Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween 2017

HAPPY HALLOWEEN my Friends!   First I want to apologize for inviting everyone to an annual Halloween Blog Party during the last Post that didn't pan out, I didn't know it was apparently cancelled.  I had pre-scheduled the Post and it just hit automatically when the Party probably should have been... Sorry!  I thought perhaps the Party would just be late and asked everyone to check back to the Host's Blog.  There are some Wonderful Halloween Posts there with Enchanting Imagery for you to Enjoy, just no Party.  This time of year gets hectic, so much to do, so little time, so I completely understand.

My exterior Decor in the Front Courtyard just got put out Today, so I'm running behind too!  *Whew!*  Once Princess T gets Home from School it will be a whirlwind of activity to get into Costume, get everyone fed and head out the door to Trick-Or-Treat with her!  So Blogging would fall by the wayside here too if I didn't get this Halloween Day Post out earlier!   I have been Inspired by the Poseable Skeleton Dioramas I see here in the Land Of Blog and so I got me a couple of Skeletons and their Skeleton Wolf Dog for this year.  I bought them late so I could get a Deal, I'm Cheap like that and try to hold out for the Discounted Halloween Merchandise!  *Winks*

The Whimsy of these Poseable Skeletons just doing everyday things makes me Smile and isn't so Scary for the wee ones that will come door to door for candy.  I quit doing the Haunted House Terror Themes years ago when we lived in a For Real Historic Haunted House that Terrified most of the Community even when it wasn't Halloween!  *LMAO*   People used to walk on the other side of the Street on Halloween Night, even most Adults wouldn't venture up to Old Historic Haunted Bohemian Valhalla, we never got many Trick-Or-Treaters EVER!  New Villa Boheme' is more Trick-Or-Treater Friendly and not so Imposing.  *Winks*

Princess T had to have two Pumpkins this year to carve since she got too impatient to wait to carve the first one and her Cat-O-Lantern got carved a week ago.  Yeah, I knew it would be a mistake, but you can't sway an overly anxious Tween with Logic, she was chomping at the bit to carve that thing so I let her.   We Enjoyed Cat-O-Lantern for about three days before it began to shrivel.

Even in an air conditioned house this is bound to happen, my warty Heirloom Pumpkin in the background of this Image, which wasn't even carved, had to be put outside because it was beginning to get soft and rot already at the bottom.   Something had begun to smell ominous in the Kitchen and after scrubbing everything the offending Pumpkin was discovered to be the culprit!  *LOL*  You just never know with Pumpkins, sometimes they last for Months, other times they go South quickly in this climate, so it's a Gamble if they'll last thru Halloween?

After about five days Cat-O-Lantern got a moldy Eye... when the mold got to the length it could be a comb-over as a Pumpkin Toupe', well, I had to convince her it was time for it to be laid to rest.  *LOL*   I didn't know mold grew to be three different colors The Force said, I didn't know that either... ewwwwww!  Well, it's not as if we haven't seen smashed or rotting Pumpkin before in the Pumpkin Patches, but at Villa Boheme' my Rule is they can stay only until they develop Personality... then they gotta go!  *Smiles*

The Young Prince hasn't carved his yet, Tick-Tock... at this rate I'm not sure if his will actually get carved or not before Halloween Night, his procrastination knows no bounds.  He was supposed to carve it for a Contest at his School Today, since they were also Decorating the School for Halloween.  But he procrastinated and at 10:00 pm said he'd do it this Morning instead... and of coarse that never happened since he has to be AT School by 7:00 am in another City!   Keeping him awake is difficult enough, there's no way he'd be doing Sleep Carving this Morning!   *LOL*   I usually have to wake him up again when we pull in front of the School, Today was no exception!

The Desert Botanical Gardens had Pumpkin Dioramas by the Talented Sculptor and Pumpkin Carver extraordinaire Ray Villafane this year, so The G-Kid Force had once again been Inspired by his Amazing Work!   Of coarse getting your Pumpkins to look like this is a stretch and ours never quite turn out anywhere near this skillfully carved.  But The Force always Imagine the Jack-O-Lanterns they Create will be Masterful Works of Art!  *Winks*

I took loads of Imagery with New Camera, but since loading to Blogger, unless I already Shared the Images on Facebook, is still a pain in the ass, those Posts will have to come later.   Just previews of the Wonderment at The Gardens for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos will be Shared right now, Teasers if you will.  I'm still playing around with how best to get Blogger to accept and not reject New Cameras downloads.   It may always be convoluted and so my Posts may end up just taking much longer to Create due to that, bear with me.

