Thursday, November 30, 2017

Home For The Holidays

There's nothing quite like everyone being Home for the Holidays, during The Man's lengthy Military Career we were often separated during the Holiday Season as he was often deployed.   The same with my Dad, with him also being a Career Military Man and either deployed or having to work every Holiday.   When I was growing up we always opened our Gifts Christmas Eve since Dad would have to work every Christmas Day so he'd be gone by Morning.  I finally got our Main Christmas Tree decorated, except for the new Decorations that The G-Kid Force and I will Create over the next few days from Feathers, Beads and Felt Pom-Poms. Plus deciding upon a Tree Topper, it presently doesn't have one.

Miss Priss watched my every move thru the window of the door, she's curious and fascinated with People Watching, especially when we're Decorating and changing things up.  *Smiles*  With the chaos that is presently the Hoarded Garages, that are being purged of stored contents, I couldn't get to any of the Seasonal Christmas Decor in Storage.   So this year everything on the Tree is newly purchased on Sale and it was Fun to chose a Theme for the Decor and run with it, seeking anything that would fit the bill.   It had been a very long time since I'd bought any new Christmas Decorations actually, especially for the Tree, since I have a considerable cache' that has been amassed over the years.  I didn't realize how much I'd missed looking for new Christmas Tree Ornamentation.

The small Embroidered Religious Icons I found at a Mexican Flea Market for just a couple bucks apiece... and the Boho Yarn and Embroidery Covered Balls and Felt Pom-Pom Garlands were all 50% off at a Craft Store.   I already had some sequined Mardi Gras Ball Ornaments from several years ago and managed to snag the box of them thru it's handle using a broomstick!  *LOL*  Yes, that's how inaccessible all of the boxes of Ornaments were!   But the Mardi Gras Balls were light styrofoam, so I knew the box wouldn't weigh much and I could do some Circus Acrobatics with the broomstick to reach it and get it down where I could then grab it!  *Smiles*

I fondly remember that for years directly after Christmas, my Mom and I would hit all of the Hallmark Stores that used to be in every Mall and choose at least one Hallmark Ornament on Sale for our Collections.   They were so expensive and popular, now most of the Hallmark Stores are gone, I only know of one still at a nearby Mall.  The Hallmark Ornaments can be had for a pittance at almost any Thrift Store or Antique Mall, I got several for a dollar apiece recently, couldn't resist at that price!   Even tho' I won't use them this year they completed some of a Series I had been Collecting years ago and didn't have all of!   Instant Collections or Series are kinda a no-brainer when you can Score them for a Song!

The Anna Lee Line of felt Characters were also madly popular and expensive back in da day and I Loved them but could never afford them.   I had a mere two that were bought for me as Gifts by Friends and at the time it was kinda a Big Deal so I Cherished them.   Now I see them everywhere secondhand on the cheap.  I even once Scored a Box Lot of them and didn't keep a single one!  I offered them for Sale in my Showroom one Christmas and they Sold Out quickly, so clearly someone still Collects and J'Adores the Line like I once did.  But Funny how what we covet and desire can change so drastically over the years!  Things I used to be Mad about and covet don't warrant a second glance now or Appeal to me one iota anymore.

Sometimes I even Wonder, was it so desirable BECAUSE it was unattainable at the time, except one at a time, over a long period of time?  Waiting patiently to obtain another when you could afford a single one... and sometimes only then on Clearance Sale?  Perhaps... when something is uncommon or a luxury for us it can have a magnetic Appeal to it and a luster to the Eye as lust for it grows.  I'm still like that with certain things, but it seems that when we were quite Poor we just had a deeper Appreciation for almost anything and everything.  Sometimes I Wonder if that is why the Rich really don't seem to fully Appreciate stuff... or they have that insatiable appetite that can never be filled, because they can have so much of any of it anytime they want it?

