Friday, November 10, 2017

Festooned with Pom-Pom Garlands

So, until we put the Christmas Tree up the day after Thanksgiving I've got the Library festooned with Pom-Pom Garlands hanging off the Bookshelf and it's Ladder to keep them from tangling.   I found one more Style of them at a different 'MICHAELS' for 50% Off so got that Style too... the last they had!  I like how Festive and Boho the Pom-Pom Garlands are for Decorating at any time of the year.

Even tho' they're just hanging out untangled I think they look Pretty... and along with other Favorite hanging Wearable Art, like some of my MP Bags, they add Interest to any room they're Displayed in.  I think now I have more than enough to adequately wrap around our main Christmas Tree.  I always seem to underestimate how many Garlands it takes to Decorate a Christmas Tree nicely... it really takes a lot of them.

Princess T is already Eyeballing the Pom-Pom Ornament Decorations, like I knew she would.  What are these for she queried and can I have them when you're done with them Gramma were the expected interrogation questions.  *LOL*  Nothing escapes that Child's notice... NOTHING... she has Eyes like a Rat and her Recon Skills are exceptional anytime you're bringing anything into the house that she wants to gather Intel on.  No matter how Covert you thought you were about spiriting it in without her noticing, Trust and Believe she noticed or will nose around until she discovers it!

I've been trying not to have Anxiety lately about The Young Prince's health since he's having severe kidney problems again.  Likely side effects of years of a Mental Health Rx Treatment regimen which had serious negative effects on vital organs.  This is why we finally had to make the difficult decision to wean him completely off of all psychotropic meds even tho' he has a SMI diagnosis.  He likes to Joke about it and say it was a Choice between Dying or Wanting to Kill himself.  Since suicidal ideology comes with his form of Mental Illness tho', it's really no Joke, but we have Gallows Humor in this Family.

This has been ongoing with him having kidney and liver problems on account of being on his Psyche Meds for so many years to stabilize the Mental Health extreme symptoms.  As his Caregiver it's always tough to know what to do and how much the Medical Community should influence you in choosing a Med Treatment Plan which is known to have serious potential side effects.  Some of which can and often are life threatening, especially over time of having to be on certain medications for a chronic condition and one for which they have no Cure.

Sometimes you are just between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea when faced with choosing a Treatment for which there is no Cure.   The best they can Hope for is that you can stabilize the Patient and moderate severe symptoms that will not go away, even with Treatment, but which might subside or be less frequent or severe.   Yes, his Med Regimen did that, somewhat stabilize psychotic episodes and bouts of severe depression.  But not without wrecking his physical health and ravaging his young body and I feel just Sick about that, since he had no real Choice, being a Child.  He doesn't like me blaming myself for making the Choices I did on his behalf, he knew without the Meds, at a more tender age, the Mental Health situation was Life Threatening sometimes too.

Thus his Morbid and Wry sense of Humor about it, saying really the only Choice was between Dying or Wanting to Kill himself... so, well... we chose what we Believed to be the lesser of two evils at the time in choosing Medicating him as a form of Treatment.   He's an Old Soul at Heart and very Mature for his Age so he's always had quite a deep Understanding about the Nature of his Diagnosis and what is necessary to attempt to Manage it.   Right now tho' he's off and on in extreme agony with the kidney situation as he has episodes that debilitate him.   Doctors and Specialists are trying to find out exactly what is going on and what they can do for us... so more visits, more Tests.  That's how our day played out Today, Docs and referrals for more Tests... since both Kiddos were off School for Veteran's Day.

Wanting to find out and finding out are also the types of things that can keep you up at Night... since you wanna know... and yet, you're not sure you're ready to know any potential Bad News?!?   He's skipping attending the Veteran's Day Parade with us Tomorrow Morning in Downtown Phoenix since he just doesn't feel Well enough but wants us to take Grandpa without him and Celebrate his Grandpa's Service to Country and Sacrifices.  So that's kinda how it goes with us, a mixture of Concerns and Celebrations going on simultaneously all of the time!


Have a Wonderful Veteran's Day Tomorrow and our Thanks and Gratitude to all of the other brave Men and Women who Served... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I love your gallows humour - or maybe I should say the Prince's! In all seriousness, such a difficult situation. I had a friend who went through something similar. After many years - decades - of safely using a drug for her illness, it began to harm her body very badly. They had to immediately take her off of it - and then she had to deal with her illness until they could figure out a new treatment plan.
    I hope you are able to find the right combination of things to help him. Do you already use CBT? I have seen that be helpful for folks in similar situations. You don't have to respond directly to question to guard his privacy! You are in a really challenging spot.
    I love those little pop wool ball garlands. So cheery and fun. I love the spongey feel of them, too. I have a necklace of them.
    I hope the Parade went well and that your husband enjoyed it. Please thank him for his service from your readers.
    Take care and may today bring new delights in the heart and in the home!


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