Monday, November 13, 2017

Strike Three You're OUT

Well, so, here we go again... from a Wonderful Veteran's Day Parade this Weekend to Dealing with the bureaucracy that is the VA Hospital Today!!! *Le Sigh*   His THIRD re-scheduled Appointment for his Class and Fitting to receive the CPAP Machine that will help him NOT Die in his Sleep was to be Tomorrow Morning.  Since they haven't shown up to Transport him previous times as they should have, I asked him to call this Morning to confirm they ARE actually coming this time to ensure he gets there for re-scheduled Appt. No. 3?!? 

Seems though, that after already re-scheduling The Man's same Appt. THREE times to receive his CPAP Machine, which can ONLY be Scheduled on a Tuesday Morning at 10:30 a.m., when I can't get him there due to The Young Prince needing pick-up from his Alternative School in another City, they had omit a critical piece of information!!!   They FINALLY tell us they won't be providing his Transportation Tomorrow AGAIN because... wait for it... drum roll... they don't come out this far West of the Valley... ummm, just miles from Luke AFB! WTF?!?  Uh, and ya couldn't tell us that THREE damned cancelled Appointments ago for the past MONTH... when ya just didn't show up the day you were supposed to transport him before!  Strike Three you're OUT!!!  This has gotten Old FAST!

So, I try not to Go Off on The Messenger when The Man relays this unfortunate omission by Transportation, as I come Home this Morning from dropping Grandchild No. 2 off at School and ask if his Ride will actually be here Tomorrow this time?   By now The Man is already feeling so jerked around by the VA that he doesn't even want any part of the damned Machine now!  So me coming unraveled and going Postal wouldn't have soothed or smoothed anything over for him.  We've already established I can't be two places at once, so I can't take him, the Class and Fitting is several hours of Red Tape to receive said authorized Machine that his Pulmonary Specialist requested and advised.  Dying in his Sleep is starting to look even better to him and more preferable than figuring out how to actually RECEIVE it tho'?!??!

So I call Scheduling to give them a Courtesy explanation as to why The Man will be having to Cancel said Appointment AGAIN for the THIRD time due to the same Transportation Issues.  Would you like to re-schedule AGAIN she says robotically, we'll get Transport to set up another Pick-Up... uh, did you NOT just hear what I said Ma'am, they don't freakin' Service our area so they won't come get him!!!  And I can't take him, so NO, we won't be re-scheduling yet since there is currently no way to get him there.   We don't have Public Transport out here either, so I Need to find out who CAN actually assist us in getting his Machine another way due to our particular set of circumstances?!?   Insert long pregnant pause since now she has to actually THINK and not respond by rote!!!

Just so she's Aware, since I'm still using my Calm, Cool and Collected Voice... so she might NOT be Aware, I tell her I'm pissed off at being jerked around for a whole Month already, so let us not waste any more of my precious time dickering about what CAN'T be done for him.  Let us instead focus on WHO actually has a measure of Authority to GET THINGS DONE and Transfer me to THAT person... so I get patched thru to the Patient Advocacy Department.  This is where Problems and Grievances are allegedly sorted out... well, in THEORY anyway.  I've dealt with them numerous times before, I'm not even Guardedly Optimistic given their Poor Track Record of the Past... but it is the Grievance Route one must take once things get hopelessly cocked up!  *Le Sigh*

So The Grievance Advocate hears me out and says she'll look into it, because she says, we don't want his Pulmonary Appointments to be permanently dropped and his Case Closed since he's been a No Show all Month, thru no fault of his own.   Yeah, we've had the Permanently Dropped and Case Closed Fiasco before and what a freakin' Dog and Pony Show it is to get Picked Up and Opened again from the Limbo of Permanency Closure!  Lord have Mercy, NO, we don't want THAT shit happening again!   So, Okay, that's where we now stand... no Appointment, no Transport, no CPAP Machine, Advocates "Looking Into" the Problem and allegedly "assisting" us to rectify it so he can get his Machine and not Die in his Sleep while waiting!!!!!!!

And you would be very, very Proud of me my peeps, because I didn't Lose It, No, not even once, I kept Poised and Polite yet Firm.  I have found over the years, that Cultivating the Compassion of whoever is on the other end of the line just has better results than making them feel defensive or attacked.  If they can even remotely Relate to the frustration caused by bureaucracy, and since they work there, it's not as if they don't know it's the Status Quo, and Connect to the Vets and their Families it's at least Helpful and not Futile to talk to them.  Sure, they Individually are quite impotent to fix it all for any of the Veterans, I know this.   But Collectively, perhaps, we can make some headway in the mired muck that is bureaucratic Federally funded Healthcare for our Wounded Warriors.   At least that is my Hope anyway, before any more of them Die from just waiting for the Medical Services they so desperately Need and are so convoluted to Receive in time.