Because with all Honesty I have never seen a Greedy Poor Person, when I was Poor and most of my Friends were equally lacking, we Shared whatever we had freely and quite generously.   Going without makes you sympathetic to anyone who is doing without and so you'll Share out of your Poverty much more than a Rich Person will Share out of their Abundance.  It's actually quite a Curious phenomenon really... if you ever Truly Need Help, ask someone whose REALLY Needed Help at some time, they are much more apt to give it than someone whose never had a True Need at all.   A Person whose always had it Easy in Life is more apt to offer Excuses than to offer Help or want to get involved in anyone else's troubles or point of Need.

I recall a time when most of our Ornaments were Hand-Made because we couldn't afford to buy any.  So, I still have a fondness for Hand-Made Ornaments because it's Nostalgic in a Good way for me.  I don't look at those Past years of Lack as a Bad thing because in many ways it can still be the Best of times in so many other ways.   I remember a couple of years when I couldn't afford a Christmas Tree and we had one donated each time, by Surprise, just in time for Christmas... it was like our Personal Christmas Miracle!

  One particularly Lacking year, shortly after my Daughter was born {in Mid-October} and I was a Single Parent, we had the Surprise of TWO donated Christmas Trees from GI Friends at the Base who knew we didn't have one and couldn't afford one!   One even had to be cut in half to fit into our Apartment that I Shared with my room-mate... when we had Guests, due to lack of Furniture, they had to sit on the stairs going to the upstairs!  *LOL*  That was also the year The Daughter didn't have a Crib and was sleeping in a Suitcase and the Salvation Army showed up with Beds... I never knew who told them of our Need for Beds... but it sure beat sleeping on the Floor on a Sleeping Mat!

Here she was... sleeping in the Suitcase... all those years ago!  In fact, all those years ago I was so Transient and Nomadic about where we lived that just about everything we owned could fit into a couple of Suitcases!  I could literally pack up and Move back then in about an Hour, I swear!!!  *LOL*  So Funny to me now... since a Move entails a huge Moving Van, several trips and we always have more than one Christmas Tree for years now!!!   Perhaps that is part of the reason Why I'm such a Maximalist now, had to endure Minimalist Living for so much of my Adult Life that now I CAN have nice things, well... I go balls to the wall to Feather our Nest opulently and luxuriously!  *LMAO*

The Man actually met me during a difficult time in our lives and I was back to sleeping on the Floor, tho' the Kids had Beds and Furniture, the rest of the Home didn't have much.   I'd gone thru a nasty Divorce a few years earlier and lost everything, literally.  Had to leave with just the Clothes on our backs and were even Homeless for a time, me with a four year old and a six week old infant, temporarily living with various Friends and moving often for Safety reasons while holding down a demanding Corporate Career... it was insanity!  I thought The Man to be perhaps insane to want to take on this instant Family with a lot of heavy 'baggage' that was not so much stuff as it was Mi Vida Loca at the time!  *Ha ha ha*   Yes, it still can be Mi Vida Loca, just in a different kinda way now... which is Why, looking back, I KNOW we can Survive anything Together... we already have... by God's Amazing Grace and abundant Mercies!  


May Mercy, Grace and Rich Relationships also sustain you my Friends, no matter what you may be moving thru this Holiday Season... it is just a Season and it too shall pass... Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Woods And Whites... Air Plants

So now I actually have a reason to Want to go to a Mall when The G-Kid Force ask me to... a new Shop I've found at Arrowhead Mall called WOODS AND WHITES!  *Smiles*  A Fantastic Store filled with the most Amazing Merchandise by various Artisans and International Artists, including my Friend Minnie's VINTAGE MINNIE Line.   They also have an extensive selection of Air Plants and Containers for them... and being my current Obsession, well, hadda make a Pilgrimage there Today before The Man's Accupuncture Appointment!  *LOL*

I liked that the Shop allows you to buy the Air Plants and Containers separately so you can choose which ones of each you prefer.  They have the best selection of Air Plant species I've found locally and these small square Cement Containers were just what I had been looking for and couldn't find anywhere else.  Not to mention the prices were very reasonable, only $3.99 for the Containers and Air Plants varied in price but all are under Six Bucks each.  I had been aching to Create an Air Plant Centerpiece for the Kitchen's Vintage Retro Table Holiday Tablescape.  So I'd already bought the large round Cement Bowl and a bag of assorted Mosses at the "At Home" Store.

