Saturday, December 23, 2017

Dreadlocks, Headbands, Wraps And Sugar Mamas

This is why I don't do Selfies, I always look positively demented and haven't mastered the Art of them! *LOL*   But at least the Headband is making my Grey Eyes look positively bright Blue.  *Smiles*  Lately my Dreads have gotten to a length where I can begin to experiment with wearing them in Headbands and Dread Wraps.  As you can see by my Pinterest Inspiration Images of Dreadlocks in Headbands and Wraps above me, that was always a Goal.   Eventually I aspire to have mine long enough to look Awesome and not like a scene of the Predator Hairstyle in an Alien versus Predator Movie clip.  *LMAO*  Mine do poke out of said Headband and go Crazy, they are at the stage of developing their own personality, which is rather Wild and unruly almost a Year in.  I did get a sincere compliment from a Young Male Friend who told me the other day when I was dressed up to go out and wearing a Headband that I looked like someone's Hot Sugar Mama.  *Smiles*   I'm sure he was being overly Generous with the compliment but I didn't Care, who doesn't wanna look like somebody's Hot Sugar Mama?!  I'll accept that compliment and run with it.  *Winks*  So, I'm still absolutely J'Adoring my Dreads, only regret is I wish I'd done them decades ago!  I am just not connecting with those whose first Year or two of having Baby Dreads was trying or awful, that hasn't been my Experience at all.  I think after 60 is when you just don't Care and that is totally Awesome and extremely Liberating.  Right now I got Wild Hair and I just don't Care... and a Headband or Wrap really don't intend to try to Tame it!   *LMAO*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wild Hair and I just don't Care! Cheers, Dawn. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Wow, they look awesome Dawn! I almost considered starting some of my own after a week in bed with the flu - had a helluva time getting a brush through that hot mess. :)


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