Sunday, November 5, 2017

Dia de los Muertos ~ Part I

So now we come to the Celebration Part of Dia de los Muertos at The Desert Botanical Gardens.   So many Participants were dressed up with their Sugar Skull painted faces to join in the Procesion which would begin at 5:00 pm.  A Lovely Family graciously allowed me to Photograph the Mother and her two Adorable Children to Promote and Cover the Event here in The Land Of Blog.  I want to Thank everyone who allowed me to Photograph them in Costume.  The Older Daughter was Stunning and a Natural in front of the Lens.

The Mom and Younger Son struck a Touching and Poignant Mother and Child pose where the Love of Family was clearly displayed.   The Son was so Proud of his face make-up that he was trying to photo bomb his Older Sister's shot, it was too Cute and so of coarse he had to have his chance in the spotlight.  *Smiles*   All of the Children at the Event were having such Fun participating that I Wish that The G-Kid Force had wanted to attend with me this year.  Though it was Nice to spend the whole day there for some quality Me Time.

THE PHOENIX FRIDAS were helping Participants to Create their own Frida Style Floral Headbands, this is mine being Created by one of the Phoenix Fridas.  Her Gorgeous Floral Headband was actually Created from Antique Lace that had belonged to her Grandmother, so it had a lot of Sentimental Value to her for wearing it during Dia de los Muertos in Memory of her Grandmother.  

You got to choose your own Flowers and fillers, then they Artfully arranged them for you on the Headband to wear for The Procesion, or just to walk around.   I went big, tall and bold with mine and I got a lot of compliments on it.   One good thing with Dreads is that Ornamentation no longer slips out of my hair and stays put so I can now Enjoy hair Ornamentation every day!

A very bad attempt at a Selfie with new camera... LOL... the amount of chins I had made for some serious Editing!  *Bwahahahahahaha!*   I Hope and Think I looked Cuter in Real Life... I FELT Cuter anyway???!?!?  *LMAO*  I also discovered that with new high definition camera I can't take good shots of Movement and things in Motion... like the Procesion... too late before I realized there must be some unknown setting on the camera for that kind of shot?!?

I look Better further away... Smiles... in fact, I almost look Thinner and Younger in this shot from Far Away!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*   But I wasn't wearing said Headband yet since I had just arrived and it hadn't yet been Created.  This was when I was still fresh as a Daisy at Brunch time, by 5:00 pm I was looking a bit bedraggled from about six hours of Fun!   Isn't it Sad that when we become Seniors we can only have just so much Fun before we Need a Siesta!?!  *LOL*

Okay, so now I'm wearing my Floral Crown and yet entirely too Tired to try to hold my gut in for the pix.  *Bwahahahahahahaha!*  At this point of the Merriment you just don't give a shit anymore about how you look... and I wasn't even drinking! *Smiles*   Besides, you don't walk around all day trying to hold your gut in when you're overweight so whatever... *Winks*  Note to Self: That Diabetic Dietary Lifestyle better work for 2018 coz I'm weary of looking like Jabba the Hutt and Insulin injection weight gain SUCKS and is wrecking my Girlish Figure!  *Ha ha ha*

The Altars everywhere were Inspiring and really helped with the Devotional, Ritual and Meditative purposes of Connecting with my Dearly Departed Family and Friends this day.  They were always deeply on my Mind and Heart as we Celebrated the Lives of those who have Crossed Over and paid Homage to them in Remembrance, Spiritual Joy and Celebration.   Your Heart of coarse becomes the True Shrine for radiating Divine Love... the Shrines and Altars are merely Symbolic of it.

I got very Emotional during parts of the Event... a range of Emotion that is all Good, but can also be very overwhelming at times, as we fondly Remember those who are no longer with us on this side of Time and Eternity.  We Miss them terribly and yet the Tears are different than when they first Passed, the Grief has been replaced, unless it is still Fresh and Raw, with Sentiments that might still make us Weep, but not in the most Heartbroken of ways as in the early stages of Grieving.

