Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Dia de los Muertos ~ The Finale'

Well, the Celebrations are now over, but we'll keep our Home Altar up for quite a while longer to Enjoy it in Remembrance of our Loved Ones who we miss so much and particularly during the Holiday Seasons.  I have so many fond Memories of spending the Holidays with my Parents and Friends who are now departed from this Earthly Realm.

These Catrinas were all so Lovely and detailed that I had numerous Favorites!  A Collection of these would look Stunning on Display in the Home wouldn't they?  Of coarse they were of the higher end Art Forms in the Mercado, Gallery worthy Catrinas, but seeing so many of them grouped together was breathtaking!

I lingered to take in the details of each one and had the Pleasure of meeting and talking to the Artist who Creates them, such Talent.   I'm Delighted with the one high end Catrina that I own and purchased this year from the Gift Shop at the Gardens earlier.   They had Sold Out of the majority of Dia de los Muertos Art so I was Glad I had bought her earlier or I would have missed the brief opportunity!

By mid-September all of the high end Catrinas of the Garden's Gift Shop were already Sold Out so you had to be decisive early on.   She was a splurge for me that I had to Save Up for, but I'm Delighted to own her and will put her on Display somewhere in the Home year round.

I have waited and purchased a lot of my Dia de los Muertos Decor on Sale after the Holidays in past years, but it literally takes years to amass any that way.  Because typically it Sells Out well before the Holidays so it would be a risk to expect after Season Sales to have any selection or any merchandise to still be available.

Of coarse we have our Year Round Champagne Tinsel Trees up in the Diningroom that we Decorate year round for whatever Holiday or Season it is.  I got the Idea of doing that many years ago when a Family in a Neighborhood I lived in had a Special Needs Adult Daughter they did it for.  Every Month the Family would get together and Decorate that Tree with a Monthly Theme and it stuck in my Memory so I began doing it as a Family Tradition as well some years ago in our Home.

You can Decorate it with anything and everything you want to, I even hang my Seasonal Jewelry upon them so I can easily locate them during the Holidays.  One year we Created these Domino Art Pendants that my Talented Friend Pamela taught The Force and I how to make, they are such Fun!  So now we Source orphaned Dominos just for the Purpose of Creating these Cute little Necklaces to wear or give as Gifts.

Favorite Big Box Store Find this Month... "Target" came out with some Dia de los Muertos felt Christmas Ornaments.   I found six different Styles, I don't know how many they offered since they Sold Out right away and these were the last six so I bought them all!   They are three bucks each and I think it would be Fun to find some felt cut-outs like this at Craft Shops and Create some of our own, so I'm going to look at the Craft Shops to see if I can Source some?

Why don't I just use one of these as a Template you might ask?  Well, I could if I was ambitious enough and had oodles of Time on my hands, neither of which exist in my World so that's Why!  *LMAO*   Besides, I am a totally lazy Crafter slash Artisan, so I always take the path of least resistance or I'd probably never get around to any Project!  *Smiles*

Besides, with Arthritic hands, doing the small detailed Handwork now can be rather agonizing and that wrecks the Joy of Creating.   I'd like to still be able to do detailed Handwork, don't get me wrong, I J'Adore layering intricate Details in everything I Create.  But it's just not comfortable for me anymore and I can be a wuss about crippling up my Hands, even Sacrificing them for the sake of Art!  *Smiles*

I suppose I could get an Assembly Line of Grandkids doing it and just delegate the detailed Handwork to them.  *Winks*   But once they get to a certain Age you can't run a Con Job like that on them anymore and convince them it would be Fun and not Child Labor and exploitation techniques!   Seriously, remember when you could convince the Little Ones that doing Housework was Fun and they were SO Down for it that they'd even Volunteer!??!??   Now I can't even get them to clean up their Rooms with Threats... just so I can see and walk on the Floor!!!  *Bwahahahahahahaha!*

So it was just way easier to scour several 'Target' Stores and try to find more of these for three bucks apiece.  No Luck so far, every Store was already Sold Out and since they'd just put out the Christmas Decor, that was a lightening speed Sell Out of a particular Ornament Style!!!   That's why I'm giving you, my peeps, an early Heads Up about where to Source them in case your local Stores still have any?

It was kinda Interesting to me that they didn't have them for Sale during October with the Halloween and Dia de los Muertos Themed Merchandise and had them for Christmas Ornaments instead, even tho' they are Ornaments.  They could have offered these for both Holiday Seasons and I think they still would have kept Selling Out because it's a really Popular and Cute Themed Look.

