Friday, September 1, 2017

New Sofa Has Arrived!

So, we bought the new Sectional Sofa and they delivered it that same day. We had a mini crisis when The Man insisted on helping The Young Prince and I move old furniture out of the way and into the inner Courtyard until bulk garbage day.  He isn't so steady on his feet anymore plus his judgment and balance are off, so he took a bad fall.  He forgot about the tiered Fountain in the middle of the Courtyard and backed into it, he crashed to the ground as did the Fountain and several Talavera Sconces, which shattered to smitherines around him! 

 He had some superficial cuts and bruises, he's sore, but thankfully didn't sustain any injuries that would have meant a trip to the Emergency Room and cancelling the Sofa delivery!   But it sure gave The Young Prince and I a heavy dose of Anxiety and Stress, we should have held our ground and insisted he NOT help, but he gets so offended and upset that we gave in, against our own better judgment that it was not a good idea.  Very difficult when you have a disabled Loved One, that fine line of what you should allow them to try to do and encourage, and what you should be adamant they can't do anymore for the high risk factors associated with their attempts to.

So, now my three tier Fountain is a two tier one, as a tier broke in half when it toppled over.  It's one of those heavy cement ones that is held together by the sheer weight of each piece.  But a two hundred plus pound Man falling against it is like a falling Domino Effect.   The Sconces, alas, were a total loss, but our relief that he is going to be okay and didn't break a hip or sustain serious injuries compensates for what got destroyed in the mishap.  "I want to now set the old Furniture on Fire!", the Young Prince exclaimed after he got Grandpa cleaned up with peroxide and bandages.  *Smiles* 

 Both he and Grandpa took a long Nap after all that intense Drama... I relieved my Stress build up from the incident by cleaning the Livingroom furiously.  Any time I resort to Housekeeping, you know I'm at Stress Saturation Point!  *LOL*  But the new Sofa looks exactly as I envisioned it might in the Space and the delivery was right on time, and the set up prompt, which I appreciated.  The terms of financing it were really good, 24 Months same as Cash, and it'll be paid off long before that.  I had the ready Cash but didn't want to drain the potential College Fund for The Young Prince so I resisted paying Cash up front.  I'm not a Fan of financing, I rather pay Cash as I go, but Interest Free financing is a no brainer when you don't want to tap out your interest bearing Savings.

With a few light exceptions, the Downstairs and Studio Loft Upstairs have remained clean and organized.  Though I'm still going to Battle with The Force about the condition of their rooms.  I'm Winning on the front against The Young Prince, who is doing much better in his room and I'm pleasantly Surprised!  But clearly Losing the Battle waged against Princess T who is mired in her chronic disorganization and chaos up there in her room!  *Le Sigh*  Right now I'm using Computer Time as leverage, since out of the two she actually has the best abilities to Organize and Clean when she tackles it.  In fact, she'll Organize and Clean the Hell out of any Space she doesn't actually Live in, I don't 'Get' it?!

The Dollar Stores have never been more Organized and Tidy as when she Shops there... but her own Room always looks ransacked or like a scene from Hoarders.  Well, except for the racks of her Closet, which are meticulously Organized to an Obsessive degree, but don't look down to the floor of said Closet... well, IF you could actually SEE the floor!  *Le Sigh*   It gives me Anxiety to come in here I tell her... so don't come in here is her response... AS IF!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   I mean, it is my home so I must assess the damage from time to time and attempt to run some damage control for my own Sanity and Well Being or no telling how bad it could get up there!  *Shudder!!!*

I've threatened to Post pixs here on the ole Blog, so you all don't think I'm exaggerating her Chaos... but I don't want to immortalize that mess, my Heart couldn't take it!  *Smiles*  Not to mention she and I would probably become estranged, as she never wants people to see.   And if she thinks we are having Guests that might want to take a New Home Tour, she can clean up well and do an amazing job in a fraction of the time it would take me.  So Why she doesn't do it consistently, that will be some Future Couch Time I'm sure!   Mebbe she and a Therapist can Work it Out some day, I know I've given it my best shot over the years to no avail.

Right now I'm trying to Focus my efforts on my own Room Of Shame, namely The Juliet Room with The Balcony Of Death, which will one day be The Meditation Room.   I am determined to tackle The Painting Project of the Walls this Month, no more procrastinating.  I know once I get the Kabuki Red and Chalkboard Black Walls done the rest will be effortless and take me perhaps a day.   The White Walls are really bugging me as I'm spending more time Upstairs lately and White Walls look so Institutional and devoid of Personality to me!   Right now disparate objects occupy this Room, some will stay and be reconfigured.  It won't be your Traditional Meditation Room by any stretch of the Imagination, it will be my Version, a definite Free Fall down my Rabbit Hole into what is Zen for me.  *Winks*  This is one Wall of present room as it is... just haphazard as Hell!

