Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Pixels Resolution Dimensions And General Amateur Photographer Angst

I have some quandaries I'm working thru and it all comes down to Photography.  After taking pixs on Halloween Night with my nifty new high resolution camera I realize two things, my Twelve year old Grand-Daughter looks about Twenty, which is some scary shit... and the high resolution of my better grade photos is not compatible to Blogger, which is some intimidating and frustrating shit!!!  So now I have considerable Angst about both Issues!  One I can fix... tho' it's way too complicated for this Amateur and I forget the steps each and every time... and one I cannot fix and that creates even more Anxiety and Senior Angst!

Yes, fixing the size of pixels, resolution, dimensions ad nauseum of every damn gorgeous photo I take with new camera, to be able to Blog with the Image, is apparently necessary.  But it's such a pain in the ass and so convoluted, that I'm seriously considering buying another Cheap Camera so I don't have to Deal with it!   Reading about how it could slow down my site or 'buy' too much space that isn't necessary gave me a small Panic Attack, since I'm so Tech Challenged that all the jargon makes my head spin and my eyes glaze over!  Yes, it's fixable, but damn... it's a lot of Work... and I don't have Time, nor the Patience for a lot more Work!

Now, if I Share the Image first to Facebook it apparently auto fixes the problem, which is handy since then I can just save it again and use it on the Blog, but I don't Share a lot of Imagery on Facebook.  Of coarse, that could make me a much better Editor and eliminate oversharing!  *Smiles*  It also means a lot of nifty Images will be wasted and never seen nor Shared, so what's the point?  My Pathological picture taking will have been almost in vain!  But none of that Angst remotely compares to her looking like this at Twelve and clearly being an Early Bloomer!  

That I cannot 'fix', I cannot halt the Growing Up Process and keep her a Little Girl Child!  She's blossoming into Womanhood early and nothing makes that more painfully obvious than capturing it thru the Eye of my Lens!  Shit, it was hard enough to find a Girl Child Devil Costume, which she insisted she wanted to be this Halloween, that wasn't provocative and was appropriate.  This was the most Modest version of a She Devil I could find anywhere and she's so tall that it was much too short.  And much too slit up one side so that we had to put Black Shorts underneath so she wasn't showing off the Good China!  *Gasp!*

Can I wear a little bit of Make-Up Gramma she pleaded, they all want to wear Make-Up for Halloween and she promised it would just be a little bit and in Natural application and shades, which it was, and yet... it made her look all the more Grown-Up and Mature to me!!!  It also made her look so much like her Mama... as she was at about Age 16... that I almost wept as the resemblance was striking, right down to the way they wore their hair identically and facial expression... how eerie is THAT?!?   Okay, so I've Aged her down to at least 16 in my Head, but that didn't make me feel that much better!  *LOL*

Here's an Image of her Mama at about Age 16, or was it 15... 14?  Regardless, as we recall, the Parental Angst and Anxiety of her looking like that in her very early Teens was Epic!  She was also getting noticed by the Boys from about Age 11 too... and we just don't know if we can go thru all of that again at our current Ages!?!?!  *Arghhhh!!!*   But they Grow Up... and they look just how they all are and it's a double edged sword of sorts... I mean you don't want them to feel ugly or unattractive, but you don't want them to look too attractive either!  *LOL*

But I don't know that I can handle her looking like this just yet... I thought I had a few more years to accept the fact she's discovering the power it wields to have it going on!  *Le Sigh*   The poses are already too confident and Womanly, it's coming too Naturally... Gramma isn't ready for that yet and Grandpa surely isn't.   Grandpa has always been very protective of his Girls... as have been the Uncles and the Brothers, but it would take a team of Ninja Warriors on Point 24-7 to shield them from Nature taking it's course and it being Noticed.

And yeah it was noticed... there is a certain 12 year old Boy she's been dedicated about going to the Park and watching play Basketball, even tho' she has zero interest in Basketball and it's still Summery Hot most days.  *LOL*  And he just happened to be the Male version of The Devil, hummmmmn, now I know why that was her Costume Fixation as the Female Version!   She's always been a Princess or something not... Dark and Alluring... before now.  He is a very Nice Boy, Cute and Polite, a head shorter than she is so she kept scrunching down and slouching.  *Smiles*   At least he came to the house to get her and to meet us, since they wanted to go door to door together with their Friends and needed our permission.

