Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sweet Salvage ~ Comfort & Joy ~ Part II

So now we're back for the 2nd installment of the "Comfort & Joy" Christmas Event at The Sweet.   I was particularly enjoying the Silvery Grey and Green Christmas Color Palette this Season, it gave a frosty feel to a day that actually was about Ninety degrees outside!  *LOL*

Don't get me wrong, I Love a Desert Winter, you don't have to shovel Sunshine and I prefer a year round temperate climate.   I'm not really a four Seasons needy person... so skipping actual Winter doesn't bother me one iota.  We lived in plenty of harsh Winter climates during my Lifetime, I'm Good if I never Live thru another harsh Winter again.  *Smiles*

But a frosty illusion, well, I can handle that... and something about Silvery Grey and Greens does that for me... nice illusion and I can still stay Warm and enjoy the Sunshine.  *Winks*   The abundance of Salvaged Wooden Stars really made an impact en mass.

And tho' I don't do it at Home since I don't wanna risk them falling off the Walls, I Love the Christmas adorned Taxidermy too.   Mine at Home just aren't as securely anchored to my Walls as I feel they probably are in the Shop to have any Lovely but heavy Decor added to them.  *Le Sigh*

I've been admiring this Ex Voto Rosary for quite some time, alas, not within Christmas budget, which as you know, already got strained with my purchase of the Killer Typeset Cabinet.  *LOL*   A Cabinet which has all the drawer trays out, but which is still so heavy it's presently still sitting in the Hallway awaiting being schlepped Upstairs to the Art Studio Loft!  *Big Sigh*

With The Young Prince still having major Kidney troubles, and all of the Testing they did coming back Normal and inconclusive as to what's wrong, I just don't want him trying to help me schlep it Upstairs right now.  So, it may hafta sit in said Hallway thruout the Holidays {which is such a good look lemme tell ya, bwahahaha}... but, I'm just not sure how to wrestle it up the steep stairs solo and don't wanna risk it.

As it is I've presently got a meld going on of Autumn Holiday Decor coming down and Christmas Decor going up all over the house.   It's kinda a mish mash of a Halloween-Dia de los Muertos-Harvest-Christmas going on!  *LMAO*  And I'm cleaning and de-cluttering otherwise untidy spots where stuff just ends up piling up over time.

I always envision our Home looking Tidy, Clean and Decorated for the Holidays like you see in those Magazine spreads or in an Open House for Sale during the Holidays.  In fact, there's a house very similar to ours for Sale around the Block and the Imagery on the Listing is Sublime in every room... Yeah, I want it like THAT... but... whatever.  *LOL*

I have delusions like that you see because I actually Believe that some people might actually Live that way and their Homes probably do look like that most all of the time??!??!   These imaginary people on the Canvas of my Imagination have Children with Editorial Bedrooms too... in fact, I see Imagery Online to prove it!  *Smiles*

Their Kiddos Rooms don't look like the bowels of Hell, in fact, their Kiddos Rooms on a bad day probably look better than any Room of our Home on a good day!   I do ponder how they manage that, what are they putting in the food or beverages of said Children to make them so Tidy and Compliant about keeping their Rooms so Lovely... it must be Magic... or perhaps strong Medication, I'm just not Sure??!!!  *Winks*

And I can't even say, well, perhaps their Kiddos are still small and young enough that they either don't have much actual stuff to play with yet or Mommy can easily run damage control.  Because when The G-Kid Force were smaller and younger and had practically nothing, their Rooms still looked post apocalyptic!  And I would have Needed an entire A-Team to run adequate damage control behind them!

I was Amused last Night tho' when The Young Prince came Downstairs to inform me he was going thru all of his possessions and probably getting rid of most of them.   Wanna know Why?   He'd rather get rid of it all than have to clean it up or keep it Organized and Tidy he said... OMG, it was so hard to keep a straight face as my response!

I envision going up there when he's done and seeing a Mattress, his Desk and Industrial Stool, his Video Game Console, his Retro Dining Set and his Grandpa's Wheelchair which he uses as a Gaming Chair... and NOTHING else!?!   We'll see how deep his Purge actually is, but he sounded dead Serious.

