Monday, September 11, 2017

Merchant Square & Random Musings

With all of the Natural Disasters showing us the force of Mother Nature and whose really in Control... I have intentionally kept it Light here in my Posts.  I haven't wanted to spark any controversy as so much suffering and loss is transpiring.  It is not my intention to spark any now, just to make personal observations as I see it.  I have a great Respect for Nature and the Natural World, it tends to work as it should unless Man messes with it and tries to alter things un-naturally.   

 Mostly Mother Nature will still rebel and work as it should and prove to Humans that it's still very much in Control... ALWAYS!   Nature will often reclaim what Man has tries to dominate, alter and take over.   Many places Mankind has chosen to occupy and try to put up under Human Control have upset the balance of Nature or the Natural topography of things designed by the Creator to work a certain kind of way and flawlessly.

It's done everywhere that we Humans are and I think that as Time goes on we're becoming more Aware of our imprint and Movements to Go Green are helping the Environment recover from Humans ravaging it for so long.

  We're becoming more Aware of our surroundings and how each was Designed to Be... and heed the Warnings of those who study such things and try desperately to Educate us.   If we won't be Educated tho' Nature will give us the lessons... and usually quite harshly and abruptly so we have no choice but to listen and pay attention!!!

  The areas currently being hit by Natural Disasters were once some of Earth's Natural Sponges and could therefore more adequately handle Nature's surges in Weather.  Mankind changed all that when we chose to occupy those lands and over populate them as well as alter them in our ways.  

 We divert, we pave over, we scar the landscape with our man made objects to the point where then Nature has to adapt how it flows when those Natural things come in their Seasons.  We often forget that those things are Natural occurrences, they have always happened, we just weren't always in the way.

 I think that every environment has it's particular Natural challenges we must adapt to when we choose to live there and accept the potential risks.  Things are as they should be for the most part in Nature, it's not just trying to work against us, it's working as it was Designed to just BE. 

 Here it happens to be drought since it is a Desert environment.  Flash Floods when it rains due to the baked ground saturating rather easily and having rapid runoff by it's very Natural design and what Living things exist here and have adapted to it being the way it IS. 

Here some Humans still stubbornly refuse not to build in known Flood Zones and try to just alter the course of rapid runoff flow.  Sometimes it even works... for a while... and then it does not and we have a situation that ultimately unfolds... what we Humans call a Natural Disaster and devastation ensues.   And it is indeed disastrous to all in the Path and Heart rendering at the loss of much, including precious lives.  

 Some will stubbornly rebuild in the same risky places, some will choose to rebuild in what they Hope to be less risky locations.   It's a personal choice and thus risks are voluntarily taken if Nature has already shown you it's probably not such a good idea and will likely happen again... and again.  Some Zones only have those hundred year Floods so there are many who play the Odds knowing they probably won't still be around a Century from the last one!  

Sometimes the location is just so Ideal that Humans will feel the risks are well worth it... our Coastlines are evidence of that fact.   Let's face it, who among us hasn't fantasized about that Beach Cottage or living on a Tropical Isle?  I have visited many such higher than average risk locations and thought, yeah, this would be a nice place to live.  But I'm not one to have the fortitude for regular run ins with the likes of Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, epic Floods and Tsunamis, I'm just not that hardy a Soul. 

The Man often laughs at me for not even having the fortitude to live in areas where large Predatory Wildlife still Rules!   The Critters have absolutely no worries about me taking over their Domain in those Wild areas where they still roam virtually undisturbed by us Humans encroaching damned near everywhere else.  

 I Like that the Wildlife still has some undisturbed Domain in fact, they deserve it.  We Humans have displaced far too many of them already from their Natural Habitats and then had the nerve and arrogance to call THEM the Nuisances when they try to hold their ground and still reside there and just exist!

Where we live now was once Pristine Desert just over a decade ago, it's far outside of the City and that was one reason The Man preferred to live here.  It is Beautiful, with Natural Desert and Farmland still abundant... for now.  I know that in due time that will change and the Wildlife hanging on in this area will perhaps then have to relocate themselves for their own well being and safety. 

  Yes, there are Predatory Raptor Birds, Bobcats, Coyote and perhaps even a Cougar or two in the area... sometimes we even notice them... usually when they become opportunists of picking off Subdivision Pets rather than their Natural Game.   There are Scorpions, Black Widows and Rattlesnakes... and I'm Guilty as charged at trying to convince them not to co-exist in our Living Spaces and move on. 

 Yes, I am a Human and thus I do sometimes exercise Eminent Domain and therefore can be the bane of the existence of the Natural World around me.   Even tho' I have a Love for and great respect for it and try to seek a healthy balance where my imprint is not too harsh or intrusive. 

 I try to be conscious of the fact that Mother Nature will often remind me whose REALLY in Control of things and I must push back gently or retreat and show greater respect for her and the Natural way of things.

I just try to keep my Family Safe from harm, and I suspect every Human does the same anywhere they have chosen to live out their lives.   And Cope as best we can with what the Natural World just does in order for the Circle Of Life to continue and keep this Planet as it should be... and not as we Humans just contrive it to be for our own Purposes, conveniences, profits and whims.

It is ironic to me that as allegedly one of God's most intelligent of Creations, Mankind has the most trouble of all living in Harmony with the Environment that He has entrusted us to be Good Stewards of and with all of the other Living Things co-existing upon the Planet with us.  

 Just about every other Creature does not impact the Planet as disastrously as Mankind does and has... and alas, will likely continue to.  Every other Living Thing has it's Purpose and abides by it so is in Tune with Nature and the Natural World around it.  The imprint of most Living Things is tender enough so as not to imbalance everything else around it.

Perhaps we should take Note and look around at the Glorious Harmony with which Plants and Animals, Insects and even the lowliest of Creatures Survives and even thrives... that is, unless we run interference against them and upset the Balance.   

I think we have upset the Balance and the prolific occurrence of Natural Disasters is perhaps evidence that we need to pay closer attention to what Mother Nature is saying to us... loudly and clearly... for our own Good in fact... since The Creator's Master Plan is quite seamless and far superior to ours. 


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. super post, Dawn. I totally agree with you! Sandi

    1. So sad to see the devastation to the Jewels of the Caribbean Isles tho', like St. Thomas... once lush and now just ravaged barren! And the poor people who cannot escape the aftermath it breaks my Heart for them, without even the most basic of necessities and the looting is scary stuff.


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