Monday, September 4, 2017

Rust & Roses ~ Re-Opening

Well, I don't know if Autumn is 'officially' here or not, all I know is that for me, the turning point of Summer being over is when the Shops that close Seasonally for the Summer re-open again.  RUST & ROSES re-opened right around my Birthday in Mid-August but I didn't get over there until recently since August was rather a whirlwind Month for me.

It closes every June and re-opens again in Mid-August and I can hardly wait to see what my Friend Shelly and the Shop Gals have Sourced over the Summer!?   Or what the new Autumn Theme of Decor will set Trends of Styling around the Valley?   The Merchandising is done superbly and I always Enjoy the Vibe and Ambiance so much at the Shop... as each Metamorphosis of Style takes place. 

I was just having a Me Day Out so it wasn't so much a Shopping excursion this day with any particular purchasing Agenda, as it was a Respite Day to be thoroughly Enjoyed and to be Inspired while I was out and about.   It served all of the Purpose for which I'd Intended it and was so nice to visit with my Talented Friend Angela who was tending Shop that day, we hadn't seen each other in quite a while.

Among many other things, Angela Creates these Amazing Bohemian Bling Belts.  I own several and I just Love them, I've bought several of her Lines of Jewelry, Accessories, Decor and Fashion... this Gal does it ALL... and Superbly... she's a Creative Genius but so Humble about it.

We had a nice chat and the Shop was filled with new Merchandise, so if you find yourself in the Melrose District of Downtown Phoenix, you simply must stop by and Experience it for yourselves my Friends.

I Adored the new Boot Boutique, alas, I have big feet and none were in my ample sizing.  *Le Sigh*   This pair, had they been in my size, might have had to come Home with me.

But this pair was my absolute Favorite, though spendier, and alas, too Small...

There wasn't a pair that wasn't Cute tho' and I would have worn any of them actually.   I don't wear my Boots a lot, due to the Diabetic issues with my Feet, but I like to have some nice Quality Funky Cowgirl Boots... after all, it is Arizona and the Wild West Side, right?  *Winks*

But, due to Bigfoot Problem... I had to walk away with no Boots... but if you happen to wear a more diminutive size than an 8.5, you are in Luck and have Options!   And mebbe I Hate you just a little bit becoz of that... ha ha ha... just kiddin', tho' I would most certainly have Boot Envy because you'd be able to fit into the Boots I Wanted!!!  *Winks*

So I reluctantly moved away from The Boot Boutique after Photographing it, since why torment myself any longer than I absolutely had to, right?   It's hard to find the Funky kinda Cowgirl Boots I like, most Boot Stores just carry boring bland Boots with no interesting Graphics.

And I was totally diggin' Shelly's Vintage Pennant and Wool Blanket Bolster Pillows, particularly fond of that Chinatown Pennant, but the Blanket underneath that Antarctica one.   Had that Blanket had that Pennant on it I probably could not have Resisted buying it.   Not that I Need another Pillow in this Lifetime... so mebbe it's just as well.  *Winks*

And now, we'll just walk the rest of the Shop silently, since Tonight I'm just not very wordy and in more of a Contemplative Mood... long Story, won't get into it in a Blog Post.   So... just come along and Enjoy the Visuals my Friends...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Enjoyed the post but missed your words. Just thinking if you got a pair of boots that fit you could have paintings of your design put on them!

    1. Awww, Thanks, just had a LOT going on and didn't feel very much like writing about anything not Positive.


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