I am absolutely and positively Enjoying New Camera and the better quality of Images it is capturing thru the Eye of my Lens!   I am however, adjusting to carrying around a much bulkier Camera with big Lens and which isn't just a cheap point and shoot version I'm used to.   I will persevere because I am tickled with taking good quality pixs that don't always have to be Close-Ups anymore or Photoshopped and Edited to improve them.   Yes, it takes more Time, but the results are so worth it and this Hobby of Amateur Photography is something I thoroughly am in Love with now!

So, meanwhile, Princess T spent last Night carving her 2nd Cat-O-Lantern from her New Pumpkin I got her from the Dollar Store.   The first one had been Free from the Pumpkin Patch Outing and Pumpkins were beginning to get scarce around Town now!  It's Amazing to me how many get Sold, just weeks ago there were huge piles of a vast variety of Pumpkins at most all of the Shops... now many types are Sold Out and it's slim pickins of what's left.   She hated that I insisted on Photographing her while she still had the now soiled ensemble on that she'd carved it in, with Pumpkin guts splattered on the front!  *LOL*

Though Vanity could have prevailed I finally convinced her I didn't have the Time nor the Patience to wait until she Dolled herself up for the pix and that her Cat-O-Lantern might shrivel while we waited?!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   Have you ever had to wait on a Tween Girl to get ready for anything... nuff said!!!  But you can clearly tell by her countenance that she was barely tolerant of looking like this, with dirty shirt and hair not brushed, for said pix.  *Smiles*   I will look Ugly she insisted... that could NEVER happen I insisted... I was Right.  *Winks*

The Goodwill marks their Seasonal Decor down 50% off the day before and 75% off the day of Halloween so I went both days and Scored a couple of Harlequin Paper Mache' Cats for a pittance.   I Scored much more actually, but I won't Share the non-seasonal Scores just yet here in The Land Of Blog, they'll be in a Future Post, but are on my FB Page.

The tall Harlequin Cat was missing it's Hat but I can make it one... for a couple bucks I wasn't passing just because it's Hat had come unglued and gotten lost!  The Harlequin Halloween Theme was the most Appealing to me this year so most of my New Halloween Decor was of that Genre.   I also got those two Bolster sized Vintage Linen Grain Sacks with Graphics and Stripes on both sides and Boro Mending at our Antique Mall for only Ten Bucks each , Booyah!!!

I got this Pot Metal Halloween Cat Votive Holder for a couple bucks while Goodwill Hunting, it's very heavy and has a handle if you would want to hang it up while lit.

I had to buy more Candy for the Candy Dishes at Home of coarse, since the Family plus Guests pretty much depleted them all already.  *Smiles*   And this year we're also handing out boxes of Glow-In-The-Dark Rub On Tattoos and those little clear plastic Gumball Machine Eggs filled with tiny Halloween Treasures like Rings, Necklaces, Rubber Bugs, small colorful Rubber Balls, etcetera.   I have never understood Adults who abhor handing out Treats to the Trick-Or-Treating Children, we thoroughly Enjoy it and always buy enough we never run out before the last of the Trick-Or-Treaters shows up.

At the Goodwill I also Scored an Authentic hand-made Native American Ceremonial Mask and thought it would be Ideal for the Entryway Halloween Display.   It has Horns, Bobcat Fur, Vegetable Dyed Features and is made of Leather and has a Leather Tag by the Artisan stating what it is made from and is... got it for just over Ten Bucks... Booyah!!!

The Velvet Sugar Skull Gal Painting was also a Goodwill Hunting Score for only a Dollar, I think it's quite well done and Lovely even if Velvet Paintings are very Kitsch and Cheesy.  *Smiles*   Well, at least it's not a Velvet Painting of Elvis, Zapata or Dogs playing Cards... so... it can stay... *Bwahahahahahahaha!!!*

Here's a Close-Up of the Ceremonial Mask... which almost looks like a Koyemsi Hopi Sacred Ceremonial Mask to me except I've never seen one with Horns?!  If anyone knows more about Ceremonial Masks let me know what you think?  The Leather Tag gives some information about what it is and what it's made from, but not the Name of the Mask, the Tribe nor the Artist that Created it for Ceremonial Dances.   So, along with my other Scores I'll Share later, it was some Great Goodwill Hunting with Amazing Deals!

This Weekend I did also visit the Desert Botanical Gardens Ofrenda Exhibit for Dia de los Muertos.  The Procession will be November 4th and 5th since they typically wait for the Weekend to Host it.   Dia de los Muertos typically here in America begins being Celebrated on October 31st and ends on November 2nd.  We've had our Altar up for quite some time since we add to it throughout the Holiday to Honor and pay Homage to our Dearly Departed Family, Friends and Fur Babies.

This is just a tiny Sampling of the Ofrenda Altars, a more detailed Post will be forthcoming since I took loads of pixs and always Enjoy the Ofrenda Displays each year.  The Community Altar will Open Tomorrow and the Mercado will be on the Weekend selling wares and food.   

