "hide" things FOR him so that we don't run out. Hope you are all enjoying the holidays! We have single digit temperatures in Northern Ohio this week. BRRR!

  2. You take on your family, is sometimes hysterical....you know you can always do stand up, Dawn...if things get tough, lol.


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