Friday, November 24, 2017

Son Of A Junker

I finally made it over to my Beautiful and Talented Friend Pauline's new Shop SON OF A JUNKER at 3060 North 16th Street in Phoenix.  The Shop is located in an Awesome Historic building, which is a perfect backdrop for her Found Treasures and Lovely Vignettes!

I do Confess that I'm Partial of Pauline's Aesthetic and Quirky Style Sensibilities since they are so similar to my own.  If it's Weird and Wonderful or has a Spiritual Essence to it, well, it can be found at Pauline's Shop or my house!  *LOL*   So I suspect I'll be visiting the Shop often and straining the Budget.  *Ha ha ha*

Case in point, this Lamp with the Fabulously derelict aged Victorian Shade in just the perfect hue!  *Swooning*   I don't just Want it, I think I NEED it... I Wonder if Santa would front me some cash to secure it for Villa Boheme'?  We'll have to see if he and I can swing it for this Christmas?  *Winks*

Now, that's not to say that the Fabulous Statuary standing next to it isn't equally off the hook... and I know it took Pauline a long time of intense negotiating to bring her Home to the Shop from her original owners!   It's intensity and tenacity in the Art of Junquing and Sourcing the most Killer Inventory that will keep my Friend's Shop filled with the most Unique Merchandise as these pieces clearly are.

It took every ounce of Willpower I had to just walk away from this Floor Lamp and Shade... this is the stuff of my Dreams when I go out Sourcing Decor for Villa Boheme'!   In my Head I'm already Scheming about what I am willing to let go of and Sell Off in order to fund this purchase!  *LOL*

And the Spiritual Treasures abound, Nichos and Retablos and Shrines oh my!  Yes, it's pieces like that which are absolutely irresistible to me.   The Walk of Faith is an intensely Personal one and so to have Collections which show a History of the Faith, any form of Faith, has always been something I feel a deep Connection to.

When I first met The Man and he came to my Home he used to Label certain Rooms by what Spiritual Artifacts and Religious Icons I had abounding in them.  There was 'The Pope's Room' since it held predominantly Catholic Artifacts.  But you're not Catholic he would say, and Wonder why I still Cherished every piece... it doesn't matter I'd respond.  I had Jewish, Taoist and Buddhist Religious Artifacts too throughout the house.

In my own Family many Faiths were represented and so I was exposed to various forms of Worship and a variety of Spiritual Art and Artifacts.  I myself am Nondenominational, I don't necessarily want to identify as a particular Denomination Label.  But rather as a Child of God who seeks Relationship with Him daily and focuses upon what Spiritual Walk best represents I am His.  How my Purpose in Life will matter by what I do on this side of the veil on His behalf, my Creator.

The Lord knows He has had me to do many things that weren't in MY Plan but clearly were in His!  *Smiles*   Obedience being better than Sacrifice, well, you know... and so it goes.   I find Spiritual Art to be some of the most Personal of Art Forms because to the Faithful, of any Faith, it has a measure of their Faith, their Love of God and Honoring Him attached, infused with their very Essence into it... to Honor what they Believe in a visual representation of it.

Small Antique Statuary such as this just draw me in and make me linger, Sacred Objects that have a long History of Devotion are Objects that just have a Soul.  I often feel a similar sentiment about Old Homes, the Soul of them is evident when you walk into them and why I am an avid Preservationist.

I just Love Pauline's Antique Cash Register, how Cool is that?!?   Yes, she has the Modern Technology too, but I like that the feel of the Shop has Honored the History of so many pieces and of the Fabulous Building it is housed in as well.  The Shop itself is a Local Treasure with Architectural Elements that I'd just Love to find and convert into a Home!

Now for a close-up of some of the Fabulous Retablos that Pauline has in the Shop, I've cribbed the Imagery from her Facebook Page since I neglected to pathologically picture take once we got to visiting with each other!    In fact, I almost left the New Camera behind since I had just sat it down and completely forgotten about it until Pauline ran after me with it after I left the Shop!  *LOL*

The small paintings on tin, wood or even copper were used in Home Altars to venerate the various Saints.   I just Love them and will probably go back and get at least a few over time since I know Pauline will always try to have some in stock.   The Unknown Masters who painted these pieces make me realize they did it not for recognition as an Artist, but instead, to Honor the Subject matter and provide it for Home veneration in Personal Altars.