I also bought a Fabulous Light Created from an enormous Cast Iron Claw Foot Tub's Leg, I've never seen one this large, I can only Imagine how big the Claw Foot Tub must have been that it came off of?!  The Man was tagging along and asking me if I really Needed said Light, 'til I gave him the 'Look'... and that ended any Protest or further discussion.  *Winks*   He'd wandered in from the Food Court where I'd Parked him, since he had not initially shown any Interest in accompanying me into my Girly Store.  *LMAO*  Then I suppose he thought, shit, better make sure she doesn't spend all our Money in there since she's taking an awful long time to buy just Air Plants and Planters?!  *Bwahahahahaha!*

 In all actuality New Villa Boheme' in the Evenings can be pretty dark in many rooms and Need additional ambient lighting, since all of the rooms are large and overhead lighting is not sufficient for how bright I like a room to be in the Evenings to be able to SEE or DO anything!  I'm not a Bat, I do not dig nor want to exist in Cave-like lighting... give me loads of bright Natural Light flooding in during the Day... and sufficient ambient lighting at Night!  *Smiles*   For now The Lamp is sitting in here in one of those impromptu Vignettes where it's not going to actually be, along with other items that haven't yet migrated to their permanent or semi-permanent location yet.   

Honestly, Work, Doctor Appointments, Lab Work and switching out the Seasonal Decor from Halloween to Christmas has consumed me and so everything else has been rather at a standstill at getting done or decorated non-seasonally.  Lately my energy levels are tapped out and by the time I've done a half dozen things I can't avoid doing... I'm completely Done and that's Enough Todaying for Today!  *LOL*   The Christmas Tree is only decorated in the very front, it will probably take me all week to get to the sides and the back of it, to fill it all in and layer the Ornaments that will Complete it.  But it just being lit up at Night is still Enchanting even tho' it's not even a quarter finished!

Our Antique Mall completely disappointed me when I went in to Work last Night and found they'd already turned off the Christmas Music after just the two days of the Weekend and it was back to the 70's on seven!   Customers and Staff alike had unanimously been Positive about the Holiday Music, which was a very nice Station with mostly Delightful Holiday Instrumentals playing.   Probably one Miserable Scrooge complained and can't stand anything Christmas so they expect everyone else to be Miserable along with them and Denied the appropriately Seasonal Ambiance.  It is a pet peeve of mine when any one person thinks it's all about them all of the time at the expense of everyone else... how arrogant, thoughtless and self-centered that Tortured Soul must be!   

So, I think I'm going to bring in one of my Vintage Ghetto Blasters and set it up in my Showroom to play the Christmas Station Music, so that my Customers get the Holiday Shopping Ambiance they deserve and can find almost anywhere else they're Shopping this time of year!   It is a Trade Stimulator to set the appropriate Mood while Shoppers shop, while the Holiday Music was playing my Sales were strong, since they turned off the Holiday Music I haven't sold another thing in three days, so it pisses me off... the point is to be Selling Merchandise, not appeasing insufferable Complaining Malcontents.  Thanks for tolerating the Vent to rant against Chronically Negative Complainers... Ha ha ha!!!

'Tis the Season... and it either brings out the Best in People... or unfortunately the Worst!   Which is Why I Create our Sanctuary in The Home, a place to retreat to when the outside World just gets to be Too Much Negativity or Strife!  I'm a Drama Free Mama and honestly I can only take so much of Negative People before I have to disengage and just not let that toxic attitude infect my own Mood and steal the Joy and Appreciation I Feel this time of year.  The Reason for The Season after all is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the tremendous Gift He gave the World with His Birth, His Life, His Death and His Resurrection.   Nobody can take that away from any Believer, it's deep within our Hearts and the Holy Spirit residing within.

