Thursday, November 30, 2017

Home For The Holidays

There's nothing quite like everyone being Home for the Holidays, during The Man's lengthy Military Career we were often separated during the Holiday Season as he was often deployed.   The same with my Dad, with him also being a Career Military Man and either deployed or having to work every Holiday.   When I was growing up we always opened our Gifts Christmas Eve since Dad would have to work every Christmas Day so he'd be gone by Morning.  I finally got our Main Christmas Tree decorated, except for the new Decorations that The G-Kid Force and I will Create over the next few days from Feathers, Beads and Felt Pom-Poms. Plus deciding upon a Tree Topper, it presently doesn't have one.

Miss Priss watched my every move thru the window of the door, she's curious and fascinated with People Watching, especially when we're Decorating and changing things up.  *Smiles*  With the chaos that is presently the Hoarded Garages, that are being purged of stored contents, I couldn't get to any of the Seasonal Christmas Decor in Storage.   So this year everything on the Tree is newly purchased on Sale and it was Fun to chose a Theme for the Decor and run with it, seeking anything that would fit the bill.   It had been a very long time since I'd bought any new Christmas Decorations actually, especially for the Tree, since I have a considerable cache' that has been amassed over the years.  I didn't realize how much I'd missed looking for new Christmas Tree Ornamentation.

The small Embroidered Religious Icons I found at a Mexican Flea Market for just a couple bucks apiece... and the Boho Yarn and Embroidery Covered Balls and Felt Pom-Pom Garlands were all 50% off at a Craft Store.   I already had some sequined Mardi Gras Ball Ornaments from several years ago and managed to snag the box of them thru it's handle using a broomstick!  *LOL*  Yes, that's how inaccessible all of the boxes of Ornaments were!   But the Mardi Gras Balls were light styrofoam, so I knew the box wouldn't weigh much and I could do some Circus Acrobatics with the broomstick to reach it and get it down where I could then grab it!  *Smiles*

I fondly remember that for years directly after Christmas, my Mom and I would hit all of the Hallmark Stores that used to be in every Mall and choose at least one Hallmark Ornament on Sale for our Collections.   They were so expensive and popular, now most of the Hallmark Stores are gone, I only know of one still at a nearby Mall.  The Hallmark Ornaments can be had for a pittance at almost any Thrift Store or Antique Mall, I got several for a dollar apiece recently, couldn't resist at that price!   Even tho' I won't use them this year they completed some of a Series I had been Collecting years ago and didn't have all of!   Instant Collections or Series are kinda a no-brainer when you can Score them for a Song!

The Anna Lee Line of felt Characters were also madly popular and expensive back in da day and I Loved them but could never afford them.   I had a mere two that were bought for me as Gifts by Friends and at the time it was kinda a Big Deal so I Cherished them.   Now I see them everywhere secondhand on the cheap.  I even once Scored a Box Lot of them and didn't keep a single one!  I offered them for Sale in my Showroom one Christmas and they Sold Out quickly, so clearly someone still Collects and J'Adores the Line like I once did.  But Funny how what we covet and desire can change so drastically over the years!  Things I used to be Mad about and covet don't warrant a second glance now or Appeal to me one iota anymore.

Sometimes I even Wonder, was it so desirable BECAUSE it was unattainable at the time, except one at a time, over a long period of time?  Waiting patiently to obtain another when you could afford a single one... and sometimes only then on Clearance Sale?  Perhaps... when something is uncommon or a luxury for us it can have a magnetic Appeal to it and a luster to the Eye as lust for it grows.  I'm still like that with certain things, but it seems that when we were quite Poor we just had a deeper Appreciation for almost anything and everything.  Sometimes I Wonder if that is why the Rich really don't seem to fully Appreciate stuff... or they have that insatiable appetite that can never be filled, because they can have so much of any of it anytime they want it?

Because with all Honesty I have never seen a Greedy Poor Person, when I was Poor and most of my Friends were equally lacking, we Shared whatever we had freely and quite generously.   Going without makes you sympathetic to anyone who is doing without and so you'll Share out of your Poverty much more than a Rich Person will Share out of their Abundance.  It's actually quite a Curious phenomenon really... if you ever Truly Need Help, ask someone whose REALLY Needed Help at some time, they are much more apt to give it than someone whose never had a True Need at all.   A Person whose always had it Easy in Life is more apt to offer Excuses than to offer Help or want to get involved in anyone else's troubles or point of Need.

