Monday, December 11, 2017

A Merchant Square Christmas

So Today I'm Sharing the MERCHANT SQUARE ANTIQUE MALL Christmas Experience that I had over the Weekend.   It was so very Festive that I lingered a long while, which made me spend more money, but of coarse that's the POINT of Creating the right Atmosphere, right?!???!  *LOL*  

Several of the Merchants were having Sales so I got a Hand-Made Linen and Crocheted Lace Christmas Stocking for only $7 on Sale!   

I picked up some Hand-Dyed Seam Binding and some Jeanne d'Arc Living Christmas Magazines.  

A large Vintage Grain Sack Bolster Pillow...

A large Bolivian Coffee Sack that I will turn into another Bolster Pillow... the incredible hand-work on the Fabric Sides is Amazing so I couldn't Believe I Scored this for just over Two Bucks!!!  *Gasp!!!*   Can you only tell that Princess T was an unwilling 'Volunteer' to Model it for me?!   It's scratchy and I'm probably getting Hemp fibers all over my Black outfit she complained!  *LMAO*   Several soaks and washes in Fabric Softener and it will feel Soft as Linen!

During the 'Highland Yard Vintage' Event I Scored this Amazing Mercury Glass Ball Garland to string across the Fireplace Mantle here in the Library where I sit and Blog.   I had finally recalled where I'd stashed the Christmas Stockings I'd made and wanted to hang up there... and my Santa Hats... thus finishing up the Decorating of Villa Boheme'.  I'll be Sharing more of our Home's Christmas in another Post closer to Christmas Day.

For now there's a full Week ahead of Christmas Traditions, Activities, Events and Parties to attend so I'm Glad I got all the Gift buying done early!  *Whew!!!*  I'm basking in the Warm Glow of Christmas Ambiance Complete here at Home... I always feel so Good once I get all of the Decorating accomplished.  The very last detail is getting The Young Prince to reluctantly Volunteer to hang out the Upstairs Kitchen Window and hang the Vintage Santa Head off the Wrought Iron Railing under that Window!   Well, Hell, I'M NOT doing it!  Besides, I'll hold onto his legs... *LOL*  He already hung the one off The Juliet Room Balcony of Death and has tried to convince me that's enough Exterior Christmas hanging off the 2nd Floor... Really Gramma!  *Bwahahahahahahaha!!!*

Now if you think I'm Crazy, you should have seen several of the Neighbors up on their roofs this Week stringing Christmas Lights off their 2nd and 3rd Stories... OMG, I couldn't even watch!!!   So our Exterior Decor is feeble by comparison to how much Extreme Christmas Decorating is going on around here... and I just LOVE it!!!   After my Night Shift I often just drive around our Subdivision taking in the Lights and Decorations all lit up!

What I didn't know until I came Home from Work Sunday Night was that our Subdivision also Hosts a Light Parade that drives around the Neighborhood... one of Princess T's Friends video recorded it on her Phone and sent it to us so I could watch.  I'm Glad that The Force didn't miss it even tho' they didn't know it was Scheduled that Evening... they had a Lighted Rural Metro Fire Truck in front with Sirens to catch everyone's attention.   And various Neighbors had Decorated their Vehicles and Recreational Vehicles with Lights for the Parade procession... such Fun!


Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I NEED that Hiking Santa figure!!!!! I live in Florida - wish I could somehow get that shipped to me!!! ah, the perils of seeing goodies online from across the country...


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