Monday, November 27, 2017

Begin At The Beginning And Go On Till You Come To The End... Then Stop

With The Young Prince's current serious health problems and the slew of Testing needed both last week and this week, now Thanksgiving is a wrap... I could have delayed putting Halloween away and not begun Decorating for Christmas in earnest.  But I suppose I Needed the distraction of something really Positive. 

Not to mention that The Man's continuous Appointments fill up most of the midweek calendar and so if I didn't begin Decorating for Christmas over the weekend, when could I Hope to get to it?  It's all I could do to squeeze in the Walk-In Appointments for Labs for The Young Prince into the midweek hectic schedule!

So, amid much Protest I did get The Man to help me set up the Christmas Tree, his part entailing just sticking three pieces together out of the box.  And forget about Engaging The Young Prince in Christmas Decorating, he HATES Holidays... both he and The Man can't handle the Sensory Overload of any Holiday Season actually, so they often Opt Out.

I Needed the height of The Young Prince tho', since he's now the tallest one in the household, to wrap the Pom-Pom Felt Garlands around the top of the Tree.  He was cocking it all up on Purpose, not draping, but rather throwing them all helter-skelter and so finally I had an OCD meltdown and told him to just stop! *LOL*

He swore he was throwing them up there exactly where I told him they should be draped... apparently they've never taught him, all the way up thru his Senior year in High School, the difference between "throwing" and "draping" Garlands?!  *Winks*   So his little Sister stepped up... all the way up The Ladder of Death she Needed to get that high... to do it for him!

Being even more OCD than her Grandmother I knew she'd do it right and actually Care how it looked.  She was also Enjoying The Process of Decorating for the Holidays, like me, she actually ENJOYS Celebrating a Holiday or Holy Day!   I don't have to hear her incessantly complaining that there is Christmas Music playing, just the 2nd day it's on the radio or playing in the Shops!  

Now, it's not just a portion of MY Family that apparently melts down emotionally during the Holidays or refuses to have Joy during them.  At our Antique Mall, for the first time in the six years we've been open, they finally put the Christmas Music on early enough to Create a Holiday ambiance to shop in!  Yay and Hallelujah, it is stimulating Trade and the Customers and most of the rest of us totally dig it!

However, there are those of the Minority, that despite what the Majority are thoroughly Enjoying and Celebrating, will almost immediately start the insufferable complaining to try to spoil it for everyone!   Can't they just endure and suffer in Silence for just a few days of Holiday Music before the Bitchfest begins?!  Good Lord Jesus, I've endured the 70's on Channel 7 for SIX freakin' years already, this is a nice, appropriate and refreshing change, let us revel in it without the whining already!  *Arghhh!*

Now, I realize that Misery does Love Company and will try to drag everyone into their pit of despair or intolerance for whatever is Positive and wrecking their wallowing or it always being all about them ALL of the time!!!   But I get enough of that at Home Thank-You, compliments of Brain Damage and Serious Mental Health barriers that limit the ability to cope with or handle just about anything Sensory... good or bad... and make it so that we can only have just so much Fun before... well... we can't have ANY!

I've had numerous Holidays and Holy Days thruout the years where we've moved thru some incredible hardships, but I've chosen to remain buoyant and Delight in as much of it as I can squeeze out of all of it!   That's my personal choice, allow me my CHOICE to be Happy, Grateful and Joyful during Celebrations, that's all I ask!  If you can't be, or won't be, well... I can't be Happy, Grateful or Joyful FOR you... Sorry... you've got to muster that for yourself if you are able.

The Holidays can be the worst times of the year for those who just can't handle it all, regardless of the fact that the rest of us might want to just experience it fully.  I can be Sacrificial only to a point... but if emotionally you're going to the Basement during every Holiday Season, I might just have to step off at the Ground Floor because I can't go that low with you, for my own Well Being.

