Monday, September 25, 2017

Melrose Vintage

We're stepping away from the Darkness for awhile and going Light... perhaps we'll go back another time and finish our Dark Journey thru some Halloween Delights... but for now, I Need a little bit of Lightness.   MELROSE VINTAGE always provides that Light airy Vibe that definitely uplifts if you're not Dealing with the best of times or the best in people.  

I fell in Love with this Mermaid that Wendy had in the Shop, isn't she Divine!?!  She's a Prop, but regardless of NFS Status, I could envision Statuary like her Poolside... well, if I had a Pool that is.  *LOL*  I have a penchant for Garden Statuary anyway, eventually I'll get some Fabulous ones for Villa Boheme, probably of the Asian Zen Themed variety for the Garden and Courtyards.

I would like to own some Bella Notte Linens too... they are luxuriously decadent... and right now not within Budget, dammit!  *LOL*  And The Man prefers sturdy Cotton Sheets and Pillowcases and not anything ultra Femme on our Bed.   So for now at least, no Bella Notte, tho' I think I do have one Bella Notte Pillow I got on Sale at Wendy's a long time ago and is in the Pillow Hoard somewhere.  *Smiles*

I've been drained of Energy lately and still feel pretty much like Crap since eating is still quite a chore and the Med reactions, or side effects, have left me feeling just exhausted.   I see my Doctor soon and she needs to figure something else out, this is not working for me... at all... quality of life is circling the drain at this point and I want to rest or sleep almost all of the time.

I got some Crafting Supplies at the Shop this day and some back issues of a Fav Mag Jeanne d'Arc Living... and this Vintage Pennant from Tahlequah, which is where my Paternal side of the Family all pretty much live and are from.   So I hadda have it, been Missing my Mom and Dad so much lately... SO much!  I think when you really feel like Crap a longing for the tender touch of Mommy and Daddy always linger with you no matter how Mature you become.

Dad would have brewed me up some Tribal remedy of some sort and given some Sage Advice passed down thru the Generations... there's nobody left to do that anymore, it died out with the Elders.   As an Elder now myself I don't know that much of the Old Ways to make a significant difference.   Modern Generations became so arrogant of adopting The New Ways, didn't we?  So we Lost that precious Knowledge of our Ancestors... and hindsight is mos definitely 20-20.

Lately I've been relinquishing Cooking duties to The Young Prince, he's getting better at Cooking meals for us and really likes to.  It's rather Nice being Cooked for, I could definitely get used to that!  *LOL*   Caregivers rarely get pampered themselves so it feels like pampering.  He tries to make it as appealing as possible knowing eating is difficult for me now, and small manageable portions.  He doesn't get upset if I can't eat or have to leave a lot, not because of taste, but because of Health struggles.

We discuss it candidly, he and I, it's conversations I can't really have with The Man anymore on account of his brain damage, and his Sister is still too Young to discuss the Deep Topics with transparency.   To see him growing into this Deep Thinking and very Mature Young Man is heart warming, he is a very Compassionate Soul.  He handles his own serious Health and serious Mental Health Issues with Grace and fortitude.  He has an understanding of what it is like to Live with Chronic Health Issues with little or no relief, he's known no other way.

Usually we all, as a Family, want to attend the Halloween Event on Saturday, and I've always returned at least once more... this year I did not so coverage will be slight.  Mebbe one more Post if I got enough decent Images to Share... because I know you all Enjoy going over to The Dark Side with me.  *Smiles*  This year I knew I didn't have sufficient Energy for standing in lines and with popular Events there will be long ones.  Just Rest Gramma was the advice of The Force, we don't Care to go since you're not feeling Well.  It's Nice to have Supportive Family and Friends during difficult times.

Some people will show themselves not to be supportive nor positive during your difficult times, I'm at that Season of Life now where I just cut those folks loose, don't Need it.  I just don't have the precious Energy right now to Deal with unloveliness or Drama and my tolerance therefore is minuscule for any of it.  This has made me more intolerant than I Like to be, but in many ways I've been told that I tended to be TOO forgiving sometimes of bad behavior, so perhaps it's growth in a better direction for my OWN Well Being?

As The Young Prince said during one of our recent Deep discussions, well, Gramma, sometimes you're just TOO Nice and some people don't always appreciate it and think they can behave badly then and you'll just Forgive them and overlook it.  Which is True, I typically have... and there are some who will mistake Kindness for Weakness or take you for Granted.  Time I guess to drop the ballast of anyone choosing to be Unlovely, mean spirited, snarky or ornery that I don't HAVE to Deal with.  That's hard, some of those people I actually Like the person, but not the negative behaviors exhibited. 

I've been very introspective lately of what and who I don't HAVE to Deal with... since things and who I DO HAVE to Deal with are all consuming right now.  Sometimes you just have to make that conscious choice to drop ballast things and people... the jetsam and flotsam of Life... there's usually more of it than you realized actually to navigate Life through!!!   Sometimes it shows up unexpectedly... other times you knew full well what or who it was... regardless if it is a fresh revelation or an old one... it's going overboard now... it's not sailing on this Ship, we've got enough precious Cargo to carry.

And it's also why my Blog Posts have been scarcer, because in times of Deep introspection I haven't had the Desire to just Blog about everything going on or every Thought in my head I'm mulling over Privately.   Sometimes it's too transparent to go Public on any Social Media with Deep Topics.  I just know if I had any unkind opinions or jerks show up, I would likely then not be Lovely myself and I'm trying to stick with Positive Energies and Being Nice on Purpose.  I'm keeping Dark Dawn at bay and intentionally not having knee jerk reactions with peeps I'd rather just drop like a Rock if they initiate hostilities!!!  *Ha ha ha*  

Because as my Dear Ole' Nanna always said, and perhaps your Dear Ole' Nannas did too... Two Wrongs don't make a Right.


Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Hope your health issues will be addressed soon, Dawn. I am thinking positive thoughts and praying for you. The young Prince is really stepping up to bat; you must be so proud of him! As always, your photos are wonderful. . .you have such a great eye for beauty.


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