Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve 2017

I didn't expect I'd be working on Christmas Eve since our Antique Mall closes early, but I will be since they moved the Evening Shift to a Mid Afternoon Shift instead.  I don't really mind, we don't begin our Celebrations until later that Evening when we let The Force open one Gift, just to take the edge off their excitement.  Kids kinda lose it during the Holidays, so you need to diffuse some of their pent up anticipation.  So if they get their Stockings and a Gift to open the Night before Christmas Morning, they settle down some.

I've been Marathon watching Christmas Specials, I'm more into it than the rest of the Family.  I particularly like the Christmas Light Fight where Extreme Decorating Families compete for a fifty grand prize per episode.   Two Families from Arizona competed among the dozen or so and one actually Won in their episode.  Knowing that those two Families are Local makes me want to try to go find them to see it all in person!

There was also an International version of a similar Extreme Decorating group of Families from all over Europe.   They profiled Families from England, France, Germany and Italy in the episode.   The Obsession with the Holidays isn't limited to just our Country and that was Fun to see how Internationally they go Extreme with their Christmas Light Shows for their Communities! 

I watch the Holiday Baking Championship Shows on the Food Network, I sure do miss my Mom and Dad baking for the Holidays for all of us.  I do not Bake... it isn't my particular skill set and when we have done it, the results are marginal at best and thus not quite worth the effort and disappointment.  *LOL*  For those of you who do the Amazing Holiday Baking, it is indeed a Special Gift to your Loved Ones and Friends!

I try not to go out and about much in the last few days leading up to Christmas, it's a frenzy of last minute Shoppers and bad drivers.  I have had everything done for a while now anyway, so there's no sense of Urgency or Need to brave any of that if I don't have to!   I cannot imagine the self-imposed Stress that last minute Shoppers put upon themselves or Why?  Besides, most Shops had Sold Out of so much days ago, so it seems rather futile to wait 'til the eleventh hour to get whatever MIGHT be just left overs?

If that little Thought is put into the Gift Giving that you'd just rush out at the last possible minute to pick any of it up to present to someone, wouldn't it just be better and more Thoughtful to give Cash?!  *LOL*   It's not as if they haven't had the trappings of Christmas up for quite a while now so that you had sufficient Time to contemplate what to Give and where to get it.

But it seems as though, judging by the Madness and huge Crowds, that there are many that do just that... procrastinate and wait until it's almost too late!  Then they are in an absolute panic and frenzy to accomplish something in one fell swoop just in the nick of time, that would probably have been best spread out to give them the best selections and sufficient Time.   I just don't wanna Deal with that or with them... it's Insanity that could have easily been avoided!

I would imagine if you accidentally had to do it one time, for whatever reason, you would better prepare so as not to have to endure it again for any Future Gift giving?    I do Believe that many put a lot of Pressure on themselves that probably could be avoided with a little preparation and a calmer approach to Celebrating the Holidays.   And let us begin with Realistic Expectations, which can fall by the wayside if you are Obsessed with making everything Magical along with all the work involved!   *Smiles*

I have fallen into that Trap myself, trying too hard to bring Magic to every Holiday Celebration and a whole lotta Muchness trying to do it all!   Though I may be adept at getting a jump start on the Gift Giving and Planning, Holidays can still become a whirlwind of Activities and things to get done in time.   Sometimes you do get behind the 8-Ball and being Chill becomes something near to impossible when you're running behind anything with a deadline.

I do always pack a lot into the Holidays and if not careful can get that 1,000 mile stare of having done too much and seen too much action!  *LOL*  So I've made it a point to take some days to just Chill, to gel out at Home after The Force get out of School for Winter Break, and just cozy up here at Home.  The Family actually seems to Enjoy that and has no Need to have something scheduled every minute of the entire Holiday Season.

I even partake in some un-necessary things like going Junquing with Friends, to de-stress ourselves from all the work involved in Holiday prepping.   I happened to Score this Amazing Deli Style Delmar Family Scale from 1906 for a mere THREE DOLLARS!!!   Yep, it's the Real Deal and has a perfect Porcelain Top and a Regulating Screw Cover on the back with Patent.   I Love that it's Black and still has great elaborate turn of the Century Font on both sides even tho' it's clearly been well used.

It wasn't my only Killer Score and it seems that the throngs of Holiday Shoppers were missing at the Thrift Shops so the selection was excellent to Source Vintage and Antique Found Treasures galore!   My Friend and I took an entire day to hit every Op Shop we could locate and scour... and my Showroom and Booth at the Antique Mall will be laden with what I don't intend to Keep and will pass along to our Holiday Shoppers!

So Yes, while gellin' here at Home I did also price some more Fresh Inventory that will be Showroom and Booth bound for Christmas Eve Day!   Mixing business with pleasure is always a nice balance of making money and spending money.  *Winks*   It is likely that Friends and Family will be over to visit and we'll be Hosting some get-togethers here at Villa Boheme' after I get Home from Work.

I have come to the conclusion that they don't Party here in the more Affluent Burbs quite like they do in The Hood because the Grocery Stores around here are completely without the Party Platters, who knew?   The Young Prince joked that they probably do Wine and Fancy but dainty Cheese Tasting instead of the raucous Parties with mile long heavily laden Party Buffet spreads we're used to from the Old Neighborhood?!?  *LMAO*

Thus I will have to make a Pilgrimage to The Hood to pick up the Party Supplies because dainty refined Holiday fare is not what we're accustomed to.   Hey, you can take the Gal outta The Hood but you can't take The Hood outta the Gal... I like me a proper hearty Feast with delish Party Platters to adequately feed my Posse at the Party!  *LOL*   If I tried to pass off some pretentious bottle of Vino and dainty cubes of Imported Cheeses there would likely be a riot!  *LMAO*

So, while I'm patrollin' The Hood looking for Party Platters that are completely absent here in Subdivision Hell out in the boonie peripheral of the Big City, and we happen to run into each other... come on over and lets Party!   We'll see how much Fun we can have before the Cops show up, Okay?   *Winks, just kiddin', it'd be the Sheriff and I'm sure he's bored as Hell out here too with nothin' to do, so we'll just invite him to join the Party!   Bwahahahahahahaha!!!*


Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wish I lived near you, I'd gladly raise hell in the Subdivision with you! Have a great Christmas and I hope you find a Party Platter.

    1. That would be so much Fun... I bet we could make bail, huh? winks

  2. Glad you're enjoying this Christmas season! You platters of food from the Hood might start a new Fad there in the Sub!

    1. Let's hope so, I got it all tonight after Work, patrolled the Hood's Grocery Stores and found exactly what we needed and are used to! *LOL*

  3. LOL, can't take the 'hood' outta the gal. We are what we are---C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E- come on ...uh ha!


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