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So, it's Thanksgiving Day and we'll continue experiencing the 'Comfort & Joy' Event at The Sweet in this Post while we discuss Thankfulness, Family, Food and all of the other things that make this particular Holiday so Special.

As you know The Young Prince Won a Turkey and Food Box at his School, which was indeed an unexpected Blessing but also put the kabosh on my eating out for Thanksgiving Plans.  *LOL*  Now, all of a sudden, in a day I had to switch gears and coordinate a meal at Home!

I immediately called The Son and Family to let them know of the change of Plans since we fully intended to get the Families together for the day.  It also put the kabosh on sleeping in this Morning, as The Man, who is always in charge of Turkeys during Thanksgiving, had forgotten a lot of what he was to do and began getting stressed out in the kitchen... at like... 6:00 am!!!

Okay, so when I loudly hear The Lord Jesus being called upon in the kitchen I decided my slumber had mos def come to an abrupt end!  *LOL*  Now that The Man and Lord Jesus were in the kitchen trying to ready the Turkey it was time to consider getting up... but I lingered... after all, mebbe Jesus would be enough Help?  *Winks*

But... The Man wanders into the Bedroom, sans Jesus... and asks IF we had any Poultry Seasoning or Flour?   I had made "The List" after The Young Prince had unexpectedly Won said Turkey and Food Box of what was still Needed.  Yep, after my Night Shift at Work, there I was Grocery Shopping at 10:00 pm in a Grocery Store with practically barren shelves of the Thanksgiving Supplies!  Nothing had been said about Poultry Seasoning and Flour... now I was Hoping Jesus and I could locate some in the kitchen?  *Smiles*

Because most Stores, including Grocers, have Closed for Thanksgiving Day and we're out in the boonies anyway so there's nothing Convenient including an absence of Convenience Stores either!  Can you Live without the Poultry Seasoning this Thanksgiving I ask him after Thankfully locating a small jar of Flour which he said was crucial!?  *Whew*

Then he says he doesn't remember how he used to make Gravy... oh crap, everyone Loves his Gravy, I Hope all that comes back to him by the time the Turkey is done coz my Gravy sucks and will never hold up to his?!?  *Smiles*  I'm in charge of the rest of the side dishes, apparently I'm capable enough that the Family doesn't Hate how I do those!  *LOL and Whew!*

May I flesh out that Yesterday was back to back Doctor Appointments for The Man and The Young Prince from Sunup to Sundown, literally, that's no exaggeration!   The Young Prince's Pediatrician is concerned about what's going on with him and his Kidneys and Glands so we've got a slew more Tests to be done Tomorrow and Monday... so Color me quite Stressed Out and Mentally plus Physically exhausted about all that!

Though he was a Trooper, knowing it was completely throwing me off to have my recently purchased Typeset Cabinet {pictured above} sitting in the Hallway all thru the Holidays, so he Helped me schlep it Upstairs to the Art Studio Loft Hallway.  He pulled and I pushed it up the steep Stairs and then I spent the next hour putting all the Typeset Drawers back in, which entailed about a dozen more trips from the Garage up the Stairs!  So my Workout is complete!

The muscles in my thighs were jumping around like Gerbils by the time I was done and I hastily began to Vignette the top of it, because I'm just that OCD and a complete Lunatic about Styling stuff once it's in place!  *LMAO*  Besides, it kept my Mind off what the Pediatrician had been concerned about and it gave The Young Prince a Welcome distraction from contemplating even more Tests!

So, it looks pretty good in it's new spot, which wasn't where I originally wanted it, but is where it looks best and is still completely accessible from the Art Studio Creation Station.  The Young Prince had informed me ahead of time to be SURE where it would go since he wasn't dragging it around from place to place, it is heavy even without the Drawers!  *LOL*

He reminded me he's still in significant pain and he didn't Need me killing him off that way, Death by Best Vignette Location!   Yes, we're Twisted as Hell when it comes to our Dark inappropriate Gallows Humor around here!  *Smiles*  I suppose I could have waited til The Son showed up on Thanksgiving Day and put him to Work to get it up there.  But he reminds me he's Thirty-Something now, AS IF that now excludes him from Stud Muffin Duty for Mom's Projects... Silly Young Man!  *Bwahahahaha!*

I was Sad that my Afghanistan Bug Collection in an enormously heavy lucite block didn't fit into the Vignette.  I Scored this the other day at our Antique Mall for a pittance, some GI probably transported it all the way from their Afghan Tour of Duty and their Wifey probably failed to fully Appreciate it like this Wifey would!?  *Winks*  

So for now the hasty Vignette looks like this on top, tho' I will likely replace the Peacock Feather Bouquet with some large faux Botanical Fronds.  Fronds that I found at the Dollar Store but which with The Force in tow I didn't buy, since they told me they looked too fake and gave me such a hard time about getting them that now I have non-buyer's remorse!  *LOL*  The Cool hand-made Botanical embedded Clay Pottery Vase was Scored whilst Goodwill Hunting for a couple bucks, Love it!!!   Chinese Acupuncture Dude was an On The Cheap Score at our Antique Mall from a new Vendor.  Huge Tortoise Shell was a Score from a Vendor leaving our Antique Mall since she was moving out of State and closing out her Inventory.

With all the Drawer Cubbies in these Typeset Trays I now have sufficient Organized Storage for all my Smalls, Rubber Stamps, Altered Art and Jewelry making Supplies!  In my humble opinion one can never have too many of these Antique Storage Furnishings around the house or Studio, I buy any I can get a good Deal on.   Though sometimes timing of finding them doesn't gel with Budget constraints, like just before Christmas!  *LOL*

So, Yeah, the November Budget was shot to Hell with springing for the indulgence of a larger piece of furniture I didn't expect to find and NEED.  *Winks*   It doesn't Help that a slew of Family, mostly Grandchildren, just happen to have Birthdays from November thru early January too!!!  Dovetail that onto Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and it's no wonder I'm always broke this time of year!  *Le Sigh*

If you don't have Grandchildren yet, be sure to remind your Adult Children to space their Offspring so's that it's not all bunched up with Birth Days right AT the Holidays!!!  You can Thank me later.  *Smiles*   Our Oldest Daughter has a Birthday this Month, December has a Son-In-Law and two Grand-Daughter's Birthdays right around Christmas Day, and another Grand-Daughter's Birthday is a few days after New Year's Day!  I'm feeling broker just thinking about it!  *LOL*

But all kidding aside, I'm Thankful we have such a large Beautiful Family, it is truly an enormous Blessing to have Family.   I think upon those who have none and spend the Holidays alone, loneliness being the greatest Poverty of all.  If you can Invite someone you know to your Thanksgiving Celebrations who does not have Family or can't be with Family this Thanksgiving it would Bless them tremendously.

My Parents always Invited every Young GI we knew, who couldn't get Leave Home for the Holidays, to join us at every Holiday Meal we prepared.  It was nothing to have a rotation of various Holiday Guests at our Thanksgiving Table or over for a Christmas Meal, it's how we grew up.   The Gift of Hospitality, especially during the Holidays and Holy Season, are a real Blessing to many who would otherwise not have anyone to Celebrate it with.

Yes, we have much to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving Day... for Family... for Friends... for sufficient Food... for being able to have the privilege to Give to and Serve others less fortunate.   May you also quietly contemplate what you have to be Thankful for... because you cannot keep a Grateful Heart down!


Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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