The total absence of Love and Joy is indeed a very Sad and Tragic thing to Witness in any Human's State of Being.  If it is temporary perhaps they can return to a Loving and Joyful Self and not allow mere circumstances to rob them of either.   If they have a Medical Condition and Diagnosis that makes it a barrier, then my Hope is they find a Healing Touch and seek Intervention if it has gotten too bad so that it interferes with daily Life function in a debilitating way.   But begrudging others to experience or show Love and Joy is indeed a very different kind of Sickness I think.  It's not something I can relate to on any level whatsoever and is Soul crushing and destroying.

As for me and mine, we Celebrate... and certainly due to Illness we have some Loved Ones that find it difficult to Celebrate wholly and that's Okay, at least they try their best to, within the best of their ability.   Limiting exposure to anything with Sensory Overload is something we just have learned to walk out and openly discuss without condemnation or judgment.  It is what it is... so ours is more like that hilarious 1989 "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" Movie, rather than like the Traditional Sanitized versions of how Family Christmas plays out!  *LOL*

The Griswold's and us have quite a lot in common, particularly during the Holidays I think, me being the Female version of Clark Griswold!  *Winks*  No, I'm not nearly as hilarious as the Iconic Chevy Chase at Dealing with the Madness that can be extended Family gone Feral... and Holidays going awry in the most unpredictable of ways that don't match The Vision and Fantasy of how you Imagine it will go!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*  The Canvas of my Imagination does tend towards the Idyllic, which isn't Realistic nor Practical since the Idyll is typically idealized and is not a sustainable one. *Winks*

But every year I do strive for the Perfect and Ideal Holiday Celebration... which even when it falls short, is usually still pretty Memorable and not disappointing. Since Real Life can play out better if you have the right Attitude to embrace "what is" and the Perspective to focus upon what is Positive rather than fixating upon the Negatives and "what isn't".   After all, I didn't think such Fabulous Blooms could exist from a Plant that basically thrives on Air and what it can snatch from thin air passing by to sustain it... and that's not only incredible, but Inspirational.   May you be continuously Inspired this Holiday Season my Friends... and snatch your Peace, your Love and your Joy even if from thin air... and just BLOOM!

via: Woods And Whites FB Page


May yours be a Memorable and Merry Christmas Season, or whatever Holiday or Holy Day you may be Celebrating... Dawn... The Bohemian

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Current Obsession... Air Plants With Organic Containers

My current Obsession... Air Plants with Organic and Interesting Containers to put them in or on.   So I had been seeking specimens and what I'd house them in, my quest finally hitting the Mother Lode of them in a Home Improvement Store's Garden Section, who knew?  Not every Home Improvement Store had them, but Lowe's had the very best selection of Hanging Garden Styles.  This Coppery Sphere being my favorite of the Container Gardens... I sat it upon a Gorgeous Free Form Vase I also found.

Of coarse my Obsession grew and began some Months ago starting when I Scored my first "Living Dead" Air Plant in a Skully Container, the Air Plant looking like his Punk Hairstyle.  I was now hooked, I Love Plants, I Wanted more Indoor Plants, but Needed something effortless and easy to grow that didn't require a whole lotta Care or Maintenance.  These are Ideal, you only have to mist them once a Week and they seem to thrive with minimal Care and just the humidity supplement, since they absorb nourishment thru scales on their leaves. 

