Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I Know... I Swore I Wouldn't Do It... But...

Okay, I know... I swore I wouldn't do it... but I couldn't help myself... I have kinda already eased into planning out Christmas and even buying for the Main Christmas Tree Theme!!!  *Gasp!*  Yep, it's True, tho' I'm lingering in the Atmosphere of Autumn... my Mind is jumping ahead so that I'll have a Month's prep time to do the Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving!  *LOL*   So... what's all that got to do with a Vintage Carnival Kitsch Dog... Nothing... but along the way of Christmas Decor Sourcing for my Theme this year I got a Killer Deal on two Carnival Kitsch Prizes for my Collection.   Only Four Bucks for this Adorable one!!!  *Booyah*   I know, I couldn't Believe it either, I Love it and thought it would be SO much more, I thought the price was a mistake at first!


But then I got to looking around the Dealer's Space and Nope, everything was such a Bargain that I'll become a Regular for sure!   I also got three Vintage Local Canvas Bank Bags for only a Dollar, Four Dollars and Nine Dollars each, varying sizes.   The largest one was particularly Nostalgic since it no longer exists and I was an Assistant Vice President of the old Valley National Bank of Arizona back in the Seventies and Eighties.  I plan to utilize these old Bank Bags to package some of this year's Christmas Gifts in under our Main Tree.

The Bank Bag I got for a mere Dollar was an old Bank Of America bag and the mid-sized one was an old U.S. Mint Bag.   I have a small Collection of Vintage Canvas Bank Bags and if I can manage to locate all of them in time for Christmas Gift wrapping it will be Ideal and save me buying Gift Wrap this year.  We prefer Creative Gift Wrapping of our Gifts anyway and I always Embellish with Christmas Candy, Vintage Dyed Seam Binding, Jute ties and small Vintage Christmas Ornamentation.   We've sometimes made our Gift Tags from Vintage Photos.


The other Vintage Carnival Kitsch Dog I got from the same Dealer for only Two Bucks because they said he had a slight Condition Issue above one of his Eyes.  For Two Dollar... I don't Care!  *LOL*  Most of these Vintage Carnival Kitsch Prizes I Collect and have an Obsession with can be as early as the 1920's Era and were never meant to be Kept long term or have any perceived Value.  So it's to be expected they'd have Condition Issues once they have Survived this long!  Most were Won by Children, Kept by Children and are only Chalkware, some even hollow, so it's nothing short of Miraculous they still Exist in any Condition!  I think any Condition Issues give each piece distinctive Character and a sense of History and a Back Story.

So, Okay, we've oogled my Found Treasures... now on to my Christmas Theme for this year's Christmas Tree.  I had decided, quite by Serendipity, to go with a Naturalistic Boho Theme similar to 'Spell And The Gypsy Collective' Vibe.  If you are not familiar with this Delightful Brand, it is a New South Wales Modern Bohemian Clothing and Accessory Line, I just Love it, very Free Spirited and a spin on Modern Hippie Sensibilities.   How by Serendipity did this Theme Evolve for this year's Main Tree?  Well, the Inspiration came from these two Simple Wall Hangings of a trio of Bird Feathers... my Mind leaped to it being the Catalyst for a Unique Christmas Tree Style of Decor!  Yeah, my Mind works like that... there's no Rhyme or Reason to it!  *Smiles*

As Luck would have it, the 'At Home' Store just happened to have a Perfect Garland representative of what I was going for... here it is draped on one of the Antique Dress Form Gals until the Tree makes it's appearance after Thanksgiving.  If I store any of this away I'll forget where I stashed it so it Needs to be Hiding in plain sight!  *Winks*  I liked that the Garland had a very Ethereal Quality to it, with the wispy delicate Feathers, small Wood and Glass Beads and Metal Leaf Embellishments all hung on thin Copper Wire.


I would have liked to have bought more of this Garland but they only had three of them and the Budget only had room for one of them, so it will Inspire me to Create some of my own more inexpensively anyway.  But I totally Dig it, not just because of the delicate Beauty and Simplicity of it, but also because it's not necessarily Seasonal so I can utilize it year round after Christmas is a Wrap to Style something else in another room of Villa Boheme', because it's just My Style.

So... then I Needed miniature Dream Catchers and found these very inexpensive ones Created with all Natural Fibers, Feathers and various Wood and Glass Beads... so I bought all of them that they had.   For less than Three Bucks each why cripple up my Hands and waste Time making my own, right?  Besides, do you know how long it would take me to try to whip up a dozen of these before Thanksgiving?!?  Yes, this is what the Lazy Artist says in me quite often lately.  *LOL*  Path of least resistance they went in my Cart and when I got them home and out of their packaging I realized each was Unique... Surprise BONUS!

