Saturday, December 2, 2017

Creativity Stalled

I don't quite know why but I haven't been able to tap into any Creative Energy Reserves for the Christmas Season and so it has been Creativity Stalled!  I had intentions of Creating some Christmas Tree Ornaments, I have all the supplies on hand to get busy with it... but The G-Kid Force and I haven't really rallied to seriously Create any.

I even moved all the supplies downstairs, from the Art Studio Loft upstairs, and put it all in the informal diningroom on the Harvest table, in hopes it might motivate us more, seeing it every day?  *LOL*   It has NOT... tho' I did get two Feather Ornaments Created, I just wasn't that 'Into' it.  As is evidenced by the above Feather, Bead and Felt Pom-Pom Ornament that looks nothing like I had envisioned it would in my Head when I began it's Process.  *LOL*  I was clearly in an "It'll Do" Creative Head Space!

Ornament No. 2 was equally lackluster and so I just quit... the Creative Stall was doing a tailspin nosedive and so I wasn't wasting any more supplies in "It'll Do" Mode.  *Smiles*   The G-Kid Force initially had been Inspired to Create all kinds of Ornaments... until it was actually time to DO it, then it wasn't so Alluring I suppose and they took a look and then wandered off disinterested.  *LMAO*

Okay, so my two paltry Feather Ornaments weren't horrible, but between arthritis and ambivalence, there sure wasn't gonna be a Christmas Tree full of Eye-catching Boho ones I had Wanted to Create when I bought all the supplies!  *LOL*   So, I Opted Out and picked up a few more inexpensive Boho looking Ornaments from 'Target', like a quartet of these Adorable Felt Reindeer Birds wearing Sweaters, each different and very brightly colored.

I know it was a total cop-out to just go out and buy Ornaments instead of sticking with the Creative Process, but when I'm "Off" Creatively I just stop, there's no use pushing it until you're "On" again.   Besides, I was totally diggin' these little Guys in their Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Reindeer Headbands, it made me Smile.   I'm really into Felt and Knitted Decorations anyway this year, don't know Why?

I do know that there has been a bum-rush on Christmas Tree Ornaments this year and most of the Shops I've visited are Selling Out early!   Some enormous big Warehouse Decor Shops have virtually empty shelves and displays already, even before December 1st rolled around!   To be sure a lot of Shops scaled down the selection of Christmas Decor from previous years, so those that didn't have been the only Game in Town to find anything decent and therefore folks flocked to them.

I know that at our Antique Mall anything Vintage Christmas I brought in Sold Out quickly and the Vendors who are having strong Sales had a lot of Seasonal in stock to sell and that's what's been moving.   I'm always on the fence about stocking a lot of Seasonal Decor for Holidays even tho' it makes a favorable Visual Impact when Merchandising it.  Since I don't want to be left with a bunch of unsold Inventory that would have to wait a whole other year to be appropriate and need to be Stored.  I'm not one to bring Inventory back Home that didn't Sell, once it's out of here it's banished forever!  *LOL*

Last Christmas I got a lot of crap from The Family about the enormously oversized Wreath I'd hung on our Front Door that was a bit ridiculous in Scale for a Residence, even tho' our Doors at Villa Boheme' are all ridiculously tall.  *LOL*   I think perhaps it had hung in a two story Mall or something, it was THAT big... and so this year I went with something more proportionate and everyone is happier about that.   It was a Neutral hued Pom-Pom Style Wreath and it was 50% Off and the last one in stock.  I Waffled about it only briefly becoz tho' Crafty looking, I still Liked it and it Appealed to me.