I also became rather Obsessed with these hanging Container Gardens I was seeing on various Pinterest Boards.  Not that they necessarily Need to be hung, but it gives an Interesting Option and eventually I do Plan to find a nice Natural Branch from which to suspend some of mine.  So, I did buy some of the more fragile Glass Teardrop Terrariums. 

via: Pinterest

  It kinda gave me a heady dose of Flashback Seventies Nostalgia since I was a Terrarium Guru back in the 60's and 70's, my Rooms having numerous Terrarium Landscapes and miniature Environments.  My very fav Terrarium being an early 70's Groovy Standing Bubble Dome like this one, mine was about three foot tall and had a mini Tropical Rain Forrest inside of it.  They have Vintage smaller versions now and I might just have to buy back some of my Past and Score me one now.  *LOL*  Of coarse in the 70's I also had the Bubble Chair, but I'm not intending to go totally Mid Century Mod Futuristic Retro.  *LOL*

When these Air Plants Bloom it is spectacular, much like Cactus Blossoms they are over-sized, waxy and rather Surreal looking.  When wet or resting they close up into tight balls, I Wonder what type of Insect or Bat pollinates them?  I bought the largest specimen in full Bloom and it has two enormous White waxy Blossoms and seems to Bloom continuously for a while so you get a lengthy Show.  This image shows the Blooms fully opened and resembling a Night Blooming Cactus Blossom similar to the Queen Of The Night Cactus.

And here they are tightly closed up after a good misting, since some at the Garden Shop looked like they had died due to insufficient moisture, so I wanted to ensure mine got a good misting once they arrived Home.   The Plants really don't have much of a root system so you just lay them where ever you want them and they look good nesting in Mossy ingredients or just tucked into branch crevices for Display.

 via: Pinterest

One of my Fav Pinterest Displays was this Vintage Wine Rack filled with Air Plants and Moss, so I will look for a nice Wooden Wine Rack to replicate this Look for my Meditation Room Wall.   Yes, it would look Awesome on a Kitchen Wall, but our Kitchen actually has very little Wall Space for hanging anything so it wouldn't be a practical location for us.

 via: Pinterest

And then there was this Adorable Air Plant Display that looked like floating Sea Creatures resembling Jellyfish.   I also totally Loved this Idea and might have to find a Cool Branch to suspend something like this from as well, as the Air Plant Collection grows and finds Vignette Space around our Home to Display them.

Now there are also numerous faux Air Plant Displays that you can buy and if you're not certain you'd have enough of a Green Thumb to even keep an Air Plant Alive it is an Option.   I actually bought one faux Air Plant because I totally liked the way it looked for a particular Vignette atop my newly acquired Vintage Typeset Cabinet.  It's three faux but quite realistic looking Air Plants on a Mossy Branch that can be suspended from it's Jute loop if you wanted to.

In fact, many of the faux Succulents and Air Plant Displays look quite realistic and so I have bought a few to intermingle with the Real Deal Succulents and Air Plants.   The Beauty being that if you don't think a particular location you desire a Vignette would be suitable for a Living Plant, the faux version will do just fine there and still give you the Look you want.   This Typeset Cabinet sits in a Hallway off the Art Studio Loft and doesn't have a lot of Natural Light to sustain Living Plants so I didn't want Real ones to risk dying off there.

Yesterday's Quest netted me four Air Plants in various Organic Containers that I really liked, they come in all styles, shapes and sizes of Containers.  I was more fixated upon choosing my Favorite Air Plant opposed to my Favorite Container it was housed in.   This particular one has a Lovely Red Hue to the Air Plant and the straw flower arrangement in front of it adds to that color.  Eventually the Vignette will move from my Kitchen Island to the Meditation Room which will have some Kabuki Red Walls along with Chalkboard Black Walls.

For now tho' the entire Display of Living Air Plants is Enjoying tons of Natural Light while hanging out on our Kitchen Island, which was finally cleared off of clutter before Thanksgiving.   I just Love our enormous Kitchen Island but damn it just attracts clutter like a magnet, since everyone wants to just dump their stuff on it's surface continuously!!!  I'm now doing Clutter Control Patrol daily to ensure the surface stays Clutter Free for more than a minute... or a mere Holiday!  *LOL*

Now, it had Nothing to do with Air Plants or mebbe it had Everything to do with Air Plants, I'm not Sure, but I HAD to Score a couple of these Amazing Free Form Vases while in the "At Home" Warehouse Decor Shop.   The surface glaze is just Amazing and has texture and this incredible graduating coloration, while the interior and rim is like molten metal.   My Fav one had this rich Turquoise and Copper combination of glazes.   The other looks more like Cement and is in the picture above this one with the Sphere resting on top of it, it's taller too, but both have an inconsistent Organic shape that I also Love.