My Mom's Passing is the most Fresh, just barely being a single year in... and yet now I can Remember her fondly and without going to pieces anymore and being totally overwhelmed with Emotion that is too Raw, too Fresh.  Now there is a Joy associated with Honoring and Respecting her Memory, her Life, and the many Lifetime Experiences we Shared as Mother and Daughter.

That is precisely why this Celebration is so Poignant for me... I Like to Remember all of those we have Loved so Deeply and yet have now departed, until we meet again on the other side.   Not just the Humans we Loved, but all of the Fur Babies that were a part of our Family during their time here on this side, they too are all missed. 

 So many times you will see representations of Cadaver Dogs and Cats on the Altars.   Dogs are considered Spirit Guides while Monarch Butterflies are often Believed to be holding the returning Spirits of the Deceased Relatives.  Ancient Mesoamericans Believed that Death was a part of the Journey of Life rather than Death ending Life, they Believed that New Life came from Death... so there was no 'Death', just Transformation and The Cycle of Life.

It holds very closely with my own Belief that Energy never Dies, it merely Changes Form and that we are Eternal Beings that will spend Eternity somewhere after the Body Vessel we have on this side of Time and Eternity has expired.   Exploring how we Feel about this Transition from Time into Eternity is Personal to each of us and our Culture, form of Worship, Spirituality, Religion and Beliefs will of coarse Shape it distinctly.  


I am not Rushing past Autumn at break neck speed even tho' Commercially it has already begun... I am choosing instead of Linger, to hold onto Autumn, it's Celebrations, distinctions and Atmosphere until the day after Thanksgiving.  For me that is the Transition period where then I can move on to Winter and it's distinctions, it's Atmosphere and it's Celebrations, Holidays and Holy Days.  I was really Happy to Revel some more in Autumn Festivities and Celebrations that are distinctive to this Season.

I will try not to Blog about Christmas preparations until I'm actually preparing for that Season and that Celebration with it's Wonderful Rituals, Tradition and Spiritual Sentiments.   So you can count on November being a Month that will keep taking you on the Autumn Journey with our Family, with everything that makes Autumn Special to me... to us... and why it is indeed my Favorite Season.   I Guess I do Love every Season due to their distinctions and particular Atmosphere imparted, but Autumn is Favored above the rest, it resonates with me deeply.

I only got one Good Images of the Procesion even tho' I had an excellent spot in which to Photograph it... the rest were blurred due to incorrect camera setting that I wasn't aware was needed when subject matter is in Motion.  *Le Sigh*  Oh well... perhaps by next year I will be more adept at using new camera... and perhaps even figure out a better way of Sharing the Imagery than the present convoluted method using Facebook to Auto Edit every darned pix so I can use it in Blogger without it rejecting?!?  *LOL*

I'm Loving my New additions that I got 50% Off at the Gift Shop, I had gone with the intention of buying just one, but at half price that made it possible to buy them both and not have to choose!  *Whoop Whoop!!!*   That's a relief since I was totally diggin' both of them and yet waffling on which of them I Loved more?!?

Don'tcha just Love it when things come together Favorably like that by pure Serendipity?!?   They were my very first purchase as I entered the Gardens and my Heart fairly skipped a beat to see them marked half off!!!  I couldn't grab them up quick enough!  *LOL*   These Art Forms stay up year round at our Home, just Displayed differently when it's not Dia de los Muertos where they take Center Stage.

Here they are in our Entryway taking Center Stage.   Yeah, I know, it all got pretty cluttered up with my Vignetting as it usually does when I keep adding stuff.  *LOL*    But that's how I Roll and I'm Embracing that aspect of how I Decorate now rather than trying to stifle it and go more minimal, which just doesn't work out so well for me.  *Winks*  There will be more Posts to take you along on the Celebration since I took loads of Imagery to Share!  So come back again and feel free to join us...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Love the images! So colorful, and the "blur" really adds to the feeling that there's motion in it. That's my opinion. I'm loving the window treatment you have in your home. . .tres cool!

  2. You just can't look at this post or subject without celebrating all the joyous color. So visually stimulating you can't help but the back story for all this, and your curtains, are so cool. I just have to do that somewhere! Sandi


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