Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A Grungy Galz Halloween

With it being close to Halloween I have to visit ALL of my Favorite Shops to behold their Halloween and Autumn Offerings... so Tuesday I headed over to my Talented Friend Bridget's Shop GRUNGY GALZ in Goodyear.

Yep, got the Creepy Doll's Head, she was the first thing I snagged as I walked thru the door!  *Winks*

Bridget is Masterful at Creating Lovely Vignettes around the Shop so it is packed with Inspiration for the Holidays.   The Black and White Halloween Theme was particularly Eye catching.

If a lot of Black is mixed with White as a colorless palette I really like it.  It's Ideal for Halloween to have these two contrasting non-colors together.

The Halloween Banners were Awesome, very difficult to resist buying one, but I haven't hung up any Banners or Buntings since moving to New Villa Boheme' since the ceilings are so high here.

Yes, I supposed I couldda draped one across a Table or something, but right now I'm rather at saturation point on my Halloween Decorating so I simply must stop!  *LOL*

Nobody is saying anything here... but I do know when Enough is just Enough... and I've reached MORE than Enough already and any more would be Too Much!

Well, until Bridget's Daughter asked me if I'd checked out the Bathroom Decor yet?   And I spied this articulated Palmistry Hand in there that her Talented Mom had Created!!!  *Swoon!*

Yep, got the articulated Palmistry Hand... natch, how couldn't I, right?!  You can't just show me something Awesome and SO VERY ME that is like THIS and expect me to just admire it and NOT buy it!  *LMAO*

I even came Home with a big squishy Pillow... like I Needed another one of those, right?!?  *Le Sigh*  I justified it by saying the new Sectional Sofa Needed a Soft Neutral Linen one that is big and squishy, since Princess T often sleeps on it!  *Winks*

So big Light Oatmeal Hued Fab Linen Pillowcase with Ruffles on one end and holding a big squishy Pillow inside came Home with me too... that was the Trifecta of Scores for me this day at the Shop!

I had to resist everything and anything else because I'd done enough damage to the Budget for the day.  *Ha ha ha*   But it's not like I didn't think I'd find anything Awesome to buy at the Shop, I ALWAYS do, it's a 'Given'!

If I didn't have a dreaded Budget then these Bobcat Skullies might have come Home with me too.

Not all of the Vignettes were Holiday Themed, around the Shop were several other Inspiration Vignettes like this one.

And I was totally diggin' the Fab Rusty Tin Walls in the Bathroom... and the Palmistry Themed Vignettes in there.

But my very Favorite Vignette at the Shop would have to be the Vintage Circus Themed one, it was Delightful!!!  Resplendent with Creepy Clown Art.

Popcorn Mannequin Vendor and Striped Big Top Style Tent drape... just so Cute.  You already know that my Meditation Room will eventually have some Vintage Circus and Carnival Elements in the Decor... because nothing is as Emotionally Calming to me as an Old Fashioned Circus or Carnival Vibe, I'm just Weird like that!  *LOL*

Mebbe it's becoz many of my Favorite Enjoyable Memories are linked to attending a Circus or Carnival from Childhood thru Adulthood, I dunno?  Whether it was Barnum & Bailey huge, a State Fair or some little Gypsy Carnival I always looked forward to going.

This was a really Creative Theme that I certainly might 'borrow' some elements of when I finally get around to my Meditation Room Decorating... Relaxation can be Festive IMO, it doesn't have to be Traditional Zen, tho' that is Nice too.

I have put off starting on that Room simply because I have so many Ideas and I want to refine them some before I Transform the Space, because I only wanna do it the one time and be done with it!  

I was Glad I stopped by while Bridget still had some Halloween Decor left, it's been Selling fast and she's had to replenish it several times already.  This Season the Halloween Decor is Selling briskly, even better than last year!

Well, that's it for Today my Friends... 'til next time...


Happy Halloween from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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