Thursday, November 9, 2017

Channeling Boho St. Nick Just In The Nick Of Time!

So here I thought I was being so proactive and it turns out I am Channeling Boho St. Nick just in the nick of time!!!   The Fanatical Christmas Decorators must be out in force because almost all Boho Christmas Options are Selling Out!  I got the very last of what 'AT HOME' and 'TARGET' had Yesterday, mostly off their Display Christmas Trees because that's all that was left!

So my Antique Dress Form Gals are looking like there could have been a Bird Massacre since they are festooned with Feather Garlands!  Yes, I got paid so I went back and got the last two of the Feather Garlands plus a lone Metal Feather one that someone had missed on a Christmas Tree.  Wish I'd discovered more of that one but clearly it was a Madly Popular Garland Motif!

Here's a close-up of it, has light Metal Golden Leaves with a Bronze sheen, I got the last one and now they're Sold Out.  Not sure if any of the Stores will re-stock what they're Selling Out of so early in the way of Christmas Decor so I got mine while there's still some left.   Now I'm Glad that I caved and decided to shop for what I Needed early!  Who knew the first week in November might be too late already?!??!??

I haven't shopped for a Christmas Theme for a few years now so I had no idea how early you need to get out there to get the best selection and before things Sell Out!   If the Garages weren't still hoarded I might have tried to get to my Christmas Season stash in the corner and re-hash a Theme, but I felt like I wanted something New and Unique this Christmas.  So when my Bank Stock Dividend Check came in I had already earmarked it for the Christmas purposes Mission Statement.  *LOL*

And when I'm on a Mission I'm relentless and very laser focused on my Goal.  So it felt good to be getting everything amassed that I knew I was going to Need early enough that I could ease into Christmas Decorating with no Stress or sense of urgency.  I'll be Creating my Feather and Beaded Ornaments too since I got the Copper Wire and Twig-like coated Wire I'll use to construct them.  I'm rather looking forward to a pleasurable Craft Project to work on... off and on until around Thanksgiving.

Time is already rushing by me and I think November will be one of those Months that goes by in sort of a blur!  Luckily the G-Kid Force have made Christmas Gift Giving easy this year, he only wants Cash loaded onto an Amazon Gift Card to buy what he wants himself... I can do that!  *Winks*   She gave me a very early heads up on the significant Gift she was Jonesin' for and I picked one up early Yesterday and on Sale 25% Off no less, Booyah!!!  

You were supposed to have the App on your Phone for the Coupon to get the 25% Off for the item.  But our Cashier was a very Sweet Senior Lady, who clearly had a significant disability, yet still had the most Cheerful countenance and attitude.   I told her we didn't know how to load the App without one of the Grandchildren in tow to do it for us, she could relate and gave us the Discount anyway, saying we had been such Pleasant Customers.  I assume they sometimes get the Unpleasant Variety around the Holidays and appreciate those who go thru the Holiday Season in the Fruits of the Spirit.

It is a Shame that the Holiday Season can often bring out the very Worst in people, I can only assume it's because their stress level is higher or personal life is wrought with difficulties or sorrows and they tend to take it out upon others?  Not that it justifies unlovely behavior, but hurting people tend to hurt people, it's often a vicious cycle.  Tortured Souls are pretty easy to identify by what they do, how they act or what comes out of their mouth... since out of the abundance of the Heart the mouth speaks... always.

I can't say that the Holidays have never been difficult for us, they have been over the years numerous times, too many times in fact.   We've had Family Deaths, Catastrophic Illness and several Hospitalizations as well as numerous Wartime Deployments during the Holiday Season in our Family... and even often ON Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's Day, which totally Sucks!  We have Loved Ones with Mood Regulation Issues, Serious Mental Illness, Brain Damage and Chronic Depression, where the Sensory Overload of Holidays can be a bit much to bear and move thru for them.  It can threaten to derail you, be toxic to your Countenance and ruin your Holiday Celebrating if you allow it to!

So I can have some point of reference to it often being a difficult Season to move thru even if you typically Enjoy everything about it.  The important thing is not to allow Circumstance or how other people are handling the Holiday Season to rob you of your Joy, your Faith and your Compassion towards other people.  I'm assuming of coarse that a person had Joy, Faith or Compassion to begin with, perhaps some don't and that's their usual state of Being and unfortunate Condition?   If that is the case then extending some Grace towards them may be the only thing we can do for them as our Gift unmerited.  I have found that no matter how Unlovely a person is, responding Lovingly can go a long way. We don't always know everyone's Back Story and Personal demons or daily Struggle.  Life can become a tangled, complex Web and a Hot Mess to any of us at any point in time.

And speaking of things that get tangled and messy... I managed to untangle the complex mess my new Felt Pom-Pom Garlands had become on their ride Home.   MICHAELS had them marked 50% Off and I just Love these things and have three different sizes now and two Styles of the largest size... one with Beads added and one without.   Getting two for the price of one made it so that I could purchase enough over a two payday period to be sufficient Tree Garland, to add that pop of Boho Color and Style I wanted. 

They actually had a bolder Color choice of the largest size but I preferred the Muted Palette and got the last of them.   For now there seems to be plenty of the bolder Garlands... but a day or two can change all that in Retail in a Heartbeat... so I suggest being proactive my Friends!  Had I put it off as I'd originally intended, I would not have gotten my preferred Theme fleshed out nearly as Ideally as I will now that I was proactive.  Since I got the very last of a lot of things I totally Lucked Out getting there just in the nick of time!

So here's all four Styles and sizes of my Felt Pom-Pom Garlands and the majority of them I got 50% Off!!!  *Happy Dance!*   I think I only paid full price for one strand during late September and added to that Style when they went on Sale 50% Off this Month!   Sometimes waiting can save you some $$$ but you run the Risk of them Selling Out beforehand and never getting them at all, so it's a gamble you have to decide whether you're willing to take or not?

I got Lucky but I can't say I Gambled much, already seeing my Favs Selling Out so quickly I had to be decisive and just spring for what I wanted while they still had a few left... or mebbe just one left!   So I got the last of the Off White and Green Leaf Wood Fairie Angels... they had Sold Out of the Red but I didn't want nor need Red anyway.  I got the last of the Bird Nest I wanted, the only others left now had damage and missing Eggs.   They were still pretty stocked on the Feather and Pom-Pom Fur Ornaments, so I got one of each and will add Boho Beads and Feathers to the Pom-Pom ones as added embellishment as a nod to my Theme.  The Bonus, none of this is Christmas Specific so can be used later as Decor... tho' Princess T will likely swipe the Pom-Pom Ornaments to use to adorn her School Backpack after Christmas?!  They are as soft as Bunnies!  In fact, the big one probably is Bunny Fur!??! *LOL*

I got the last of the oversized duo of fake Crystals Ornaments, I had previously gotten the smaller sized ones at a different Store... Love this Look, apparently many others do too!   They are plastic and come in pairs at a cheap price and actually look pretty realistic, I compared them to my Real Crystals and it's hard to tell they're cheap knock-off fakes!  *Smiles*   The Copper Santa Mold is large so I only got one of him, don't know I'd want a lot of oversized heavy Ornaments on our Tree... tho' they can make an impact and statement as a focal point if placement is right.

Now... off to have a Snack of Dragonfruit, these are such Colorful and Interesting Fruit, very visually Appealing and I happen to Love the taste, which is very subtle and the flesh is soft so it can be made into ball shapes easily to add to your Salads for interest.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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