So even after Halloween is a Wrap we will have plenty of Celebrating to do this Week and I'll cover as much as I can to Share here in the Land Of Blog so that you can come along with us Virtually.

As the Veil is thinnest this time of the year may you Celebrate, Honor and Commune with your Dearly Departed my Friends... with Respect, Remembrance and the Great Love that even Death cannot separate us from them.  They have crossed over but forever are with us in our Hearts, our Memories and our Thoughts.


Halloween Blessings to you from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween Blog Party 2017


Yes, it's that time of year again my Pretties... for the annual Halloween Blog Party Hosted by the talented Miss Vanessa Valencia of A FANCIFUL TWIST Blog.  The 10th Annual in fact, a Decade of Delightful Halloween Blog Party Hopping!

I Love Parties and any Celebration... but at Halloween, that kind of a Party is my Element!   There is nothing quite like a Halloween Party is there?   I will spend weeks Blog Hopping to see every Party Participant's entry for this year.

You can be as Macabre and as Over-The-Top as your Imagination permits, any boundaries blur!  Well, at Casa Boheme' most boundaries are blurred all of the time due to our Addams Family Sensibilities *Winks*... but during this Season we ramp it up considerably! 

Just about everyone likes a good scare, perhaps just a touch of Mysticism and Magic thrown in.  Your Fantasies can in fact be unleashed without inhibitions.  A Masquerade Party perhaps, be anything you want to be for an Evening!?

Allow your Alter Ego to come out and Play, your Second Self is Believed to be distinct from your Normal or Original Personality... how will that play out for you my Friends?

You can fall far, far down a Rabbit Hole so different from your everyday Life that it will be your own form and version of Wonderland!   What interesting Characters will be Invited to your Mad Tea Party for Halloween?

How Surreal will your Party become?  The more bizarre the better as far as I'm concerned!  A Halloween Party can be particularly Memorable because you will experience and see the most Unusual and Creative of Holidays being Acted Out!

Some of the best Parties I've ever attended or Hosted have in fact been during Halloween Celebrations!   So for this year's Halloween Blog Party I decided to compile some of this year's favorite Imagery of Halloween... to Share in The Land Of Blog's Celebration of my favorite Season!

I Love everything about Autumn you see, and October especially is my very favorite Month of the year!   The Cooling off of the days, after a fierce long, hot Summer in the Desert is a Welcome relief!

In the Morning and Evening there can even be a chill in the air, a crispness that is Divine!   We break out the fuzzy blankets and wrap ourselves in them, don't need the Air Conditioning and can open up the Windows and Doors to let in Fresh Air.

The Hot Teas, Apple Cider and Hot Coffee replace the Cold Drinks.  This is when I particularly like the Comfort Foods at mealtime.   And those Specialty Seasonal Favorites like Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Pies, Pumpkin Soup, Pumpkin Butter and the Autumn Coffee Creamers in various decadent flavors.

Breakfasts now include such things as Hot Grits with melting Butter, mini Pancakes or Waffles with warmed Maple Syrup, steaming Oatmeal or Cream Of Wheat with add ins... Nom-Nom!

We set up our Halloween and Autumn Decor as well as our Dia de los Muertos Altar to pay Homage to the Spirits of our Dearly Departed Loved Ones and Ancestors.

There will be Holiday Events... loads of them... a whirlwind of them... too soon over... I'd like to linger longer in the atmosphere, festivities and ambiance of it all!!!

At Villa Boheme' some Decor will not just make a temporary appearance during the Autumn Holiday Season.   Our sensibilities being very Weird and Wonderfully Macabre, many things have a permanence in our Home.  

It isn't just a Style but a Lifestyle for me to Enjoy those Oddities, the Cabinets Of Curiosities, the Addams Family Style Vibe of my Home. 

 You know what you are comfortable surrounded by and what is your Essence, for me this Season epitomizes and encapsulates it.

The Colors of Autumn are among my absolute Favorites as well... think of every Hue that describes Autumn and Halloween Celebrations perfectly and those are my Base Colors that I'm particularly drawn to.   They have a warmth to them that other Seasonal Hues don't hold for me.

The Smells and Delightful Aromas of Autumn as well... Pumpkin Pie... Spices like Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamon and Nutmeg!   Warm Apple, Sandalwood, Baltic Amber Tones, Cedar, Oakmoss and Patchouli.  The Autumn Candles will be lit almost constantly now, scenting the entire house!


And as some plants begin dying out their dried arrangements will be brought in for Autumn Bouquets.   Autumn is the best Season for Beautiful Dried Bouquets that are long lasting and Visually appealing.