And I've had some folks put sufficient pressure on me to Sell Off some of my Creepy Porcelain Doll Head Stash for their Halloween Projects.   So I was looking at the Candidates this Morning, of a Creepy Doll Head Stash that I intended for my own bizarre Projects, but never got around to for a few years now.  So they've been languishing first in the Art Studio Cottage at Old Bohemian Valhalla... and now for over two years at New Villa Boheme's Art Studio Loft.  Yes, it was time to Cull the mini Hoard of them, I know this in my own Head, but some Editing isn't just that easy for me, I start overthinking shit.  In my own Head I'm thinking, but I have some Cool bizarre Projects that IF I get the time, I'll NEED some of these.  And if I flip 'em, will I be able to find 'em again on The Cheap when I'm actually Creating bizarre Projects?

I got this Box Lot years ago for perhaps two bucks, which included Doll Hands and a Mini Doll Head Hoard that I already bottled up and Sold for a real nice Profit Margin.   Now that Creepy Doll Head shit is Trending, you can't buy a single one for under about Six Bucks anymore IF you can even find them for Sale.  Some nice specimens I've seen command ridiculous prices like $20-$35 apiece, so I'm just reluctant to Sell Off my Pretties... at least not ALL of them. Tho' I already have the potential Buyers anxiously awaiting my decision and are a phone call away once I give Tabitha the Go Ahead to call them to peruse what has been pried loose from my Stash.  *LOL*

So... these I just wasn't quite ready to Let Go of yet, I'm going Easy on myself for now... besides, I can always change my Mind later when I want some Cash, right?  *Winks*   That's how I view most of my Mini Hoards that don't take up much room and don't bug me all that much to hold onto.  When I Need or Want some ready Cash, I can set Sentiment or Reluctance aside and fall out of Love for a Price.  *Winks*   The Man knows this so he really doesn't Care anymore my Process of Letting Go, since he knows when we Want the Cash, my Stashes will begin dwindling as it goes up for Sale.  *Smiles*

I know... I know... just three... and The Buyer wants way more than that and would probably buy any I'm relinquishing in one fell swoop.   I really Like what he does with them too, Super Macabre and Cool, so they'll be going to a good Home if they suit his Purposes and he gets to our Mall first.   I don't Hold product for anyone, first come first served is my Mantra.    Some folks beg and plead and say they really want something, but until I see the Money, well, it ain't Sold and is Fair Game.   I think I'll take these in Tonight since Pricing three things is doable in my current Slothful State of Being.  *Winks*

That's right, I've been Super Slothful lately, no Desire to put my nose to the grindstone and Get Busy With It.   I could boost Sales exponentially if I but would... and yet... well... and yet... *LMAO*   I'm just not in Retail Rambo Mode yet I guess and I really should be since this is the kickoff of the Holiday Season really.   Folks DO start thinking ahead to the Holidays right about now, well, those of us who are proactive about Holidays anyway... at least the Buying and Decorating part of them.   I already bought my Christmas Pressy, Yes, I did... it's coming from Europe... negotiated my best Deal on it, which took a while to mutually agree upon, but worth the effort and remained within the damned Budget.

Sure, there were a whole lotta Options of what I Wanted and could have gotten for myself, most of them Local.   But sometimes I just get a Jones for something Special.   And Windows of Opportunity being what they are, you can't waffle too long on aggressively pursuing what you really, really, got a Jones for.   Besides, with the amount of Grandchildren that we have, if I don't buy for me real early, I'm doomed to have nothing.   So I always set my Cash Stash aside by late Summer for my own Pressy to Self... hey, if I'm not worth it, who is, right?  *Winks*   Yes, I'm very Good to myself, ya gotta be.  Besides, it keeps Caregiver Burnout at bay if I Self Indulge every once in a while.

And it's not as if I don't Indulge the rest of them, usually first and all year long, I tend to be one who Spoils those I Love and deeply Care about.   The Joy of Giving to me far exceeds the Joy of Receiving.  Which is why I usually don't mind just buying Pressies for Self and don't have expectations of anyone else having to do it, it's not necessary.   Besides, my Gifts totally ROCK... both to others and to Self.  *Winks*   Right now tho' I'm trying to get Ambitious enough to start slapping Price Tags on a bunch of Inventory at Villa Boheme' which will help increase said Holiday Budget for Gift Giving.   I'm one of those Weirdos that really Enjoy the Shopping for Gifts to Give and don't find it to be a chore.

But before I can get busy Buying I must Sell, Sell, Sell... so... l must get my arse in gear my Friends and start Culling the Hoard... and get it all Showroom and Booth Bound!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. It's good you have merchandise that others want, and can get cash when needed. Congratulations on the new sofa set! Sure glad it didn't require a trip to the Emergency Room!


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