Yes, she was ditching me, but the Posse of Friends are a Nice bunch of Kids and they kept checking back dutifully and she did abide by our stringent curfew, even coming Home a bit earlier but clearly they all had Childish Fun.  Her Big Brother also was vigilant, as Big Brothers are... especially when their Little Sisters are Growing Up and it's becoming Noticeable.   I think perhaps he even has more Anxiety about that than we do.  I don't like that Costume on her Gramma... Sorry, it's the most covered up She Devil Costume I could find for her.  I think he would prefer her covered up like the Amish!   But I don't think he'd be able to convince her, Hey, you know what would look real Cute, you as a little Amish Girl!  *LMAO*

And as for the Young Prince, you might be wondering why he's not in Zombie Costume since that was his intention for this Halloween?  Well, he had a severe allergic reaction to the Zombie Latex based Make-Up that creates the skin gore effects.  He said he put it on, felt like he suddenly couldn't breathe, and had to immediately wash it all off in a Panic!   Close call, we didn't know he had any Latex allergies, or perhaps it was that brand of Make-Up, since he's worn Costume and Special Effects Make-Ups before and never had any problems.  Regardless it put the kibosh on him having a Costume this year, so he just stayed Home and helped The Man and I hand out Treats, I felt so bad for him, too late to make a Change of Plans.

He didn't seem too broken up about it nor concerned, just disappointed, which is understandable.  He hasn't been Well lately, but I think he just wanted to walk around the Neighborhood scaring people who might fear Zombies are coming, since many Older Teens were dressing up, some even Trick-Or-Treating.  In fact, several Parents dressed up along with their Kiddos and that was so Cute.  If their little one was a Super Hero, often Dad was also.  Several Moms were larger versions of what their Kiddos were as well and everyone was clearly having Fun with it.  I do like that about the New Neighborhood, great Holiday participation!   We had a tonnage of Trick-or-Treaters and handed out almost a full tub of Treats.

Not exaggeration, the Tub looked like this, filled to the brim, but by 8:50 when the last of the Trick-Or-Treaters had come by, it was barely covering the bottom of the tub!   At least we didn't run out, several Neighbors must have, which is why the crowds began to dwindle I think, too many folks running out and making it slim pickins on having to walk too far to get a haul!  *Smiles*  We like that we get a hearty crowd, it was such Fun to see all the Costumes, even some Fur Babies wearing Costumes came by.  Most of the Dogs thought our Skeleton Wolf to be Real and you could see the confusion as some timidly sniffed Skelly Wolf Dog and others had a low throaty growl towards it or cringed!  *LOL*

Of coarse our Home and all it's Decor was a big hit with many who came by so we got a lot of compliments from Adults and Kiddos alike.   Smaller Children were especially taken with Wolf Skelly Dog holding the Skull Ball in his mouth, it didn't frighten them and that was the desired effect I'd Decorated for.  Many Parents had a difficult time getting their Toddlers and very Young Children to want to leave, they wanted to stay and interact!  *Ha ha ha*  It's such Fun to see the reaction to Decor that people like or intrigues them, I guess not as many Homes were Decorated this year and so if you do it's Appreciated all the more. 

Ours was very Modest outside, it would have blown their Minds inside... some who had heard about us had to ask to take a peek!  *LOL*   I heard several of the Tweens and Older Teens coming up the driveway saying this was the house they had told them about!  *Winks*  Princess T did have to take The Boy inside for refreshments and to show off her Grandparents Addams Family Aesthetic and Weird Sensibilities.  I think it scored her Brownie Points, Young Boys Love Weird shit!  *Winks*   I think we easily could have done Halloween Tours had we wanted to make a big hit and most wouldn't realize we live like this all the time, not just for Halloween!  *Bwahahahaha!*

The Man surprised me by really reveling in the handing out of Treats this year and he lasted until 8:00 pm which must be a record for him on Halloween Night!  He was really having Fun with it and that was encouraging since the TBI usually gives him Social Anxieties when there are lots of people and sensory overload.  So he handled it all quite well when the large groups came up and didn't have the usual Anxiety attacks come upon him.   Many of the Adults and Older Children thanked him for his Service and that also always means a lot, the Acknowledgement for his Sacrifices during his lengthy Military Career, it creates a Healing of past wounds.  For too many years the Vietnam Vets particularly were vilified and publicly despised, it created a lot of emotional scarring beyond what significant War scars were already there physically and emotionally.

Kids like Medals and Honors and he has earned a lot of them, significant ones, and they like to ask him about them and now he's at a place where he can somewhat talk about some of it now.   Not all of it of coarse, since he was in Special Force Recon and was a Sniper for many years of his lengthy Career.  Tho' anyone whose never done that might think it's 'Cool' since Hollywood makes it seem so Action Hero and all that, the doing of the difficult jobs isn't something those who had to do it take lightly or think was at all 'Cool' or anything to brag about or even want to talk about.  It carries a heavy weight and burden to take lives, even the lives of our Enemies.   Don't ever ask a Sniper how many people they killed, they probably know, but it's not a topic for welcome dialogue or to satisfy plain curiosity... just sayin'.