The Young Prince didn't even tease me about it looking like his Little Brother might have made it for me in Pre-School.  *Winks*  In fact, he Complimented me on our Main Christmas Tree Today and said that after it was completely Decorated, it didn't look so much like a Kindergarten Craft Project Tree like he'd thought it would have with all those Pom-Pom Felt Garlands he Hated!  *LMAO*  Yes, tho' I thought they were way Cool, the rest of The Clan here aren't as big a Fan of the Felt Pom-Pom Obsession I currently have.  *Smiles*

The G-Kid Force often think Gramma Dawn has Questionable Taste bordering on Old Hippie Gypsy without a Clue as to what is Classy versus Over-The-Top and OMG you are NOT gonna Wear that or Buy that to Decorate with are ya!?  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   Yes, I know what Refined looks like, it's just not necessarily what I happen to gravitate to tho' and isn't my own sensibilities when choosing Wardrobe and Decorating.  Except occasionally I'll opt for Class over what just tickles my Fancy.  *Winks*

But getting the Unanimous Vote of Approval after I was Done was better than all the initial Eye Rolling I was getting before they saw the Finished Result and gave it a hearty Thumbs Up. *LOL*  Sometimes I do Amaze them that my Crazy or Gaudy Ideas often even turn out Good and way better than they expected.  *Winks*   The Young Prince could have been on that Show, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, since he's ALWAYS critiquing Bad Style and Fashion, which he claims abounds and horrifies him. *Smiles*  And of coarse The Stylist, well, she's just as brutal with her critiques about Fashion, Style and Bad Taste... so they don't hold back when they think Gramma Dawn has gone Over The Edge and into a free fall of Fashion or Taste!  *Bwahahahaha!*

But sometimes we do come into Agreement about certain things, like this Amazing Farmhouse Style setting at WOODS AND WHITES which has a Ladder, Light and Cotton Boll Display over it that I think we Need over our huge Kitchen Island!  *Smiles*  I've been Waffling about what to hang over that damned Island since we moved in, bought a couple Light Fixtures and then changed my Mind about hanging them over it... but this would be Perfect!  But... Light Fixtures was NOT our Mission Statement this day at The Mall... it was all about HER...

You see, Princess T is going to The Winter Formal Dance at her School and so we were looking for an appropriate ensemble for this Important shindig she's so excited about going to!  *Smiles*   Now, I'm not a Sixth Grader and so I thought this Dress would be the Fav... since it was my Fav.  *Smiles*  I could tell by her countenance it was NOT to be The One.   That is the Barely Tolerant of Gramma's Taste Look, I can tell.  *Winks*  It's not comfortable and the material is scratchy she complained... besides, kinda looks like an Olympic Ice Skater's Costume... True That... so we nixed this one... back to the rack!

She picked out The One, her clear Fav as her countenance clearly shows. This one she said looked way Classier and I'd have to Agree... she liked the Simple Elegant Styling with a longer back than front and the Rich Color that compliments her complexioin... and that it was not so Flashy like some Gypsy Wedding Gown {hint hint}... Bwahahahaha!  She's rather like dressing up a Living Barbie Doll so we did have some Fun choosing a Dress and I was relieved it didn't take Hours, this Kid knows what she likes and goes right for it.  So, we couldda been out way sooner had Gramma NOT insisted she try on the Dorothy Hamill Dress... LMAO...


Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Feather ornaments are a good idea- that tree is loaded! I like that not-so-skinny-mini mannequin torso. And that wreath makes me want a spring version out of peonies or dahlias; or a summer one with hydrangeas.

    Refined is overrated.

    1. Well, front of Tree and sides are loaded, funny thing is the back is practically bare... smiles

  2. Beautiful dress choice! Lovely blue color - tasteful, striking, stand-out!
    Tree looks gorgeous.
    As to buying instead of making - when the tonic of beauty is needed, you have to go with what is possible.
    That tree will help you regain your strength.
    If only to take mental breaks through the season as you deal with the current challenges.
    May the Spirit of the Season light your path!

    1. Oh what Beautiful and Inspiring Words you have Gifted me with this day, Thank You so much!

  3. maybe the heat was the issue with your low creative flow?
    I know it's getting better now at least:)
    your tree looks amazing with the feathers..your style is awesome!
    love that color blue on her:)


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