Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sweet Salvage ~ Wicked Faire

I had really been Hopeful that by the time the SWEET SALVAGE "Wicked Faire" Event rolled around I'd be feeling better, especially since my Dear Friend Pamela would be joining me, but it wasn't to be.   She was a great sport about it and though we arrive an hour early to get good parking under a nice shady tree so I can sit in the truck comfortably, since I just can't stand long and in the hot Sun anymore in lines while on these dreadful meds and feeling like crap, she was Down for my limitations... that's a Good solid Friend right there!

So yeah, that also meant going to the back of the very long line and being some of the last thru the doors when they opened... since we didn't realize I'd actually Won the VIP Early Entrance Drawing to get her and I in 20 Minutes Early!!!  *Arghhhhh!*  Dammit, with these Aging Eyes I couldn't see the "See More" drop-down on my tiny Cell Phone Screen that would have scrolled down to reveal my name as the 5th Lucky Winner!!!   So I only saw the first three names and figured better Luck next time!  *Sob*

Okay so that is what SUCKED and put a definite damper and disappointment on the whole Experience for us for this show.  However, you know that when Pamela and I get together, nothing is going to derail us from having a Big Time and a ton of Laughs!   And as an added Bonus, I got to finally meet in person a long time Blog Friend, the very Talented Joyce Janes of MONTICELLO ANTIQUE MARKETPLACE, which totally Rocks too!  Meeting Blog Friends in person is always an Amazing Experience since we've gotten to know each other already in this Wonderful Community of The Land Of Blog.

And though we couldn't and therefore didn't stay long, on account of my crappy Health Issues draining my Energy so quickly lately, I did manage to pick up a couple of Delightful Fabric Pumpkins the very Talented Mary Rita Horn Created from African Mud Cloth and Vintage Batik materials.   I had thought them to be Kilim materials and was glad she clarified for me what these Lovely Textiles were and where they had come from since I really dig them.  This is the first one I Scored, Created from the African Mud Cloth.

As you can see it looks great at Villa Boheme in the entryway hall, I just Enjoy my Fabric Pumpkins so much they typically just stick around all year long and aren't just Seasonal Decor for me.   So I get a lot of mileage out of my Fabric Pumpkin Patch!  *Smiles*

I use them to also hold and Display some of my Bohemian Bling, so the Vintage Batik one that I Scored, pictured here, was Ideal for this Brooch with the Blue Stone.   I liked that these have the real Pumpkin Stems and some nice weight to them as the filler.

So leaving early, but with my two Lovely Fabric Pumpkins, made it all worthwhile.    This is one of the most Popular Themes so I knew it would get crowded very quickly and we'd have to bounce prematurely.  Hard to cover an Event anyway once too many shoppers arrive, but I think I got enough pixs to Share to give you the gist of how Amazing the Show was.   The Designers make this into the most Delightful of Autumn and Halloween Vibes you can possibly Imagine!!!

And tho' I got very few Panoramic shots, I did get some nice Close-Ups of my Favorite items and Vignettes as we meandered thru the Show.  If I pace myself I feel fairly good...

And just rest when I Need to... and the resting spots are Delightful too, plus when you're wearing your Lily Munster Tee how can you NOT have Joy, even if you're not feeling 100%, right!?!  *LOL*   My Friend Pamela also treated me to an incredible Lunch and didn't mind that I still have trouble eating and had to take 3/4 of it Home to the Family to finish off for me.   I do wish I could stimulate more appetite since I WANT to eat, but just can't without feeling dreadful and having internal backlash.  It's better than it was since I've reduced the crazy high Insulin levels the Doctor ordered... but eating is still a real chore.  I think that is why I feel weak all of the time now and wear out so easily?

And since our Arizona Sun can really sap your strength on a Good Day... on a Bad Day you really feel depleted so quickly that even a Good Time has to be paced considerably.   We were having a Good Time even tho' I wasn't having the Best Day Ever for sure... and I was so Glad that Pamela joined me so that I didn't feel down in the dumps about Health limitations impeding my Roll and what I can and cannot do anymore!  *Smiles*

Because it is Tempting, when you don't Feel Good, to just languish in Bed at Home and just not muster the Energy to do anything, no matter how much you'd looked forward to it.  I almost was at that juncture the Morning of the Event, but knowing I had a Friend waiting on me to pick her up and join me, motivated me to rally myself and go try to have a really Good Time.  I was so Glad I did because we indeed DID have a really Good Time and long overdue Girl's Day Out together!!!