You don't have to Participate or be Engaging if you absolutely Refuse to... that's Okay, tho' I'd like for it to be differently of coarse so we'd have some Unity of Purpose during Special Occasions.  But sometimes you just have to choose your battles and be an Army Of One when that becomes necessary.   So typically the Decorating for any Holiday is my responsibility or it would not happen at all.

And mebbe they wouldn't even Care... I'm not Sure since we'll never know because that would totally Ruin it for me and I'm not out to be Martyred, prove any points or do any formal survey on it in the Home.  *LOL*   I do this mostly for myself because I Need it... in the chaos that can be Mi Vida Loca I often just Need to do Positive things just because... not because it's the Easiest thing, but because it's the Necessary and Right thing for ME.

It puts an incredible strain upon a Caregiver to Cope with the inability of those they're Caring for to Mood Regulate appropriately.   So sometimes I just have to go for myself here at Home... and outside of the Home, if I encounter "The Others" who aren't Coping well with Holidays or Holy Days, well, Avoidance is possible when you don't HAVE to Deal with certain people and that Works for me too!  *Winks*

And so Yes, in between a ridiculous amount of Doctor and Lab Appointments for The Young Prince and The Man I put all of Halloween away in a mere day!   And it was a lot of Work but took me far less time than I had anticipated it would without any present help.  And so by the time I was ready to drag Christmas out and begin at the Beginning and go on till I came to The End... then Stop... I had recruited some unwilling 'volunteers' for a few brief tasks.

And there was a lot of fussing and Protest, so it wasn't exactly like the Trimming of the Tree and Home that you see on the Holiday Specials where the Family gets together and actually Enjoys what should be Special and Significant.  *LMAO because that is quite an understatement!*   And in my Head I like to think it could play out that way, but it won't... and so that's my Fantasy!  *LOL*

And like every good Fantasy I can be in as much Denial as I wanna be about my Reality... it Helps, it really does sometimes!   The daily grind of your Reality is tedious enough every other day of the year, but on the Holidays I cut myself some slack and actually INSIST upon having a Good Time regardless of circumstances and Moods of anyone around me threatening to disrupt it all and destroy it!!!

I stubbornly hold onto the Hope, the Enchantment, the Magic, the Childlike Awe of every Special thing about the Seasons as they come!  It's a bright spot in an otherwise sometimes bleak and monotonous existence that sometimes looks without end and can be drudgery at best when one day blends right into another... and at worst, sucks the Life force right out of ya and leaves you semi-robotic and going thru the motions.  

So I Challenge you to go ahead and thoroughly Enjoy everything about Today if you Want to... and if you don't Want to, can you just do so quietly and less obtrusively as a sort of Gift to those of us who really do Need some Enjoyment and look for it wherever and whenever we can Find it!?  Thank You... it's appreciated more than you'll ever know.


Blessings and a Joyful Holiday to you from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. My Retired Man could do without all the hubbub of the holidays. I get very, very little help. He used to do the outside lighting but because of health problems (both real or imagined), I doubt if we will have any this year unless I do it. I have to admit, though, that because of my OCD when it comes to decorating, I am glad he does not touch my tree. He is a thrower, not a Draper.

    1. LMAO, Yes, in many ways it's just Best that the Decorating be delegated to me exclusively so that I don't have a Stroke when they're haphazardly not Caring enough about being recruited to help to do a good job! If there is anything that bothers me more than no help it is help doing a half-assed job of it! *Smiles* I have a mental picture of your Retired Man throwing stuff at and on the Tree now... much like The Young Prince! *Ha ha ha*

  2. I think you are amazing the way that you cope with what you do and remain upbeat. You are choosing to take the good way, and I love it!

    1. Thank You Jenny, I do believe we always have the choice to form our own perspective about life in general and how we react to whatever circumstance we find ourselves in. Positive energy is preferable to me so I prefer to expose myself to anything positive I can find in my environment to sustain me thru whatever life may hand us.


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