I only put that out there since people do ask... even Adults... the Curiosity factor about a Soldier's Service is always something that seems to come up in the random conversations folks will strike up with a Stranger who is a Veteran.  The Man has always been reluctant to talk about any of it or to answer random personal questions that bring up topics he'd just as soon forget and not dredge up.   He's very proud of his Service to Country, as he should be, but it's like any Personal inquiries, some things you just would rather people not ask and especially if they don't Need to know.   He handled the inquiries this Halloween quite well, with Grace and diplomacy.  And I must say everyone who did ask was Respectful about it, which is always a Relief.

Now you can tell I'm throwing in some Goodwill Hunting Scores like the large Staffordshire Fair Dogs I got for just a few dollars for the pair, older reproductions from about the 20's or 30's I'd guess due to slip casting marks.  The Vintage Kamotsuru Sake Decanters also had for just a few bucks and will Grace my Meditation Room.  And the Lotus Blossom Votive Holders... got it ALL for under Twenty... Booyah!!! 

The only reason I'm able to Share these Images on this Post is because I Shared them all on FB first... I'm still agonizing over how to recall resizing high resolution camera Imagery to fit on my Blog.   And how to do it by entire folder rather than one damned pix at a time, which is just way too much Work and creates a lot of duplicate Imagery in my file folders.  I'm still so discouraged about the Amateur Photographer Angst I'm having since getting a camera upgrade that now takes great resolution images but which won't quit rejecting until you resize them all considerably!   *Le Sigh*   So my Dia de los Muertos Posts may have to be delayed considerably while I figure this mess out one photo at a time!


A Blessed Dia de los Muertos from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Hey, Dawn! If you are already on Facebook, there might be a group page you could join for photography. I've found more than a few for beginning photographers, and there are lots of people who would help with any questions you might have (no judgement, either). Princess T is a lovely girl!

    1. Thanks, yes, I think I am so in Love with the high resolution of the better quality camera's imagery that I need to figure out how best to adapt the Images so they don't reject in Blogger more easily than the current method I'm using.

  2. Your granddaughter is stunning, and red is definitely her color!

    1. I agree, I think anyone with Dark Exotic looks is most stunning in Red.

  3. You're doing a great job of giving her leash so to speak allowing her to have fun with friends while also giving her a strong field of safety. That field of safety will help her for the rest of her life. It's tough when they get at that age finding outfits that are not basically set up to overly sexualize females. Sounds like overall you had a great family night and I love the story about half the dogs were quite undone by the skeleton dog. That was hilarious. Good luck figuring out the camera stuff. I know how aggravating it could be.

    1. Yes, the dogs were quite undone by Skelly Dog and it was hilarious to see their countenance when they walked up and spied it! *LOL* Clearly they recognized it as having Dog like features, which was rather interesting really. Yes, finding a Costume in the Genre she wanted that covered her up appropriately was a HUGE challenge and since she's only 12 I didn't want it to look like something a Woman would wear since she's still a little Girl blossoming into Womanhood. You do have to give them a strong field of safety while allowing them some Freedoms, to stifle them at this juncture would only lead to outright rebellion IMO.

  4. You're doing a great job of giving her leash so to speak allowing her to have fun with friends while also giving her a strong field of safety. That field of safety will help her for the rest of her life. It's tough when they get at that age finding outfits that are not basically set up to overly sexualize females. Sounds like overall you had a great family night and I love the story about half the dogs were quite undone by the skeleton dog. That was hilarious. Good luck figuring out the camera stuff. I know how aggravating it could be.

  5. Hi Dawn, loading onto Flickr is easy, and you can load a ton of pics on at once. Now, getting to the share location, the pic, is sized according to pixels, and you can choose from various pixels, I've been using the @600x540 size--or medium range for some boardhost sites I participate in. Then all the calculation is done for you.
    However, then the pics are public and floating out there---and you can't share on a web site unless you make them public. Just a thought, you might want to look into
    Great Halloween pics!

    1. That public floating around thing is the thing I have been hesitant to download to sites like Flickr because my Grandkids Imagery is in some and you never know where that ends up. My FB Page is private and blocked from anyone who I don't know and invite personally... and tho' The Land Of Blog isn't Private, it is more exclusive a community than some of the usual popular Photo sites like Flickr and Pinterest. It's tough since I know WHAT I need to do but not the best and easiest way to get it done other than oversharing on FB right now and then taking the resized image from there to my File to use in Blogger! *Le Sigh* I am quite in Love with new camera and the high resolution better quality of Images so I'll persevere and figure it out.


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