After about an Hour of being transferred to several different extensions and listening to the most God awful Muzak I've ever heard before a Human got on the phone each time, I Needed a very long Nap after retrieving The Young Prince from School.   But before I could do that we had to Schedule his Ultrasound Appointment for his Renal Issues.   I had a Stat Referral from his Doc, but lemme tell ya, the Civilian Sector Medical Scheduling can also be trying, to say the least.  We Needed a location near us... I Suspect the Young Lady on the other end of the line was not a Local because... she tried to Schedule me at a Deer Valley location {nope, too far East} and then a Paradise Valley location {NO even further East}!!!  Uh, we're Far West, that's all on the Far East Valley so just don't give me ANY locations with 'Valley' in the Name of them coz they'll be Eastside!  *LOL*

I finally gave her a sense of where the Far West Valley even IS so that she could look on her 'List' and get me a location that isn't clear across the vast Valley and would take hours of commuting.   She's still struggling to know which Towns and Cities are even near each other... I'm Wondering, is she even IN Arizona?!?  She assures me she is... are ya 'New'?!   *Smiles*  Finally, she comes up with a relatively nearby location that won't take an Epic Road Trip to reach... and actually does Renal Ultrasounds, since apparently, many don't that were on her 'List'.   But... {there is always the BUT... isn't there?}... I know the Doctor said Stat, as in RIGHT AWAY Today or Tomorrow... and mid-afternoon due to his Schooling... however, we can only get him in there on a Friday Morning.  *Le Sigh*

Well, it's NOT Stat clearly, but at least it's this freakin' week, had it not been a STAT request, no telling how long he'd of had to wait for an Appointment?!?!  So now he'll miss yet another day of School due to this Chronic Ailment, and at least the Appointment didn't overlap any of the others already Scheduled Out this Week, so it's the best we can do.  We'll work with it and if he has a Major Episode I already have instructions to take him to the nearest Emergency Room instead, which could happen... so that's the Backup Plan.   We do have The Man's 3rd Acupuncture Session this Week too, which IS going very smoothly, I Love that place, I Love Eastern and Alternative Medicine period!!!  *LOL*

And I also have my Girl's Day Morning Out coming up this Thursday, it's been switched from My Day to My Morning on account of having to pick The Young Prince up from Alternative School in another City by 11:30 a.m..   Which kinda cramps my Style and my Schedule daily during the Week... but whatever... at least he's pulling down some A's there and I'm not getting daily calls from Admin or Teachers telling me what we already know is 'Wrong' with him, diagnostically speaking.   At least this Alternative School does have a comprehension and grasp that a Lifetime Disability is just that... PERMANENT, no Cure, no Fix, no Magic, just Deal with it.

Yes, there is the ONE Teacher that seems to want to 'Guide' him forcefully into fitting into a Compliant Box he's NOT going to fit into, so Good Luck with that!  He already despises her and because he has Borderline Personality Disorder and levels of Paranoia and Psychotic Breaks, he is convinced she's fixated upon him! That's throwing him for a wobbler and messing with his Head space and Mood stability, since he's NOT Medicated anymore and cannot be.  

But at least he's communicated his problem with her to me... how she singles him out daily and dogs him with nagging and it's making him feel close to the Edge.  So I'll probably have to talk with her and the Principal lest they end up with a Situation if the Woman pushes too hard.  When you push the Seriously Mentally Ill too hard and have unrealistic expectations they cannot attain, all Hell can break loose, we don't want that Scenario playing out in Real Time when it's totally avoidable.  

He's pulling down A's in most Classes now, I'm told he's a Quiet Student and Participates Well in Class discussions, he Loves his new School and all the Staff but HER, he's not one of the Children with Behavioral Challenges, so there's no Need to Set him Off in my humble opinion.  He's rather like Nitroglycerin that way, he has Moments of Stability until he's not handled correctly, Kindly or gently... then it can get real dicey.   I really am quite at Saturation Point for any more unnecessary Dramas playing out, Life is Exciting enough for me Thank You!  *Winks*

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Blessings, Love, Peace and Tranquility from the Arizona Desert... where I've managed to Keep my Zen intact... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Oh my, your plate is so full and then you have to deal with bureaucracy constantly. They don’t make anything easier

    1. No they don't, it's the ultimate Test isn't it? Seeing if we can stay Sane while dealing with bureaucratic Red Tape that seems quite endless and tangled up so badly that straightening things out is quite the Ordeal! *LOL*


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