This one was a slightly favored Image for me... I just Love everything about the painting and I think this one was on a piece of tin.   That is the other thing I happen to like about Retablos, they are painted upon whatever is handy, nothing fancy, genuine Folk Art of a Spiritual nature... often Simple and straight from the Heart.

It doesn't matter to me so much if they were painted well, such as this one, or crudely in the case of an Artist who might have not been as Artistically inclined but still put Passion into the painting.  Each is Beautiful and Sacred regardless of the skill set of whoever painted it.

Pauline also Shares my Love of Taxidermy and Leather so she will often have some of both in the Shop.

I just loved the various Statuary she had all over the Shop!!!

But because my account had been hacked that very weekend and I was still sorting all that out with the Bank and cancelling out my Card to receive a new one, all I could buy the weekend I was there was the Lovely Fabric Pumpkin on the rear Right of the Photo that had been Created out of an Old Victorian Crazy Quilt remnant.  *Le Sigh*  Yes, 'tis the Season when the Hackers and those Scanning your Cards are out in force unfortunately to steal your money and your identity!!!


As you might recall, just two weeks before Christmas last year I got pickpocketed on an escalator at an upscale Department Store in the City.  This year it seems my Card got Scanned by a criminal while I was buying Phones for the Grands at an Electronics Store!!!   Thankfully my Bank's Fraud Dept. intercepted the fraudulent charges, which were hundreds of dollars and across the Country in Illinois, so that was my 6:00 am Wake-Up Call on Saturday Morning!

So I spent Saturday Morning at my Bank running damage control... and thus, I NEEDED this Outing to my Friend's Shop to balance how I was feeling after being Victimized by Thieves again during another Holiday Season kickoff!!!  This is precisely why I'm Guiding The Young Prince into I.T. Security as a Career Path, there is job security in that Industry since the Criminals will always unfortunately be scheming new ways to try to exploit and rob the rest of us Honest Law abiding folks.

So, Yeah, had all that not been going on I probably would have picked up some other Treasures at Pauline's Delightful New Shop!   I will mos def be going back when Budget permits and I've got all the Grandchildren's Christmas taken care of!

Today was actually our Oldest Daughter's Birthday!  Seems as the Family gets larger and larger there are always Birthdays, Weddings, Births etc. happening!!!   I think I Need a Secretary to keep track of every Special Day for me anymore!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*

But this day I was just gelling and mostly Window Shopping with another Friend and we decided we would find Pauline's New Shop in the East Valley and drop in.   And I wanted to let you all know about it so that when you're in the Valley, you too will be able to find it and load up on your Found Treasures!

It is very Important to me also to Support all of our Indie Shops and Small Businesses, they are the backbone of the Economy and provide things and services you just can't find in the Big Box Stores and Mega Corporations.  Each Small Business also has a Soul, which is sorely lacking in mass produced Commercial America housed in the Chain Stores and Large cookie cutter Industries.

So I do Hope that this Holiday Season you also remember to Shop Small... and not just at the Black Friday enticements of the Big Box that have the Teaser ten big screen TV's etcetera enticing you to buy there instead!  BTW: The Young Prince talked me into going into a Mall during Black Friday Today after his X-Ray Tests were done this Morning, OMG, Yeah I couldn't handle it for long!

And in the Madness and melee I got hurt in a Big Box Store when I didn't realize reckless customers had broken a bunch of glass Christmas Ornaments and one of the shards got into my Sandal and cut me!   Being a diabetic I didn't feel the injury until the blood was pretty gory!  The Young Prince got some Shop Gals to give him a first aid kit to clean the wound and bandage it and I said ENOUGH already, get me the Hell out of here!!!

He felt pretty badly since he'd been the one to coerce me into going into any Shops on a Black Friday, I never do Black Friday and am opposed to going on any Shopping Trip during it, so it was my first time!!!   I knew it would be chaos and utter madness, I was not wrong... I will not be doing it ever again!!!


Survived a Black Friday Outing... but not without a casualty and war wound... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. That's an awesome name for an antiques store!!!
    I've already ventured out for Small Business Saturday and had a good time. You won't find me near the malls or box stores, though ;)


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