Thursday, September 7, 2017

That Last Post I Sure Was Mad, Huh? *LOL*

That last Post I sure was mad, huh?  *LOL*  But now that I got it out of my system and feel somewhat vindicated by all the positive feedback I got from folks, I've regained my place of Calm and Serenity after having been provoked to Wrath.  Seems most people view the HOA as I do, a negative more than a positive, tho' I suspect initially they were created to be a positive.  I think that "the good of all" at the expense of anyone is generally not going to be good except in theory.  Because what is allegedly the good of all is very subjective and arbitrary.

That said, I suspect trying to presume to tell anyone how to live their life is going to be met with resistance by most of us, whoever we are and however we have chosen to live.  It's too restrictive, arrogant and presumptuous.  When we have sacrificed much to own something, then what we want to do with it, care for it and how we want it to look can vary greatly from person to person to suit individual taste, personality, lifestyle and aesthetic... it's quite Personal.  It's like Fashion and Decor, what is Pleasing to one might not be to the taste of another.  So being forced to submit to another's taste and standards because they dictate it as the only way it can be, well, it causes friction and provokes a defensive stance.

A defensive stance like THIS one... *LOL*... I remember my Granddaughter, Princess T, rebelling strongly against The School Uniform at her old School District where it was mandatory.  Remember, this is the Kid with the Attitude!  She would do everything within her power, that wouldn't get her immediately sent Home, to add her flair and put her stamp upon what she wore with or under that damned Uniform she Hated so much!  She would 'accessorize' her Uniform in ways that defied conforming and yet marginally complied.   This is her at about that period of time... Rockin' her Cornrows because she was bold enough to go with an extreme hairstyle when she found out there had been a lice infestation at her School and she wasn't risking getting any Quanans!!!  *Her Nanna, my Mom's, language for the little Beasties!*

 Lord, where has the Time gone, she was so little then?!?!  But I digress... once, when she was told by a 2nd Grade Teacher that she couldn't wear her Leggings under her Uniform Scort {skirt shorts}, she rebelled and cited that the Children allowed to do so for 'Religious' modesty reasons could and were allowed.  So it was discriminatory to forbid her to, she didn't want to 'show' her legs either.   They called me, I asked them if they were insinuating she couldn't be allowed the same or equal Modesty, for her own set of Beliefs and Standards, about the propriety of what the Uniform revealed?  From that day forth she wore the Leggings almost every day... in pure defiance against The Establishment I suspect!    Wonder where she got that Trait from???!  *Smiles*

Now, Naturally I sided with her for a variety of reasons, civil liberties primarily, and if exceptions were being made for some, but not others, well that is a slippery slope of setting precedents.  You can't continue to now defend a Rule if you've bent it for anyone and shown preferential treatment or bias.  But also because I knew her Modesty factor was legit, she felt the Uniform Shorts and Skorts were too short and she was protecting her dignity on the playground. *Smiles*   I also could side with and relate to her Need to Rebel against something she was being forced to do or wear against her Free Will and didn't like the look of or fit of at all.    This is her reluctantly Rockin' a bland hued School Uniform she absolutely HATED!  Notice therefore the overly Vivid and Colorful Backpack with as much Bling on it as she could find to Roll Our Style!  *LOL*

Notice how Happy The Young Prince is NOT to be wearing his School Uniform and "acceptable" Hairstyle and Color, his countenance and body language speaks volumes.  Note, we went many rounds with School Admin about his Hairstyle and Hair Color for many years after that!  *LOL*  I personally resented being price gouged to pay for Uniforms that had to be of a certain Color, Brand and so forth, adding to the expense of raising a couple of Grandkids.  Those Uniforms used to set me back about two hundred bucks a Kiddo every year and way too much extra Laundry since I could only afford about 4 days worth of Uniforms per Kiddo! 

 I could only imagine the financial hardship, burden and strain that placed upon larger or lower income Families.   The reasoning behind the Uniforms and why the Rule was created, like an HOA, was allegedly for the good of all.  Since we had many low income Families that couldn't afford fancy clothes.  But they couldn't afford the Uniforms either, so it was not a Solution, the Poor often had raggedy Uniforms that were just worn out from being passed down and used too many times.

I'm glad we don't have School Uniforms in this District, now I only have to supply one Wardrobe for her that is also of her own Taste and Style, kinder on my Clothing Budget too.  I Donated all The Force's Uniforms every year to their Old Schools to hand out discreetly to the Low Income Families they knew had extreme Need.   They have a Dress Code at this School and it's not so harsh that we balk, it's reasonable.  It's not like when I was in School and they didn't allow Girls to wear Pants, I know... it was during that horrid Female Oppression Era what can I say.  Thank God those Rules of imposed Gender appropriate Wardrobe are not still widespread and rampant. My Parents, being very different and quite Liberal, rebelled strongly on my behalf, I appreciated that even tho' they didn't usually prevail.