Okay, so mebbe not everyone is as Into Skulls as we are... so perhaps your Christmas Merriment would not include them?  *Bwahahahahaha!*  My Friends and Co-Workers are always teasing me about my Morbid and Bizarre Style Sensibilities, even tho' it makes all of them Smile or at the very least stare in Fascination when they come to our Home.  I Enjoy Our Weird and Wonderful stuff, I think it's Whimsical and piques Curiosity because I think that most people do have a Curious Nature inherently.

If you don't Believe me just watch anytime there is a traffic jam caused by rubber necking of some accident or tragedy that has just occurred, people can't seem to help themselves, the majority gotta LOOK!   They will pile up like cordwood to try to get a glimpse of what has happened, even if they typically are not what we would Think of as Morbid Types.  If you ever see a massing of Pedestrians gawking you best Believe something awful just happened near there and they're drawn to it like Moths to a Flame!

No... not everyone wants to Live with it or around it... but the majority want to at least SEE it... our Home kinda has that Attraction we've found.  *LOL*  I am Flattered that most Visitors have told other people about our Home since they say it Fascinated them, because at least then I know it's made an Impression and evoked a Feeling of some kind.   I Want people to Feel something when they come to our Home or behold a Creation I've made, I don't Care WHAT the Feeling is, so long as it is Felt!  *Smiles*

If you Feel Nothing about Something then what is the Point?   Why even have it as Decoration if it's that bland, overlooked or nondescript?   I'd rather have one thing that is Extraordinary than a million Ordinary things that are a yawnfest.  I'd rather meet one Interesting person, no matter how Quirky, than endure a Boring one!   I'd rather be Labeled Crazy than Boring... to me being called Boring would be the ultimate Insult, Crazy doesn't bother me one iota as a Label... a lot of the most Interesting People are Mad as a Hatter!  *Smiles*

And I think perhaps that Halloween and Dia de los Muertos are my Favorite Holidays because it brings out in People that Sense of Uninhibited Celebrating.  Where even the most Reserved peeps will don a Costume, a Mask, allow their Alter Egos to come forth and Shine without their usual Inhibitions.  They won't Care how they Look, how everyone else perceives them, just for the sheer Joy of it they will Participate and be Bold about whatever Choices they made in Wardrobe and Make-Up or Character they represent.

Why do you suppose Masquerade Balls and Parties have always been so Popular since the 15th Century?  Being Unidentifiable has a certain Allure to it... a Thrill and Freedom to it I think.  In many ways it bring out our Inner Child, where you can be anything you want to be, even if for just a day... a Fantasy Acted Out.   Children do that Naturally and Instinctively, if you ever look at Children just being Children, their entire day is just in the Doing of whatever brings them the most Pleasure, Joy and Contentment... we tend to lose that in the Growing Up Process.

Not many Adults just do what they Love to do... few are Blessed enough to be able to make a Living doing what they Love as 'Work'.  So many considerations lead us astray from what Inner Purpose we would choose if we just followed the Heart and weren't instead chasing the Monetary aspect of what Motivates us and often consumes our Time, Life and Energy instead.  Semi-Retirement has given me far more Options to follow the Heart actually and just do what I Love and pursue it in earnest.

Including how I want to just Look and BE... The Young Prince and I recently had that conversation when we broached the Topic of Career Choices.  He is Mindful enough to realize I could never have pursued my Corporate Lives and risen to the Top of my Career Fields had I Looked as I do now, which is Me to my very Core, but couldn't have been indulged 20+ years ago when I was an AVP of a Bank and during that particular Era especially!  *LOL*   Sad but True, so many Stereotypes and Judgments exist on just Appearance that often we have to play the Game in order to achieve the measure of Success you might Desire.

Yep, an Old Hippie of the Sixties and early Seventies had to clean up her Act in order to get into the Corporate World and be taken Seriously enough to get promoted and rise to the top of the Food Chain, regardless of skill set.  Yeah I Hated it, and on my own Time I was completely different so my Personal Life and my Corporate Lives were always kept separate and were polar opposites.  *Winks*  But I sure did like the Monetary Success and Prestige, I ain't gonna lie, I've been Richer and I've been Poorer, Richer IS better, I don't Care what anyone says!  *LOL*   Poverty is not Romantic and anyone who Romanticizes it is insulting those who have no Option but to endure it.

So may you always be Well and Prosper my Friends... My Prayer for each and every one of you is that 2018 holds much Promise, that you Keep and Guard your Faith and don't allow the Enemy to rob you of it or your Joy, may it instead Sustain you.   May you walk in Love and not allow your Circumstances to Change you in unflattering ways, no matter what hardships you may be encountering, enduring and moving through in this Life.

And that you always have and Find your Voice... and Speak Up for those who do not have one and Advocate for them, because they Need us desperately!  They rely upon us that have a Voice to Speak Up on behalf of them so that the Silent are Heard and don't have to Suffer in Silence and virtual obscurity... or be Forgotten beyond the Grave!!! 


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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