However, I'm not avoiding all Crafty Christmas Projects to get my Tree's Theme off the ground, I bought some Glitterized Bird Feathers and these Wandering Wishes Themed faux Crystals Ornaments that will be Created into Boho Christmas Adornments for said Tree.   I also found this Adorable Idea of a Bottle of German Glass Glitter labeled Compassion Dust with an Image of a Feather on the Label, add two of those to the Cart.   I now may use some tiny Vintage Bottles filled with German Glass Glitter and Create some of my own Boho Verses on Labels... No, I'm not beyond stealing a good Mass Marketed Big Box Store Idea that I happen to Like!  *Ha Ha Ha*   Besides, they had almost Sold Out of this Line of Christmas Theme already, clearly very Popular.

So... this has been Done and Overdone for years, but I like it and some Ideas just stand the test of Time with me.  Plus I found a Vendor that had some really Cute Faded Bottlebrush Trees in Vintage Silverplate containers embellished with Lace and Bling that was hawking them so inexpensively I had to get one.  Couldn't help myself, Loved how Faded this Pink was and the little Creamer was an Ideal size for a Vignette I will make for Christmas.   I always put my Bottlebrush Trees in various Antique and Vintage Containers around our Home anyway, so almost all of my Loving Cups and Vintage Silver, Silverplate, Brass and Bronze will have one stuck in them.  *Smiles*

So anyway, back to inexpensive Vintage Carnival Kitsch I've been a virtual magnet to Sourcing inexpensively lately... here's two more I got not too long ago on the cheap.   The Kewpie was a Goodwill Hunting Score and the little Unicorn I Saved from a Garbage lot, I kid you not, it was in some items that were going to be tossed so I Rescued it!   There's nothing wrong with it, no damage at all... and who doesn't Love Unicorn Kitsch, right?  *Winks*

And FINALLY, after almost Three years empty, I'm filling the rest of my Display Cabinets!!!!!  *Gasp!*  Yep, it's True, I almost cannot Believe I kept anything empty that long either... but I did and I have!!!  The bottom of this Cabinet is STILL empty but at least now the top has some of my Treasures Displayed in it!   This entire matching set of Antique China, that I just LOVE the Hand Paintings and Hues of, I Sourced whilst Goodwill Hunting for a Buck each on Senior Day.  You almost never find large sets of matching Antique China like this and I didn't mind it was just all one size of Plate and a single Shaker because that's all I had room for in this Cabinet's Top anyway to Display.

We do use all of our Vintage Kitchenware items every day, some more than others, this set will be displayed rather than used just so they don't have damage and wear to the Beautiful Hand-Painted Floral Decoration.  So, I went about the business of finding what else I wanted to Showcase in the upper portion of this Display Cabinet, now that I finally quit procrastinating on putting anything in there at all!?!    It's not that I didn't have anything to put on display, but I've been Culling and Curating like a Mad Woman, so a lot of items have been Let Go of since we moved in and only the True Keepers will end up having a semi-permanent place to be seen.

I have also been Letting Go of some really Nice items and so I wanted to be certain anything coming INTO the house and put on display was actually not going to be hawked!?!  It COULD be later on, but for now, if it came IN and got put on Display, well, it's a Keeper for the time being anyway.  *LOL*  It languished around in Limbo for almost Three years while I decided anyway, as I have previous said, this Purging Process I'm going thru to attempt to Simplify Life and Cull the Hoard of Lovelies I've amassed over a Lifetime does take some Time and Careful Consideration sometimes.  Other times I can be very unsentimental and unattached that I can go thru it all expediently, depends upon my Mood and level of Ambition or Irritation at having Too Much??!???  *Bwahahahahaa!* 

Yeah, I'll probably always have an inclination to having Too Much, since my Passion and Thrill of being a Hunter and Gatherer knows no bounds and I'm not giving THAT up.  I Enjoy it far too much to Stop... and why should I?   Seeking Found Treasures, Rescuing and Creating things is such a Rush and my Natural High.   I can spend hours doing any of it and totally Lose myself in the Process of Creating or Hunting and Salvaging.   When you Find your Happy Place like that there is no real reason to cease and desist.  *Winks*

Besides, look how Great it all can look once you finally get Organized and Motivated enough to get off your arse and properly find a place to Display it!  A place that was empty for so long you shocked everyone who knows you since that is so Out of Character for you to leave any space void and empty!  *LMAO*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Now you have me thinking boho for Christmas!
    You found some gorgeous things.
    Your dedication to dressing up your house is amazing.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Awwwww, Thanks, Yes a Boho Christmas is so Carefree and Easy since Bohemian Styling can be as eclectic as we want it to be and is only limited by our Imagination!

  2. Your Christmas tree will be outstanding! Love the feather Garland!

    1. Thanks, I went back and got the other two after I got paid, along with one that just has Golden Metal Feathers, now I have enough to go around the entire Tree. Plus Michaels had their colorful Felt Ball Garlands 50% off so we got some of those too, very Boho.


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