Since I'm perusing the Photo Archives, here's an early 70's Blast from the Past of me with my Paternal Grandma and an Uncle, my Dad's Handsome Big Brother.  We were always the Odd "Colorful" Family anyway anywhere we lived, I do recall the raised eyebrows when that Wild Flamboyant Welsh Woman and her Native American Husband showed up and didn't quite look like everyone else's Parents during a Leave It To Beaver Era. *LMAO*  I liked that very much and Loved my Parents how they were, Celebrating our Difference with Pride and distinction.  The G-Kid Force like it that I'm not like your ordinary run of the mill Gramma either. *LOL* 

 I might have told this Story before, but years ago... like this many years ago {above photo}... for the first Parent-Teacher Meeting of the year, since  I knew the Kiddos were sometimes getting teased about their Gypsy looking Gramma, I went to a Thrift Shop and bought some Denim Capri Pants and a plain T-Shirt.  My feeble version of what you all probably wear that is considered 'Normal' mainstream attire.  *Winks*  I came out of my room in the garb and The Force were shocked, jaws agape!  You look so 'Normal' they exclaimed... Yeah, well, that was the point, I'll blend in better this year with all the other Parents, right?   NO, go back and get your regular clothes, you look like a Farmer, was their response, besides we LIKE you being different!   It Touched my Heart and was the most Sincere Compliment I've ever received, I've never tried to be or look 'Normal' since.  *Winks*  The Young Prince and I often discuss this Topic and other Deep Topics actually, he's intrigued by how I Think and just Naturally Am and how his Nanna also was {my Mom}.

When we had gone to Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall together, which has a lot of High End prosperous folks with some Killer Fashions strutting around, one extremely Flamboyant Dude stood out.   He was super tall and extremely thin and had Wardrobe not just anyone would dare to wear, but he was Rockin' it confidently and turning heads in the process.  Clearly he was comfortable in his own skin and with his own peculiar Style that mos def stood out and got looked over... you weren't overlooking this Dude!  The Young Prince brought that Guy up again... and I concurred, Yeah, and look, we're STILL talking about him weeks later aren't we, he made an Impression... who else we saw that day are we talking about or even remember... NOBODY!!!  Nuff said!

He 'gets it', he 'gets' that you should Celebrate your Differences, whatever they are.   If you're not a herd kinda follower you should just blaze your own trail confidently and be comfortable in your own skin, even if it doesn't look like everyone else's skin or isn't fully appreciated nor accepted.  How boring would our World be if there were NOT diversity?   I can't even Imagine a World where Variety wouldn't be the Spice of Life actually, could you?  If there were a bland sameness to everything, a uniform conformity ad nauseam.  When something has been done or repeated so often as to become tiresome, overdone or annoying I almost can't stand it anymore, how about you?  Even if I once liked it, too much of it is, well, too much!

Today is the kick-off to the Autumn and Halloween Themed Events so I'll be going to one of them after I pick The Young Prince up from School later this Morning.   It's 'The Highland Yard Vintage' Show and I can't wait to be Wowed by the Designers Vignettes and Merchandising!   As you know this is my Favorite time of year and Holiday Season coming up.  I actually also have a Mission Statement to Find a Phrenology Head.   I know, I'm very random like that!  I think a certain Designer Friend might actually have one.  *LOL*  So, the Event will be the Topic of the next Post.

And while I was having my Blasts from the Past of The Force during their early School Uniform Eras for this Post, I had come across me during that Era {above}.  Damn, where did that Woman go, this Rose is fading fast... I Need to get her back... well, except for the aggressive Blonde Hi-lites and straight hair... since I'm totally luvin' my Dreads too much to go back to pre-Dread Era probably EVER! *Winks*  But I Seriously Need to get in Shape again and that weight was about Right for me and is still a Goal I've yet to Maintain with sufficient consistency.  Don't you Hate that?  When you can successfully lose excess weight but not Manage to keep it off, dammit, on any Maintenance Program that is supposed to Succeed?!?  But, that shall be another Post another Time... coz I don't wanna get all mad again... Bwahahahahahaha!!! 

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Being comfortable in your own skin---is the ultimate of 'being' who you are. Kudos to those that achieve it, and foster it. Well worth multi-posts, Dawn. Thanks for sharing, Sandi

  2. Hooray for individuality and this post. What a seriously boring world it would be if we were all alike. Ach, I so need to get into better shape. The struggle never ends. :)

  3. good topic thanks for post for sharing on website ..


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