Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Current Obsession... Air Plants With Organic Containers

My current Obsession... Air Plants with Organic and Interesting Containers to put them in or on.   So I had been seeking specimens and what I'd house them in, my quest finally hitting the Mother Lode of them in a Home Improvement Store's Garden Section, who knew?  Not every Home Improvement Store had them, but Lowe's had the very best selection of Hanging Garden Styles.  This Coppery Sphere being my favorite of the Container Gardens... I sat it upon a Gorgeous Free Form Vase I also found.

Of coarse my Obsession grew and began some Months ago starting when I Scored my first "Living Dead" Air Plant in a Skully Container, the Air Plant looking like his Punk Hairstyle.  I was now hooked, I Love Plants, I Wanted more Indoor Plants, but Needed something effortless and easy to grow that didn't require a whole lotta Care or Maintenance.  These are Ideal, you only have to mist them once a Week and they seem to thrive with minimal Care and just the humidity supplement, since they absorb nourishment thru scales on their leaves. 

I also became rather Obsessed with these hanging Container Gardens I was seeing on various Pinterest Boards.  Not that they necessarily Need to be hung, but it gives an Interesting Option and eventually I do Plan to find a nice Natural Branch from which to suspend some of mine.  So, I did buy some of the more fragile Glass Teardrop Terrariums. 

via: Pinterest

  It kinda gave me a heady dose of Flashback Seventies Nostalgia since I was a Terrarium Guru back in the 60's and 70's, my Rooms having numerous Terrarium Landscapes and miniature Environments.  My very fav Terrarium being an early 70's Groovy Standing Bubble Dome like this one, mine was about three foot tall and had a mini Tropical Rain Forrest inside of it.  They have Vintage smaller versions now and I might just have to buy back some of my Past and Score me one now.  *LOL*  Of coarse in the 70's I also had the Bubble Chair, but I'm not intending to go totally Mid Century Mod Futuristic Retro.  *LOL*

When these Air Plants Bloom it is spectacular, much like Cactus Blossoms they are over-sized, waxy and rather Surreal looking.  When wet or resting they close up into tight balls, I Wonder what type of Insect or Bat pollinates them?  I bought the largest specimen in full Bloom and it has two enormous White waxy Blossoms and seems to Bloom continuously for a while so you get a lengthy Show.  This image shows the Blooms fully opened and resembling a Night Blooming Cactus Blossom similar to the Queen Of The Night Cactus.

And here they are tightly closed up after a good misting, since some at the Garden Shop looked like they had died due to insufficient moisture, so I wanted to ensure mine got a good misting once they arrived Home.   The Plants really don't have much of a root system so you just lay them where ever you want them and they look good nesting in Mossy ingredients or just tucked into branch crevices for Display.

 via: Pinterest

One of my Fav Pinterest Displays was this Vintage Wine Rack filled with Air Plants and Moss, so I will look for a nice Wooden Wine Rack to replicate this Look for my Meditation Room Wall.   Yes, it would look Awesome on a Kitchen Wall, but our Kitchen actually has very little Wall Space for hanging anything so it wouldn't be a practical location for us.

 via: Pinterest

And then there was this Adorable Air Plant Display that looked like floating Sea Creatures resembling Jellyfish.   I also totally Loved this Idea and might have to find a Cool Branch to suspend something like this from as well, as the Air Plant Collection grows and finds Vignette Space around our Home to Display them.

Now there are also numerous faux Air Plant Displays that you can buy and if you're not certain you'd have enough of a Green Thumb to even keep an Air Plant Alive it is an Option.   I actually bought one faux Air Plant because I totally liked the way it looked for a particular Vignette atop my newly acquired Vintage Typeset Cabinet.  It's three faux but quite realistic looking Air Plants on a Mossy Branch that can be suspended from it's Jute loop if you wanted to.

In fact, many of the faux Succulents and Air Plant Displays look quite realistic and so I have bought a few to intermingle with the Real Deal Succulents and Air Plants.   The Beauty being that if you don't think a particular location you desire a Vignette would be suitable for a Living Plant, the faux version will do just fine there and still give you the Look you want.   This Typeset Cabinet sits in a Hallway off the Art Studio Loft and doesn't have a lot of Natural Light to sustain Living Plants so I didn't want Real ones to risk dying off there.

Yesterday's Quest netted me four Air Plants in various Organic Containers that I really liked, they come in all styles, shapes and sizes of Containers.  I was more fixated upon choosing my Favorite Air Plant opposed to my Favorite Container it was housed in.   This particular one has a Lovely Red Hue to the Air Plant and the straw flower arrangement in front of it adds to that color.  Eventually the Vignette will move from my Kitchen Island to the Meditation Room which will have some Kabuki Red Walls along with Chalkboard Black Walls.

For now tho' the entire Display of Living Air Plants is Enjoying tons of Natural Light while hanging out on our Kitchen Island, which was finally cleared off of clutter before Thanksgiving.   I just Love our enormous Kitchen Island but damn it just attracts clutter like a magnet, since everyone wants to just dump their stuff on it's surface continuously!!!  I'm now doing Clutter Control Patrol daily to ensure the surface stays Clutter Free for more than a minute... or a mere Holiday!  *LOL*

Now, it had Nothing to do with Air Plants or mebbe it had Everything to do with Air Plants, I'm not Sure, but I HAD to Score a couple of these Amazing Free Form Vases while in the "At Home" Warehouse Decor Shop.   The surface glaze is just Amazing and has texture and this incredible graduating coloration, while the interior and rim is like molten metal.   My Fav one had this rich Turquoise and Copper combination of glazes.   The other looks more like Cement and is in the picture above this one with the Sphere resting on top of it, it's taller too, but both have an inconsistent Organic shape that I also Love.

And then there was this one which resembled molten lava teardrops to me and was marked 75% Off, Booyah!!   It will eventually house more Air Plant mossy nested Displays.  This Vase is quite large actually and has a very textured surface, I was shocked it was on deep Clearance, but it was the last one left that didn't have damage so that might have been part of Why?   I was actually looking for a Cement Style Tray Container to just lay some Air Plants in with tufts of Moss, but didn't find any they had that matched the Vision I had in my Head.  *LOL*

And so since I couldn't find a flat Cement Tray I went with a Copper Hamsa Hand Tray instead for now and will keep a lookout for the Vision Tray I seek!  After all it's The Thrill Of The Hunt that is always the most Fun isn't it?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. These are AMAZING! Thanks for sharing. I didn't realize one could have them inside the house or in a terrarium.

    1. Yes, and the Shopkeepers I've spoken to that have them under flourescent lighting say they do very well without Natural Light too!


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