Plus, covering all of the incredible Holiday Events all over the City buoys my Spirit considerably.  Since I have so many Uber Talented Friends in the Industry and really want to Support ALL of the Small Businesses that Serve our Wonderful Communities so that they each thrive and prosper to give the Consumer Fabulous Options beyond Big Box Corporations.   It is an Energizing Environment to enter a Fantasyscape that has been Created by the most Talented of Designers, Artisans and Stylists.

I think my Aesthetic might even be rubbing off a bit on my Friend Pamela, who is usually all Pastels and Glitter... but went over to the Dark Side with this Amazing Eyeball Necklace Created by our Friend Cyndie of VINTAGE ENVY!

So here's the hilarious scoop on how it happened... I'd seen Cyndie's FB Reveal of said Eyeball Necklace, cribbed here.   So I'd rushed over to Photograph it for the Blog Post... GONE... but since we'd gotten in so late I was not surprised and just bummed.   Til Cyndie tells me, "Well Pamela bought it!"   WHAAAAT!?!  MY Friend Pamela, who is Sweet and always walking in the Light?!???!?!   Well, that's just hilarious!!!    *Bwahahahaha!!!*

And she did and she Loves it... and I think coming over for a visit to the Dark Side will be such Fun for her!  *Winks*  And mebbe some Pastel and Glitter will rub off on me too... ya never know???  Well, yeah, probably not... LMAO... I tried to go Light once, didn't last... some of us have to stay over on the Dark Side... it's Home for us!  *Smiles*   And she let me photograph her Eyeball Necklace at Lunch... which could raise some Eyebrows around us, No??!  *Ha ha ha*

Especially since it was the very same Restaurant we'd once had that conversation about my Dead Deer Nose in the back seat of the Truck one day and almost made a Waiter Lose It with Laughter when he rolled up on that conversation!   Had he been our Waiter this day perhaps us Photographing an Eyeball Necklace wouldn't have Surprised nor phased him as much if he'd rolled up on that too... you know, now that he 'knows' us?!  *Winks*

You will be Surprised that I didn't buy any Creepy Dolls this time... mostly because how many do you NEED to Hoard up at Home, right?  *Winks*  And, I'm currently Selling Off some of my Creepy Doll Heads in my own Showroom... so it would have been a moot point to gather more.

I did desperately wanna buy Esmeralda The Gypsy Fortune Teller Mannequin my Friend Michelle had, but it was her Mom's and a Prop she really didn't want to part with and I can totally respect that.  Would have looked Awesome at Villa Boheme tho'... 

Even tho' as we speak my Hallway still looks something like this... only slightly Culled, since Mannequin Heads that aren't as Vintage as Esmeralda head off to my own Showroom and I should just Gypsify them all for Halloween to move them out the door quickly!  I go to Work Tonight and I just wonder how many can I make into Fortune Tellers in an assembly line of Mannequin Madness? *LOL*

So Scoring two Fabric Pumpkins was all I could manage this time around... and right now this is all the Blog Posting I can manage for the moment... tho' I will try to churn out some more coverage when I'm feeling a bit better.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Love that you pushed yourself out into the world for some Joy with your friend! And that is an amazing necklace I love the fact that the eyelid opens and closes. Hope you feel better soon. It's really hard when we feel so nauseated. And can't eat. I think the stress of what's going on nationally and globally gets to all us especially those of us who are sensitive, including yourself. It's sickening, right? It's sickening to the spirit. And our bodies remind us this is true. I hope you can find your balance soon with the diabetes. I think it's great that you're pacing yourself pushing herself forward to get out and do things but also resting as you do it. Hope you feel better today!

    1. Yes, it is sickening to the Spirit and Soul what is happening Nationally and Internationally... my Hope is that Good will prevail and Positive Energy will balance so much of this Negativity out!

  2. Our cooler fall weather is suppose to come in next week! Hope you get a break too!

    1. It actually was Cool Tonight when I got off Work Marlynne, so it felt more like Autumn after the Sun sets.

  3. This is a good idea thank for sharing on the website



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