Pumpkins, Gourds, Indian Corn, Dried Grasses and Flowers will dominate the Tablescapes now.   I have a particular affinity for the Heirloom Pumpkins and Gourds with all of their Weird and Wonderful shapes and skins.  My Velvet and Fabric Pumpkin Patches take Pride of place during this Season.

We prepare the Offerings that will be handed out for Trick-Or-Treaters and the Grandchildren will be Obsessed about what Costumes they will wear this year.  I look forward to beholding what all of the Children will be wearing this Halloween as they come to our door!?

This is also the time of year that every Adult can be a Kid again... dressing in Costume and having Silly Fun just for the sheer Enjoyment of it all!   What is better than seeing someone who most of the year is reserved and during Halloween lets loose and engages in the revelry and Fun wholeheartedly!?!

If only the rest of the year folks could be so uninhibited about just doing whatever brings them Joy and unleashes their Creative Imaginings with reckless abandon and confidence!

This is also the Month we will begin watching our Halloween Marathon Movies and Shows, those Horror Genre of Entertainment that is a good safe Scare.  Ghosts, Goblins, Zombies, Witches, Creatures, Monsters and things that go bump in the Night will make our senses heightened and our skin crawl!!!

Haunted Attractions will spring up and actual Hauntings will be sought after to experience during this time when the veil is said to be thinnest between this life and the afterlife.

I will rush Home from Work to watch my 'Halloween Wars' Food Network Shows that profile some of the World's best Pumpkin Carvers, Cake Artists and Sugar Artists competing in Teams and Creating some of the most Amazing edible Displays and Halloween Themed Art you have ever seen!!!

In fact I will seek out and watch every Halloween Themed Show and Movie that I can find on TV.   Some of the Classics are always a staple... and the Characters are etched into our Psyche and have become Iconic!

Some of my all time favorites include: Halloween {1978}... Scream {1996}... Children Of The Corn {1984}... The Shining {1980}... Poltergeist {1982}... Beetlejuice {1988}... 

House On Haunted Hill {1959}... Friday The 13th {1980}... The Omen {1976}... Pet Sematary {1989}... The Birds {1963}... Psycho {1960}... 

The Silence Of The Lambs {1991}... The Texas Chainsaw Massacre {1974}... I'm sure you could add more of YOUR favorites?  And I even like to watch Sitcoms to see what they are offering in the Genre of Halloween Celebrating?   

Now I don't usually watch Sitcoms, EVER... but during Halloween even the lame ones can have some pretty Cool Episodes of Halloween Fun. 

  I'll even watch the Disney Channel Sitcoms with my Grand-Daughter since her Tween Girl Shows can be pretty Fun during Halloween instead of just unbearably annoying.  *LOL*

And even if you aren't 'into' the Macabre, how about the Harvest Festivals, Pumpkin Patches, Hay Rides and other Autumn merriment Celebrating the Season!?

I happen to be totally Obsessed with Heirloom Pumpkins and will go to great lengths to traverse the City looking for which Stores have the best Offerings of them.  Yes, we take the Grands to the Pumpkin Patches to get the Traditional Orange ones too, but mine will be of the quirkier variety.

So while Gramma Dawn is agonizing over which Over-The-Top Heirloom Pumpkin will come Home with me, the Grands will wait for the annual Pilgrimage to The Desert Botanical Garden's Pumpkin Patch and Festival to choose those they will carve into Jack-O-Lanterns.

We discovered years ago that the Heirloom Pumpkin does not lend itself well to Jack-O-Lantern carving no matter which variety you choose.  And if you don't want frustrated Kiddos and a Jack-O-Lantern debacle, choose the Traditional Pumpkin for that Tradition. *Smiles*

I know that it's all over much too soon... since the Holiday Season is packed with Holidays back to back and before you know it we're on to Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve!!!

Which I certainly Enjoy all of them tremendously too, each has specific reason for Celebration for us.  But there is just something about Halloween that I Connect to in a way that makes it a Holiday I always can't wait for to roll around!

It's the one I still Decorate for the most and have the most Seasonal Decor for actually, just for the Fun of it.   There doesn't have to be any Profound Reason why I like it best or Celebrate it so wholeheartedly.

And so now that it is October and we're full force preparing for the 31st to roll around it is good to participate in a Halloween Blog Party for 2017.  Let's see if we can make this the best one ever! 

  And even if you don't want to participate and just want to be a Spectator this year, still join us as a Party Guest... head on over to Vanessa's Blog HERE and Blog Party Hop my Friends.

It will provide you with oodles of Inspiration for your Halloween and Autumn Celebrations and perhaps introduce you to different Customs and Traditions than your own.  Thank You for falling down our Rabbit Hole Today!


Happy Halloween and Autumn Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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