He doesn't even want Stuff for Christmas, just $$$ loaded onto his Account so he can indulge in his Gaming Obsession.   Young Men his age seem completely Obsessed with this Gaming thing, they look like Young Bookies running a Numbers Game with their headsets and how interactive it all is verbally, I'm completely Clueless about the Appeal.  I also thought he was up there talking to himself incessantly so I was actually Glad it was Real People on the other end of his Headset!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

In fact, he'll go without eating if I didn't insist he take a break and refuel himself when he and his buddies are deep into this Gaming thing together.   My Eyes glaze over when he's trying to explain it all to me, I'm quite Sure I will never become an avid Gamer.  *Winks*   In fact, my attention span for Games in general is abysmal so The Force know how antsy I get if they wanna play a Board Game with me.

Princess T Loves Monopoly, but she'll make up different shorter rules so Gramma can get thru it to a place where someone is considered a Winner.  *Ha ha ha*   I don't think I've ever played a Board Game by the Rules, I don't have the Patience or attention span to see it thru to completion, I'd rather make something up to move it along quickly.  *Smiles*

The good part about that is that The Force almost always Win and beat me and I don't Care.  So long as it's OVER I'll be content to be the Loser.  *Winks*  I guess I just don't have that Competitive Spirit, never have, probably never will... if I can Opt Out of something I don't really wanna do and am completely bored with, I'll be OK Losing.  *Ha ha ha*

The same with Kid Movies, or for that matter, the TV Shows Men totally dig and I can barely even pretend to have any interest in whatsoever.   Ya wanna watch The Disney Channel or Ice Road Truckers with us they might ask me.  Sigh... well, if they look like they NEED me in the room squirming impatiently in my recliner pretending to actually be watching any of it with them... Yeah, Sure... *LMAO*

But I've done it, out of Love... because Lord knows nothing else would have kept and held me captive thru any of it otherwise without the natural reflex of trying to immediately Escape!  *LOL*   The Man Loves his Alaska Reality Shows... ALL of them... and some of them I can almost get thru if he insists I sit and watch one with him... except for The Otts!   I ask him first if it's The Otts... he knows what I'm talking about... {you will not find it so don't Google it... it's my Code for a Show I simply can't stand!  LOL}

The other day The Otts had a Thanksgiving Marathon set of Episodes... back to back... and I'm Sure he watched them ALL!   "You might Like their Thanksgiving Episodes Honey...", he calls out to me... NO... NO, I will NOT, I respond!    I felt like Sam I Am refusing The Green Eggs and Ham... only I'm pretty Sure my Story would not end with me Liking The Ott's Thanksgiving Special!  *Bwahahahahahaha!*

He really would Like me to go on a Vacay to Alaska, so's I'll discover how much I Love The Wilderness!!!   Shit, I don't even Like being this far outside of the City in the boonies of Subdivision Hell just a half hour from Metro Phoenix Honey!    The Trees are Magnificent he counters... Yeah, well, once you've seen one Tree you've pretty much seen them all I responds.   I just can't see myself out in the middle of nowhere, hundreds of miles from anything, just Admiring The Trees for hours or days on end!  *Winks*

Besides, I've lived in Upper Michigan and Maine... Cold enough, plenty of Magnificent Forests I already seen, so... I'm Done... not even anywhere on the Bucket List to visit Alaska to see theirs.  *LOL*  Take me to Bora Bora instead on the Vacay I says... but you've seen Tropical Islands before too he counters... well, not ENOUGH of THEM I respond.  Besides, if I wanna see Magnificent Trees, swaying Coconut Palms on the Beach are pretty Awesome too! *Smiles*

And there are probably not a host of Wild Animals traipsing around Bora Bora that would be inclined to Kill and possibly Eat me and I'd Need a Tour Guide with a loaded weapon to protect me from!    He forgets that he told me those Stories of the years he spent working for a Resort up there as a Tour Guide with a rifle ensuring that The Tourists got back safely and without incident!  *Bwahahahahahahaha!!!*


Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn!
    Lovely photos!
    I just love all the dangly glittery stuff.
    My daughter loves the taxidermy.
    I understand the feeling, when my niece talks about video games I go into autopilot, lol
    are you going to Phoenix flea this year?
    Have a great Thanksgiving!!

    1. I'm not familiar with Phoenix Flea? Lemme know what it's about so I can look it up! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Super posts, Dawn. I'm just so behind on the blogs---I had to wait until the weekend cleared. Thanks for all your posts this year, they are inspiring!


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