Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Post Seasonal Retail Therapy

I freely Confess that with The Young Prince going thru this Kidney Crisis I'm more than a bit of a nervous wreck about what might be wrong and all these Tests will reveal?!?  He's missing School again Today because he's just in too much pain to concentrate or function.  So far no Test already done has revealed anything conclusive so we have more Testing on Friday.  Each Test that comes back Normal is a relief... and yet, we Need to know what's going on, it has to be something significant that hasn't yet been identified!?!  So some Post Seasonal Retail Therapy was in order for Yours Truly, lest I get myself too keyed up just fixating upon Family Medical Crisis at the exclusion of all else.  I'm currently quite Obsessed with Felt Pom-Pom Decor for this Christmas.  So I was Jazzed to find our Antique Mall had this Felt Pom-Pom Wreath that identically matches my Garlands!  Hadda have it, Negotiated a Fair price on it with the Dealer before Work last Night.

The Pom-Poms are on both sides, some I've seen are only on the front, this Wreath is totally Felt Pom-Poms on all sides and is quite heavy and very Colorful.  I Need Cheerful Colorful stimuli right now, it's been difficult to remain upbeat and Seasonally Cheerful while Dealing with Medical Crisis involving a Child.   When a Child is Seriously Ill it is much more stressful for me than when an Adult is, my Maternal instinct just goes off the charts with Concern and into extreme protection mode!  The Young Prince is trying to downplay how Sick he really Feels because he knows the Alarm it causes me.  He's not one to ever complain about pain since he has insensitivity to most pain, so for him to be in agony and convey it means it's really bad again.   Last time this happened his Kidneys threatened to shut down completely and painful procedures had to be performed so he's scared that might happen again, he doesn't want to endure all that again.  I don't want to have to see him endure all that again either!  Damn the Western Medicine Pharmaceuticals that caused this damage!

My dilemma of coarse was that as Wards of the State, until I could Legally Adopt them, which took 15 Years to culminate, I had limited Authority on Medical decisions about discontinuing Treatments that are 'Standard' procedure for certain Serious and Chronic Illness.   Had I tried to discontinue Psychiatric Meds for a Seriously Mentally Ill Child in The System and tried to go Holistic, even due to the known risks of the serious side effects of the Western Rx Drugs used, I could have still been charged with Neglect and lost Custody so I couldn't ever risk that.  Until after the Adoption was finalized and I had more Parental Rights to individually choose as a Legal Parent.  And not have complete Strangers having to sign off on all of it thru Committee at various Agencies, because I was merely a Kinship 'Placement'.  I couldn't even Approve Surgeries, a CPS Caseworker had to, even when Princess T had the Throat Tumor, it took a YEAR to get that Approval and subsequent Surgery... it can be a slow Process and in some cases delays can mean the difference between living or dying!  So, after Adoption, once it became evident the Treatment for The Young Prince was causing Organ Failures and extreme Health Risks were apparent, validating my decision, with Doctor consent, to wean him off them totally to save his very Life was now Okay. *Whew!*

But now damage has clearly been done from all the years spent on a Med Treatment Regimen that had major risks that were not always conveyed nor revealed to Families being told it was the best Option for a Condition with no Cure.   He took the same Meds often given to those with Severe Epilepsy, so anyone who has a Child with that Condition understands how few Options are given to Families, to stabilize a Condition that left Untreated, can also be Life Threatening in so many ways.  It is very risky to take a Child off the Meds, it has to be done slowly and carefully to wean them from strong and addictive Medications... there will be the severe Withdrawal, which is no small thing to go thru either and breaks a Parent's Heart to Witness.  He was Old enough and Intelligent enough to concur with all decisions now and he went thru all that, and more, to get off these dreadful damaging Meds.  But now we Deal with the aftermath... and with SMI Instability and Living without Meds Stabilizing things... double edged sword to be sure.   He laughed when I showed him my new high quality Dia de los Muertos Cadaver Art Skulls Sourced while Goodwill Hunting... how appropriate!  *LOL*  He and I are Skully Obsessed... our Morbid Style and Gallows Humor sustains us.  When you're Dealing with Life and Death Issues so often you develop a different Coping Mechanism I suppose?