I recall a time when most of our Ornaments were Hand-Made because we couldn't afford to buy any.  So, I still have a fondness for Hand-Made Ornaments because it's Nostalgic in a Good way for me.  I don't look at those Past years of Lack as a Bad thing because in many ways it can still be the Best of times in so many other ways.   I remember a couple of years when I couldn't afford a Christmas Tree and we had one donated each time, by Surprise, just in time for Christmas... it was like our Personal Christmas Miracle!

  One particularly Lacking year, shortly after my Daughter was born {in Mid-October} and I was a Single Parent, we had the Surprise of TWO donated Christmas Trees from GI Friends at the Base who knew we didn't have one and couldn't afford one!   One even had to be cut in half to fit into our Apartment that I Shared with my room-mate... when we had Guests, due to lack of Furniture, they had to sit on the stairs going to the upstairs!  *LOL*  That was also the year The Daughter didn't have a Crib and was sleeping in a Suitcase and the Salvation Army showed up with Beds... I never knew who told them of our Need for Beds... but it sure beat sleeping on the Floor on a Sleeping Mat!

Here she was... sleeping in the Suitcase... all those years ago!  In fact, all those years ago I was so Transient and Nomadic about where we lived that just about everything we owned could fit into a couple of Suitcases!  I could literally pack up and Move back then in about an Hour, I swear!!!  *LOL*  So Funny to me now... since a Move entails a huge Moving Van, several trips and we always have more than one Christmas Tree for years now!!!   Perhaps that is part of the reason Why I'm such a Maximalist now, had to endure Minimalist Living for so much of my Adult Life that now I CAN have nice things, well... I go balls to the wall to Feather our Nest opulently and luxuriously!  *LMAO*

The Man actually met me during a difficult time in our lives and I was back to sleeping on the Floor, tho' the Kids had Beds and Furniture, the rest of the Home didn't have much.   I'd gone thru a nasty Divorce a few years earlier and lost everything, literally.  Had to leave with just the Clothes on our backs and were even Homeless for a time, me with a four year old and a six week old infant, temporarily living with various Friends and moving often for Safety reasons while holding down a demanding Corporate Career... it was insanity!  I thought The Man to be perhaps insane to want to take on this instant Family with a lot of heavy 'baggage' that was not so much stuff as it was Mi Vida Loca at the time!  *Ha ha ha*   Yes, it still can be Mi Vida Loca, just in a different kinda way now... which is Why, looking back, I KNOW we can Survive anything Together... we already have... by God's Amazing Grace and abundant Mercies!  


May Mercy, Grace and Rich Relationships also sustain you my Friends, no matter what you may be moving thru this Holiday Season... it is just a Season and it too shall pass... Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I am having one of my insomnia weeks and was having a small pity party dealing with my crazy high maintenance but extremely loyal spouse. Your post was like a slap in the face. I am now feeling blessed and grateful after reading your post. Life has to be hard sometimes to make us really appreciate what is important.

    1. Yes, I totally agree that if it were not for the trials we might never fully appreciate those things we should be grateful for. That said, I've had more than my fair share of pity parties too when Life just hands more than I am able to handle at the time. *Smiles* I'm glad the Post ministered to you in a positive way that revealed the Blessings clearly that the lack of sleep had clouded... fatigue really is a difficult thing to move thru when Caregiving for another. Holiday Hugs!

  2. There's where my compassion dust happened off to! (Tempted to get a regular ol' bottle, fill it with glitter, and see how it all works out.) :)

    That picture of your daughter in the suitcase is precious. I can't imagine the leviathan worriment to be just scraping by and homeless with a kid or a baby in tow. It's stressful enough being poor as a single, childless, person - Hat's off to you.

    Two trees sounds *really* ambitious to me, but it looks like the extra space has come in handy with your avid and illustrious-level ornamenting.

    There's a study out there wherein they've determined money makes people mean.

    1. I just Loved that Compassion Dust Ornament when I found it this year and I would think any old bottle filled with glitter would certainly work out just fine! I am not at all surprised that a study revealed that money can negatively impact a person's behavior and attitude. I was very ambitious this year *winks* and The Man said I got totally carried away with the Christmas Tree Forrest. *LOL*

  3. I love your hodge-podge, though coordinated Christmas tree, it's cheerful and very unique---and will be a memory---when you begin mixing with your old ornaments.
    Fun post, Dawn.


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