And then there was this one which resembled molten lava teardrops to me and was marked 75% Off, Booyah!!   It will eventually house more Air Plant mossy nested Displays.  This Vase is quite large actually and has a very textured surface, I was shocked it was on deep Clearance, but it was the last one left that didn't have damage so that might have been part of Why?   I was actually looking for a Cement Style Tray Container to just lay some Air Plants in with tufts of Moss, but didn't find any they had that matched the Vision I had in my Head.  *LOL*

And so since I couldn't find a flat Cement Tray I went with a Copper Hamsa Hand Tray instead for now and will keep a lookout for the Vision Tray I seek!  After all it's The Thrill Of The Hunt that is always the most Fun isn't it?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Begin At The Beginning And Go On Till You Come To The End... Then Stop

With The Young Prince's current serious health problems and the slew of Testing needed both last week and this week, now Thanksgiving is a wrap... I could have delayed putting Halloween away and not begun Decorating for Christmas in earnest.  But I suppose I Needed the distraction of something really Positive. 

Not to mention that The Man's continuous Appointments fill up most of the midweek calendar and so if I didn't begin Decorating for Christmas over the weekend, when could I Hope to get to it?  It's all I could do to squeeze in the Walk-In Appointments for Labs for The Young Prince into the midweek hectic schedule!

So, amid much Protest I did get The Man to help me set up the Christmas Tree, his part entailing just sticking three pieces together out of the box.  And forget about Engaging The Young Prince in Christmas Decorating, he HATES Holidays... both he and The Man can't handle the Sensory Overload of any Holiday Season actually, so they often Opt Out.

I Needed the height of The Young Prince tho', since he's now the tallest one in the household, to wrap the Pom-Pom Felt Garlands around the top of the Tree.  He was cocking it all up on Purpose, not draping, but rather throwing them all helter-skelter and so finally I had an OCD meltdown and told him to just stop! *LOL*

He swore he was throwing them up there exactly where I told him they should be draped... apparently they've never taught him, all the way up thru his Senior year in High School, the difference between "throwing" and "draping" Garlands?!  *Winks*   So his little Sister stepped up... all the way up The Ladder of Death she Needed to get that high... to do it for him!

Being even more OCD than her Grandmother I knew she'd do it right and actually Care how it looked.  She was also Enjoying The Process of Decorating for the Holidays, like me, she actually ENJOYS Celebrating a Holiday or Holy Day!   I don't have to hear her incessantly complaining that there is Christmas Music playing, just the 2nd day it's on the radio or playing in the Shops!  

Now, it's not just a portion of MY Family that apparently melts down emotionally during the Holidays or refuses to have Joy during them.  At our Antique Mall, for the first time in the six years we've been open, they finally put the Christmas Music on early enough to Create a Holiday ambiance to shop in!  Yay and Hallelujah, it is stimulating Trade and the Customers and most of the rest of us totally dig it!

However, there are those of the Minority, that despite what the Majority are thoroughly Enjoying and Celebrating, will almost immediately start the insufferable complaining to try to spoil it for everyone!   Can't they just endure and suffer in Silence for just a few days of Holiday Music before the Bitchfest begins?!  Good Lord Jesus, I've endured the 70's on Channel 7 for SIX freakin' years already, this is a nice, appropriate and refreshing change, let us revel in it without the whining already!  *Arghhh!*

Now, I realize that Misery does Love Company and will try to drag everyone into their pit of despair or intolerance for whatever is Positive and wrecking their wallowing or it always being all about them ALL of the time!!!   But I get enough of that at Home Thank-You, compliments of Brain Damage and Serious Mental Health barriers that limit the ability to cope with or handle just about anything Sensory... good or bad... and make it so that we can only have just so much Fun before... well... we can't have ANY!

