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Dia de los Muertos ~ Part II

As we continue with our Dia de los Muertos Celebration at The Desert Botanical Gardens I have to Confess that one of my favorite parts is visiting the Mercado which has all of the Food Booths and Vendors.   There were over thirty Vendors attending this year's Celebration offering everything from Art to the decoration of your own Sugar Skulls.

Some had the most Interesting Names such as "Halfbreed Hermanas" selling Jewelry, Paintings and Figurines... "Planet Rhino" selling Mexican Folk Art... and "Frida In Wonderland" selling Tin Nichos.  Those with a Facebook site I have linked so you can see their wares, others I was not able to find a site Online to link to so you'll just have to look for them locally.

Other Interesting aspects of the Procesion include a representation of Quetzalcoatl.  To the Aztecs, as his name indicates, Quetzalcoatl is a feathered Serpent Diety, a flying reptile much like a Dragon, who was a boundary-maker and transgressor between earth and sky. 

I have always found it interesting and quite fascinating that in many European, Asian and Mesoamerican Cultures the Mythical Dragon Beasts existed and sometimes were even Worshiped as Deities.   Since in Ancient times none of these Cultures probably had the ability to communicate with one another, it's just pretty Wild to me that similar Beasts existed in their individual and distinctive Histories and Folklore.  Gives one pause for thought as to Why and even How those similarities exist?

The Dance, Music and Storytelling was done throughout the day and explains many reasons why certain Traditions began and still exist in Modern Day Celebrating of Dia de los Muertos.   The Dances and Costumes of the Folklorico Dancers is always a Favorite and include many Child Entertainers.

The Art being Sold at the Mercado ranged from the inexpensive to the expensive Serious Art Collector pieces that would be Gallery worthy.   Though I picked up a couple of inexpensive pieces for myself, I do enjoy beholding the high end Art as well.

For those of us who Love the Iconic Frida Kahlo there were many items paying Homage to her.   The two inexpensive pieces I picked up were actually solder framed Black and White Photos of Frida.   She was so far ahead of her Time and I don't think we've caught up to her advanced Creativity and sense of Style even Today in Modern Times.

I do Wish that these Vendors had more of the Classic B&W Photos of Frida framed like this that they had Created, I certainly would have bought more.  I Hope to run into them again at other Events and Shows since they said they Wished they had made and brought more too since they Sold Out, I got the last two!   BTW: Kinda Off Topic, those Vintage Bank Bags I got recently at our Antique Mall for only $1, $4 and $9 each!  Various sizes and including a Valley National Bank Bag, which is a Bank no longer in existence that I was an Assistant Vice President of back in the 70's thru 80's, so it's Nostalgic for me.  I Plan to use them as Gift Bags for Christmas under our Tree since I'm thinking of doing a Vintage Themed Christmas.

But, back On Topic *Smiles*... I always Enjoy the Ofrendas and Altars... we always have at least one in our Home, though I don't necessarily do a Theme each Day Of The Dead.    The Ofrendas at The Gardens usually has a particular Theme associated with the Creation of them.

This year, as I described in a previous Post, it was Honoring those who perished via Water Related Deaths... whether by catastrophic storms, drowning or dying of thirst crossing the perilous Desert.

There was a Vendor called "Creative Calaveras" that had pre-made Sugar Skulls that you could Decorate.  I know that is always one of The G-Kid Forces favorite activities when they have attended Dia de los Muertos Celebrations with me.   If you preserve them properly they can last for years for use on your Home Altars.

Both Children and Adults were busy Creating their Sugar Skulls and I enjoyed coming by every so often to see the ones drying that had been recently Created.

This one was my Favorite due to the Fun hair embellishments, I had seen a little Girl Creating this one, she really had a Fun Point of View and I thought her Calavera looked Joyful and Adorable.

We still have several of the Sugar Skulls my Grands Created a few years ago at previous Dia de los Muertos Celebrations.   This would have been the only Activity that might have prompted Princess T to go with me this day, but I never am sure if they'll have that Vendor or not so I didn't want to Promise her they definitely would, just in case!  A meltdown would have ensued and nothing puts a damper on Celebrations like a Kiddo melting down at one!  *LOL*

I keep intending to Create some plain Sugar Skulls at Home from molds I have so that the Grands can Create some Calaveras for the Altar right here at Home.  Naturally Time gets away from me and with many other Projects, sometimes it just never gets done during the busyness of the Holidays.  Holiday Baking Projects always seem to fall by the wayside first around here!  I should have probably asked if I could just buy some plain Skulls and take some of the Embellishments for them to Decorate theirs here at Home?  *LOL*

There is just something so Festive about a Mercado regardless of what is being hawked at one, I totally revel in attending one even if I buy nothing.

So many Interesting things... there was Booth after Booth of Art, Food and Creation Stations...

The Community Altar was being expanded as everyone left their Messages on Paper Flowers being Created.   We also wrote Concerns that would later be offered up and burned at the conclusion of the Procesion in the Sunset Terrace.

As you can see, if those who would be in the Procesion later were standing still and mingling throughout the Gardens with Participants, I could get some decent Images.  *LOL*   Once everyone was in Motion... well... those just didn't turn out at all... but mebbe next year... until then I still have at least one more Post, so be sure to come back and join us. 


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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