Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas 2017

You would be very proud of me, I did not Pathologically Picture Take and especially all the Grandchildren were relieved!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   The Man probably should have been in some of the pixs but he didn't really want to be, he's low key about having his picture taken and will usually only do it under protest.  *Smiles*   It's useless for the Kids or Grandkids to protest, I will insist on just a few so they oblige... and in recent years I've cut back so as not to drive everyone Crazy and dazed by flashes!  *LOL*

Their Oldest was Home from College and we were Delighted she could join us Christmas Day and spent most of the day with us and with the Maternal Grandparents.   They're Great Kids... of coarse I'm totally biased, ALL of my Grandchildren are AWESOME... Smart, Beautiful and all around Fantastic Kiddos in my humble and completely biased Opinion!  *Winks*   Hanging out with the Grandparents is probably not the most exciting thing for Young Adults during the Holidays, but I'm Thankful that Family is so Important to them all and so they choose to!

The Force actually got to open their Gifts the Morning of Christmas Eve because they had been invited to The Young Prince's Dad's house for a big Christmas Party being Hosted there in the City.   We weren't certain they would be back in time to open them Christmas Morning and so we all opted for Christmas Eve Morning instead, before I dropped them off and had to go to Work that Afternoon.   Working Christmas Eve Afternoon was not so bad, we actually had Fun and it was Mad busy at our Antique Mall.

I also got to take The Man out for Dinner after Work and pick up the Buffet Spread fixings in The Hood, where they always have Party Platters galore, unlike the Grocery Stores in the Burbs.   So we were able to line the Kitchen Island with a good spread of our favs after all, so color me Happy!  I would have cringed if I'd had to serve what meager offerings were at the Grocery Stores close by here... OMG, pretentious Parties are just not our Style!  *Bwahahaha!*

I did make the Deviled Eggs, but other than that, I just didn't have the Time nor the Energy to prep everything myself.  I have a total Love Affair with Deli Offerings during the Holidays because frankly I'd be too worn out and stressed out afterwards to cook everything before Hosting a Get-Together!   And I totally cheated and brought some great Seafood items and Biscuits Home from 'Red Lobster' the Night before to also serve up, since they all Love that!

Princess T still isn't feeling 100% due to the air quality and cold during the onset of Winter in the Valley... and The Young Prince was totally wiped out from his Dad's Party the day before Christmas which lasted til 4:00 a.m. I'm told... so The Force were pretty subdued, by their standards anyway.  *LOL*  That meant I could sleep in this Morning, which is a rare luxury any day, let alone Christmas Day!   Had we stayed at his Dad's Party longer, we probably would have been totally wiped out for Christmas Day too, so it's good we didn't!  *LMAO*

It's a fact, at our Season of Life now, The Man and I just can't Partaaaay like we used ta!  *Smiles*   Now a more intimate Get-Together with Family is more our Speed, tho' Guests are always Welcome to drop in and join the fray, especially during the Holidays... when anyone and everyone is Welcome to Celebrate with us.   Well, until The Game is on... then The Man is going to be fixated and totally distracted... he was totally Jazzed Today when The Steelers, his Team, Won their Game!  *Ha ha ha*

We were not so Jazzed the Night before trying to maneuver to get to the Restaurant for Dinner after I got off Work and JUST when the masses were getting out of the Phoenix Cardinals Winning Game!  OMG, gridlock would be an understatement, exuberant revelers were careening down the roads and staggering all over the sidewalks throughout the Cities of Glendale and Phoenix for miles around the Stadium!   They even had to close off sections of the Freeway because it wasn't moving enough to let anyone else onto it!  Note to Self: Avoid doing that again directly after a Game!  *LOL*

This is the Kids at her Parent's Lovely Home Christmas Morning, they sure had a full itinerary spending so much time with all the Parents and we Thank You for that!   I remember doing that with my Parents too and I sure Miss that and them, so much, and especially during the Holidays!   Simple Traditions like my Dad's Home-Made Chex Party Mix are also sorely missed... what I offer up just cannot compare!   Not to mention the Baking my Parents always did... I'm not an avid Baker, it's just not my skill set... but Home-Made Bakery Items at Christmastime particularly, well, they're Wonderful!

I'm certain any of you who Home Bake and Home Cook everything from scratch are going to be sorely Missed when you cross over and your Loved Ones and Friends don't have that Gift from you anymore!   Mine will remember what great stuff I brought Home from the Deli anyway... bwahahahahahahaha!!!   Well, even tho' my Domestic Goddess skills lead a lot to be desired, I used to have Great Earning Potential... so my Corporate Lives and Careers were useful to make up for my lack of Homemaker skills!  *LOL*

The Young Prince likes to Cook and Create Culinary Delights tho' so perhaps he'll be the next Generation to indulge us, I dunno?    The Man is excellent at it, but after the TBI he's forgotten how to prepare so many things and he gets overwhelmed in the Kitchen now so we just eat out a lot.  *Ha ha ha*   Whatever works best I work it my Friends.  *Winks*

The greatest Gift of coarse is spending time with Family and Friends over the Holidays tho' and it matters not what other trappings or lack thereof exists really.   We've had lavish Holidays and lean Holidays and everything in between and all have been equally Memorable in their own way, so it mattered not.  But Loneliness during the Holidays would be a very bitter pill to swallow I would imagine... and honestly I'm Glad I only have to imagine what it must be like and not have to experience it firsthand.

My Parents understood that very basic Need we all have to Belong and to Celebrate with one another, so they always had an Open Door Policy at their Homes to extend an Invitation to anyone and everyone.  Especially those who couldn't be with Family during the Holidays or who perhaps didn't have Family to Celebrate with or few close Friends. 

  Young G.I.s always knew they could come to our Home from the Base if they couldn't get Leave Home for the Holidays to spend it with their Loved Ones.  I don't ever recall my Parent's Home not having a few spare people Invited to join us if they didn't have anywhere else to go and didn't want to spend Christmas alone.

Nobody should have to spend it Alone if they don't want to.   A Solitary Holiday Celebration should only be voluntary because one chooses to be Alone and prefers it.     I do Hope that each and every one of you had somewhere to be that you wanted to be for your Christmastime Celebrations?   That you made it Memorable in all the ways you know how to ensure it will be Cherished for many years to come when you reflect upon it.

Whether an Intimate Gathering or a Raucous Party I Hope that all who were Hosting it and who Attended it had the most Memorable of times during Christmas 2017?!?  We are most definitely looking forward to 2018 and Pray it will be a Prosperous and Outstanding year for one and all!!!   It hardly seems like another year has flown by so quickly... Time seems to Speed Up as one Ages... which you would think it would be quite the opposite, right?  *LOL*


So from our Home to yours and our Family to yours... Merry Christmas my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. We had two celebrations, one raucous and chaos with 5 dogs and kids running around, and then just 8 of us for Christmas Day, very laid back and intimate. Love that your family got to share time together...Happy New Year, I'm just catching up on my blogging friends.


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