Cheerful Colorful Pom-Poms to Cadaver Art... yes, it's Polar opposite Attractions isn't it?  *Smiles* And then there is the Centered Attraction of the items I Source for my Meditation Spaces at Home.   I Sourced the far right Red Lotus Blossom Votive that identically matches the Orange and Green ones I already found Weeks ago while Junquing!   It's actually a Deep Red so I don't know why it just looks like a different kind of Orange in the pix, the other two photographed their exact Color... how Strange that some Colors photograph differently than they are to the Naked Eye?!???!   Since my Meditation Room Upstairs is still a Work not really in Progress, but moving in that direction at the Speed of Death, most items for that Room are scattered about Villa Boheme' rather randomly right now.  Mostly in those random Floor Vignettes that make no sense at all but which are a weak and lame attempt at an Illusion given to things I have no place for yet and just end up somewhere in a pile!  *LMAO*  I'm doing better at piles but I'm still a Work in Progress so what can I say?  *Winks*

Finally I got this Cute little Crowned Christmas Bird for 50% Off at a Craft Store. I don't buy a lot of Figurines now, but every so often I see one that I can't resist and at half price, couldn't resist this little Guy.  I mean he's an Animal wearing a Crown, that just about ensures him a place in my Home, right?!  *Winks*  My Friend Rita at Work just Scored some Taxidermy Chicks and Ducklings right there at our Antique Mall, don't know how I missed them??!??  She made the mistake of showing them off to me, now I Want them... but I'm not sure she really wants to Sell them... but if she does... she knows where to hawk them!  *LOL*   Her Family likes Taxidermy too and they do Source a lot of Killer Specimens, Keeping some and Selling some in their Booths at our Mall.  I have seen a definite resurgence in Taxidermy Love, even by peeps who generally never liked it before, so now that Art Form is being Appreciated again and becoming Trendy.   I'm Glad on the one hand that Old Taxidermy Specimens are now finding Good Homes to go to because they're Trending... and frustrated on the other hand that it's now driven up prices and competition to Source them.

I prefer it when nobody is looking for what I like and am trying to Source, I can get much better Deals and have no real Competition out in the Field when I'm Junquing for it all.   Once an item Trends, forget about it, everyone and their Gramma is seeking it and jacking up the prices.  *Le Sigh*  So then I try to find something else I can become Interested in and Fixated upon that can still be had at a Bargain?!?   So right now for me it's Felt Pom-Poms, which seem to be languishing in Shops so I've been getting them mostly at half price or at the very least not full asking prices.   The Young Prince teases me that I can get them for a Song because it looks like someone's Pre-School Kid made them.  He cites that his Little Brother {Age 5} could have made these for me as a Day Care Art Project for Grandparent's Day... well, whatever... I still totally Dig 'em so I don't care!!!  Because I Like what I Like regardless of what anyone else thinks about it... and until I gets all mine on The Cheap, PLEASE don't get Trendy with it yet, Okay?!???!??!   *Winks* 


Blessings, Love, Peace and Happy Hunting when you're doing YOUR Retail Therapy my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So sorry the Young Prince is having these kidney side effects. My youngest hs streptococcal induced OCD which affected his kidneys temporarily. Causing his feet to swell and losing sensation and blood flow to his toes. It was touch and go for a while if they would come good. He still has some weird sensations sometimes, and of course the OCD.
    But things are definitely improving.
    I'm so glad you got him off the meds, but it's sad he now has the double whammy of the original condition AND the side effects.
    Tell him people are thinking of him.
    Love the cheery pompoms...even the name is fun! xo Jazzy Jack

    1. So sorry to hear one of your Young Princes has also had side effects that are lingering and serious, but glad things are improving for him. I do tell the Grandson that all of my Friends are thinking of him and hoping he Heals. And Yes, isn't Pom-Pom just a FUN word?! LOL


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