Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Woods And Whites... Air Plants

So now I actually have a reason to Want to go to a Mall when The G-Kid Force ask me to... a new Shop I've found at Arrowhead Mall called WOODS AND WHITES!  *Smiles*  A Fantastic Store filled with the most Amazing Merchandise by various Artisans and International Artists, including my Friend Minnie's VINTAGE MINNIE Line.   They also have an extensive selection of Air Plants and Containers for them... and being my current Obsession, well, hadda make a Pilgrimage there Today before The Man's Accupuncture Appointment!  *LOL*

I liked that the Shop allows you to buy the Air Plants and Containers separately so you can choose which ones of each you prefer.  They have the best selection of Air Plant species I've found locally and these small square Cement Containers were just what I had been looking for and couldn't find anywhere else.  Not to mention the prices were very reasonable, only $3.99 for the Containers and Air Plants varied in price but all are under Six Bucks each.  I had been aching to Create an Air Plant Centerpiece for the Kitchen's Vintage Retro Table Holiday Tablescape.  So I'd already bought the large round Cement Bowl and a bag of assorted Mosses at the "At Home" Store.

I also bought a Fabulous Light Created from an enormous Cast Iron Claw Foot Tub's Leg, I've never seen one this large, I can only Imagine how big the Claw Foot Tub must have been that it came off of?!  The Man was tagging along and asking me if I really Needed said Light, 'til I gave him the 'Look'... and that ended any Protest or further discussion.  *Winks*   He'd wandered in from the Food Court where I'd Parked him, since he had not initially shown any Interest in accompanying me into my Girly Store.  *LMAO*  Then I suppose he thought, shit, better make sure she doesn't spend all our Money in there since she's taking an awful long time to buy just Air Plants and Planters?!  *Bwahahahahaha!*

 In all actuality New Villa Boheme' in the Evenings can be pretty dark in many rooms and Need additional ambient lighting, since all of the rooms are large and overhead lighting is not sufficient for how bright I like a room to be in the Evenings to be able to SEE or DO anything!  I'm not a Bat, I do not dig nor want to exist in Cave-like lighting... give me loads of bright Natural Light flooding in during the Day... and sufficient ambient lighting at Night!  *Smiles*   For now The Lamp is sitting in here in one of those impromptu Vignettes where it's not going to actually be, along with other items that haven't yet migrated to their permanent or semi-permanent location yet.   

Honestly, Work, Doctor Appointments, Lab Work and switching out the Seasonal Decor from Halloween to Christmas has consumed me and so everything else has been rather at a standstill at getting done or decorated non-seasonally.  Lately my energy levels are tapped out and by the time I've done a half dozen things I can't avoid doing... I'm completely Done and that's Enough Todaying for Today!  *LOL*   The Christmas Tree is only decorated in the very front, it will probably take me all week to get to the sides and the back of it, to fill it all in and layer the Ornaments that will Complete it.  But it just being lit up at Night is still Enchanting even tho' it's not even a quarter finished!

Our Antique Mall completely disappointed me when I went in to Work last Night and found they'd already turned off the Christmas Music after just the two days of the Weekend and it was back to the 70's on seven!   Customers and Staff alike had unanimously been Positive about the Holiday Music, which was a very nice Station with mostly Delightful Holiday Instrumentals playing.   Probably one Miserable Scrooge complained and can't stand anything Christmas so they expect everyone else to be Miserable along with them and Denied the appropriately Seasonal Ambiance.  It is a pet peeve of mine when any one person thinks it's all about them all of the time at the expense of everyone else... how arrogant, thoughtless and self-centered that Tortured Soul must be!   

So, I think I'm going to bring in one of my Vintage Ghetto Blasters and set it up in my Showroom to play the Christmas Station Music, so that my Customers get the Holiday Shopping Ambiance they deserve and can find almost anywhere else they're Shopping this time of year!   It is a Trade Stimulator to set the appropriate Mood while Shoppers shop, while the Holiday Music was playing my Sales were strong, since they turned off the Holiday Music I haven't sold another thing in three days, so it pisses me off... the point is to be Selling Merchandise, not appeasing insufferable Complaining Malcontents.  Thanks for tolerating the Vent to rant against Chronically Negative Complainers... Ha ha ha!!!

'Tis the Season... and it either brings out the Best in People... or unfortunately the Worst!   Which is Why I Create our Sanctuary in The Home, a place to retreat to when the outside World just gets to be Too Much Negativity or Strife!  I'm a Drama Free Mama and honestly I can only take so much of Negative People before I have to disengage and just not let that toxic attitude infect my own Mood and steal the Joy and Appreciation I Feel this time of year.  The Reason for The Season after all is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the tremendous Gift He gave the World with His Birth, His Life, His Death and His Resurrection.   Nobody can take that away from any Believer, it's deep within our Hearts and the Holy Spirit residing within.

The total absence of Love and Joy is indeed a very Sad and Tragic thing to Witness in any Human's State of Being.  If it is temporary perhaps they can return to a Loving and Joyful Self and not allow mere circumstances to rob them of either.   If they have a Medical Condition and Diagnosis that makes it a barrier, then my Hope is they find a Healing Touch and seek Intervention if it has gotten too bad so that it interferes with daily Life function in a debilitating way.   But begrudging others to experience or show Love and Joy is indeed a very different kind of Sickness I think.  It's not something I can relate to on any level whatsoever and is Soul crushing and destroying.

As for me and mine, we Celebrate... and certainly due to Illness we have some Loved Ones that find it difficult to Celebrate wholly and that's Okay, at least they try their best to, within the best of their ability.   Limiting exposure to anything with Sensory Overload is something we just have learned to walk out and openly discuss without condemnation or judgment.  It is what it is... so ours is more like that hilarious 1989 "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" Movie, rather than like the Traditional Sanitized versions of how Family Christmas plays out!  *LOL*

The Griswold's and us have quite a lot in common, particularly during the Holidays I think, me being the Female version of Clark Griswold!  *Winks*  No, I'm not nearly as hilarious as the Iconic Chevy Chase at Dealing with the Madness that can be extended Family gone Feral... and Holidays going awry in the most unpredictable of ways that don't match The Vision and Fantasy of how you Imagine it will go!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*  The Canvas of my Imagination does tend towards the Idyllic, which isn't Realistic nor Practical since the Idyll is typically idealized and is not a sustainable one. *Winks*

But every year I do strive for the Perfect and Ideal Holiday Celebration... which even when it falls short, is usually still pretty Memorable and not disappointing. Since Real Life can play out better if you have the right Attitude to embrace "what is" and the Perspective to focus upon what is Positive rather than fixating upon the Negatives and "what isn't".   After all, I didn't think such Fabulous Blooms could exist from a Plant that basically thrives on Air and what it can snatch from thin air passing by to sustain it... and that's not only incredible, but Inspirational.   May you be continuously Inspired this Holiday Season my Friends... and snatch your Peace, your Love and your Joy even if from thin air... and just BLOOM!

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May yours be a Memorable and Merry Christmas Season, or whatever Holiday or Holy Day you may be Celebrating... Dawn... The Bohemian

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