I've had numerous Holidays and Holy Days thruout the years where we've moved thru some incredible hardships, but I've chosen to remain buoyant and Delight in as much of it as I can squeeze out of all of it!   That's my personal choice, allow me my CHOICE to be Happy, Grateful and Joyful during Celebrations, that's all I ask!  If you can't be, or won't be, well... I can't be Happy, Grateful or Joyful FOR you... Sorry... you've got to muster that for yourself if you are able.

The Holidays can be the worst times of the year for those who just can't handle it all, regardless of the fact that the rest of us might want to just experience it fully.  I can be Sacrificial only to a point... but if emotionally you're going to the Basement during every Holiday Season, I might just have to step off at the Ground Floor because I can't go that low with you, for my own Well Being.

You don't have to Participate or be Engaging if you absolutely Refuse to... that's Okay, tho' I'd like for it to be differently of coarse so we'd have some Unity of Purpose during Special Occasions.  But sometimes you just have to choose your battles and be an Army Of One when that becomes necessary.   So typically the Decorating for any Holiday is my responsibility or it would not happen at all.

And mebbe they wouldn't even Care... I'm not Sure since we'll never know because that would totally Ruin it for me and I'm not out to be Martyred, prove any points or do any formal survey on it in the Home.  *LOL*   I do this mostly for myself because I Need it... in the chaos that can be Mi Vida Loca I often just Need to do Positive things just because... not because it's the Easiest thing, but because it's the Necessary and Right thing for ME.

It puts an incredible strain upon a Caregiver to Cope with the inability of those they're Caring for to Mood Regulate appropriately.   So sometimes I just have to go for myself here at Home... and outside of the Home, if I encounter "The Others" who aren't Coping well with Holidays or Holy Days, well, Avoidance is possible when you don't HAVE to Deal with certain people and that Works for me too!  *Winks*

And so Yes, in between a ridiculous amount of Doctor and Lab Appointments for The Young Prince and The Man I put all of Halloween away in a mere day!   And it was a lot of Work but took me far less time than I had anticipated it would without any present help.  And so by the time I was ready to drag Christmas out and begin at the Beginning and go on till I came to The End... then Stop... I had recruited some unwilling 'volunteers' for a few brief tasks.

And there was a lot of fussing and Protest, so it wasn't exactly like the Trimming of the Tree and Home that you see on the Holiday Specials where the Family gets together and actually Enjoys what should be Special and Significant.  *LMAO because that is quite an understatement!*   And in my Head I like to think it could play out that way, but it won't... and so that's my Fantasy!  *LOL*

And like every good Fantasy I can be in as much Denial as I wanna be about my Reality... it Helps, it really does sometimes!   The daily grind of your Reality is tedious enough every other day of the year, but on the Holidays I cut myself some slack and actually INSIST upon having a Good Time regardless of circumstances and Moods of anyone around me threatening to disrupt it all and destroy it!!!

I stubbornly hold onto the Hope, the Enchantment, the Magic, the Childlike Awe of every Special thing about the Seasons as they come!  It's a bright spot in an otherwise sometimes bleak and monotonous existence that sometimes looks without end and can be drudgery at best when one day blends right into another... and at worst, sucks the Life force right out of ya and leaves you semi-robotic and going thru the motions.  

So I Challenge you to go ahead and thoroughly Enjoy everything about Today if you Want to... and if you don't Want to, can you just do so quietly and less obtrusively as a sort of Gift to those of us who really do Need some Enjoyment and look for it wherever and whenever we can Find it!?  Thank You... it's appreciated more than you'll ever know.


Blessings and a Joyful Holiday to you from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl