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Mother Nature's Farm Fall Festival

So this year The Desert Botanical Gardens was not doing their annual Pumpkin Festival and we'd already promised the younger Grand-Daughters we were going to it.  I didn't find out until Princess T and I were already at the Gardens doing Brunch at 'Gertrudes'!!!   She was on the precipice of having a Fit about the spoiled Plans with her Cousin that they'd both been looking forward to!  *Argghhh!!!*   Even the great Brunch wasn't soothing her disappointment!  So The Son suggested one near where they live in Gilbert called MOTHER NATURE'S FARM where a Fall Festival was in full swing.  *Whew, disaster averted!*

So all was Right with the Universe again and both Kiddos were all Smiles and having a Big Time!  *Sigh of Relief!*  In fact I'd highly recommend this excellent Adventure since it was a better Festival than even the one the Gardens used to Host annually, so this may become our New Annual Fall Festival Family Tradition!   The Farm has been in operation since 1969 so it's an established location and I'm surprised I hadn't heard about it before because it seems quite popular and large.   They have a huge Tent Gift Shop selling a Fab Variety of Seasonal Decor... Home-Made Jams, Butters, Salsas and Honey... Local Artisan Gifts... and even Baby Chickens and Baby Turkeys!!!

We managed to come Home without any Baby Livestock, tho' they sure are Cute... and each Child got a Free Pumpkin from the Pumpkin Patch along with sticker decorations in a bag to embellish it there at the Art Tables.  Here is Princess T with her Free Pumpkin, now that she's 12 this will be her last Season to qualify for the Freebie Pumpkin so she was savoring the Moment.  The Teens didn't come with us on account of they're too Old for such 'Childish' things as Pumpkin Patches and Festivals... you know it is with the 13-18 year old crowd!  *LOL*

But the Bigger Kids, ie: The Son... The DIL... and I... well, we probably had more Fun than even the little ones!  *Smiles*   It's True, especially The Son and I, we're the Biggest Kids of all and the little ones constantly remind us that we don't act like Grown-Ups when we're at these Events and feeding the Animals... you're both such a Kid they say... and we don't Care!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   Now they know where The Son got it from, the Apple didn't fall far from the Tree... ie: Me!!!  *Winks*

Of coarse both Tweens are beginning to Act very Grown-Up and it's difficult for the Menfolk to accept that their Little Girls are quickly Blossoming and becoming Young Ladies that wanna hang out with the Girls instead.   So The Son and The Man are lamenting that these two Little Girls are Maturing at the speed of light and right before their very Eyes!  It can be some tough years once that happens, because the Guys are going from being Adored and practically Worshipped, to not being even Liked very much once Pre-Teen Female Hormones kick in!  *LOL*  

Yes, to get them both to not being SO SERIOUS now is quite the Challenge but the Festival managed it!   Good Old Fashioned Simple Fun, there is nothing quite like it is there?   Thank Goodness there are still Venues like this in operation for the Youngsters to Enjoy with their Families.  I must say that I saw no Kiddos glued to their Electronic Devices, all the Kiddos in attendance were totally diggin' The Farm Experience and being Present in the Moment and that is so refreshing to see!

Okay, so once I sidled up to the Home-Made Jam, Jelly, Butter, Salsa and Honey Sampling Station there was a bit of a quandary since they were all Sublime and yet not exactly Diabetic Friendly fare so I had to buy none.  *Pouting*   And as you can see I was the Official Snow-Cone Holder, along with anything else the Grands didn't wanna hold while Enjoying the Festival.  *Smiles*

The Son gleefully feeding the Animals brought back many, many fond Memories of him doing just this while growing up.  He was always particularly fond of feeding the Animals and Birds, just like I am, so we had the most Goat, Horse and Llama spit on our hands this day!  *Ha ha ha*   Yes, they had a hand washing station nearby and the Little Diva Duo lost interest the moment any Livestock slobbered on them.  *LMAO*  So The Son and I were left with all the kibbles to finishing feeding the Livestock with, the Girls were not having it!  They have Teeth and they Slobber... so lots of high pitch EWWWWWWS could be heard!  *Smiles*

They were Down for timidly Petting them, IF the Animal stood perfectly Still and didn't make any sudden moves, so The White Horse, who might have even been Napping with it's Eyes Open, I dunno, was the clear Favorite.  *LOL*   All of the Livestock was very used to Petting and People, so they were Gentle Animals and seemed to thoroughly Enjoy the Attention and Human Contact... and especially the Kibbles being offered that you could inexpensively buy to feed them.

You could also buy Food and Refreshments or larger and Heirloom Pumpkins while there.   They had Hay Rides, Bouncy Houses and various Games for the Kids, all which came unlimited with the inexpensive admission of Five Bucks per Adult and Ten Bucks per Child, very reasonable for a full day of Family Friendly Fun!   The Festival will run thru Halloween and is at 1663 East Baseline Road in Gilbert, Arizona.

The Girls spent time decorating their Pumpkins with the free bag of Stickers provided to embellish them with.

The DIL is showing them off Vanna White Style... *Smiles*

I guess this was the first year they had Tortoises on Display... reminded me of the Escaped African Tortoise that ended up on my Front Courtyard eating my Tomato Plants that belonged to a Neighbor across the Street.   Just days after I'd had that Turtle Infestation Dream that we all thought was so hilarious... til it coincidentally began with the Turtle in the Courtyard in Real Life... bwahahahahaha!!!  These suckas get really big and live practically forever so I'm sure glad we found it's owner and returned it!  *Whew!*   The G-Kid Force thinks owning a Giant Tortoise would be Awesome but I have no delusions that Appeal wouldn't last over a 100 years... so... just sayin'.  *LMAO*

There was a nice picnic area in a stand of Trees, where the Pumpkin Embellishment took place... and a Refreshment Break.

And later that Night The Son and Family invited us over for Dinner and a Movie and Princess T spent the Night.    All Images of the Festival had to be taken with The DIL's Camera Phone since my Camera went on the fritz!!  And had to finally be replaced with that better quality one I've been meaning to get... later that Night after I left their house I knew I could no longer delay that necessary purchase now.  So... now I have a nifty new Nikon of much better quality and I'm learning how to use it, so be patient with future Posts coming slowly.

Thank Goodness that Phones all have Cameras now so that we could preserve the Memories of this day.  Everyone is so used to me being the Pathological Picture Taker in the Family so I was crushed when my trusty Camera totally died just before arriving at the Event!  *Gasp!!!*   I was still going thru quite a bit of Camera Withdrawal not being able to Photograph anything.  *Smiles*

So all the Fun was a Welcome Distraction.   And it's good we all had Phones because my Phone's Camera Memory Card became full with just a couple Images, talk about Bad Luck with Cameras that day, huh?  *LOL*   And The Son's Phone went totally on the fritz... so he'll be in the market for a new phone, which will probably cost more than my new camera did.

So we were trying to dump old images on my Phone's Camera to makes some new space, but I think The Son only managed to free up marginal extra space coz I only got a couple of new images before it was full again.   But it was a Glorious Weekend and next Weekend will be the Dia de los Muertos Ofrenda Altar Exhibit at The Desert Botanical Gardens so I can hardly wait!!!


Autumn and Halloween Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. What a great save! Sounds like it was as good or better than planned.
    So lovely to see the kids together and the bigger "kids"!
    Will look forward to the new camera's photos. Have fun!
    xo Jazzy Jack


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