Saturday, September 9, 2017

Mama's Got A Brand New Bag

We have so many Grandchildren now that The Man and I are always proactive about getting anything we Want for Christmas WAYYYYY early, you know, while we still might have any Money left before buying Grandkid pressies for the Holidays!   Otherwise we'd get nothin' anymore and that just wouldn't do, because I've been a fairly Good Girl this year!  *Winks*

So I picked out my pressies in early August and part of my package arrived Today all the way from Germany, and tied up with Seam Binding, which is like a pressy in itself for me!  *Winks*   I actually bought two from the same individual who had some gorgeous early MP Bags.   Since I am a Serious Collector of the earlier lines of MP, which are my favorite Style, the other one is still en route. With International Postage and Customs you never know when things might actually show up!?

So of coarse I am not waiting until Christmas to Enjoy it, no Patience... and that's Okay, nobody Cares.  *LOL*   In fact, I was the only one Excited when my package arrived, the others only feigned marginal interest.  *Bwahahaha!!*  Even The Man, who bought it for me, since really, so long as Mama is Happy, he's Happy and doesn't really Need or Care to see whatever it is he bankrolled.  Mama's got a brand new Bag... meh, they really couldn't Care less and it didn't cause  a stir in the household or even a subtle disturbance in The Force.  *Smiles*

You wanna SEE my new Bag I excitedly ask them... well, No, not really, but we KNOW you're gonna show it to us anyway... it kinda goes like that.  *Ha ha ha*  They just don't get that Excited about Bags... or any Accessory I'm Obsessed about, not even Princess T.   She's only "into" her own Accessorizing and doesn't really look at any of this as a part of some Future Inheritance.   The "One day this will all be yours..." just meets with the rolling of Eyes!  Yeah, so, Whatever... *LOL*

Yeah, I know... all my Cherished Objects will likely be at Auction the day after I Pass from Time into Eternity I suspect, and that's Okay... really, it is.  It's precisely why I'm culling the Not So Cherished Objects while I'm still vertical, to save them the hassle of having to dispose of it all once I Cross Over!  *Ha ha ha*   But the Keeper stuff I happen to totally dig and will continue to Collect, well, they'll have to Deal with all that among themselves coz it's staying put!


Now I know why my Dear Ole' Mom used to say her Cherished Objects of Wedgwood and Antiquities she Collected and amassed over a Lifetime were going to have to be something we'd just have to Deal with when she was no longer around.  I gave it all and left it all up to my Bro' when we loaded Mom and the U-Haul up when she had to move to California and would soon be Nursing Home bound.  I really don't know which Adult Child or Adult Grandchild will be delegated as "The Disposer" of my Cherished Objects... they'll probably draw straws, shortest one loses!  *LMAO*

I mean, that's just how it goes, unless you leave Money... even if things do have Value, the disposal of an Estate is tedious business that nobody much relishes.  I should, at this Season of Life, just be getting rid of everything, but I can't bring myself to just yet.  Or to cease with the Collecting of Objects I just have a Lust for.   The Man knows this and so he indulges me and doesn't say much about all my Stuff that he knows isn't going anywhere.  If it were up to him it would likely all have been gone during The Big Move over here!  *LOL*


My Friend Ed and I talked about this very topic, he's in his 70's now and said he's not yet come to the place where he's just ready to get rid of it all either, tho' at his Season of Life he knows he really should while he still can.   He had two of his Sons come out with the intention to help him go thru his stuff. He showed them about 5% of what he Needed to do and it scared them apparently, they left and never got around to it, probably completely overwhelmed!?  *LOL*  He and I laughed about it, my heirs will likely Feel much the same... but mebbe not as overwhelmed since I have no off site Storage at all.

Nope, just the Hoarded Garages which I Hope to plow thru myself by the end of Winter 2017, God be Willing and the Creek don't rise!?   What's in the Home is Keeper Stuff, mostly, tho' I will go thru it room by room again after the Hoarded Garages are squared away.   I realize I have a fair amount of Keeper Stuff becoz I do have a nice stash of Cherished Objects I've built up over a Lifetime.  I don't have any problem with a nice stash of Keeper Stuff, just the Excess Stuff bothers me.

And so certain larger Collections of what I perceive to be the Really Good Stuff is OK.   I don't have so much of a Saturation Point on Really Good Stuff, tho' I suppose one could have Too Much of anything?   It's all subjective tho' really, how much is Too Much of what you Cherish most and Delights you, right?  I mean, I could never have Too Many Tropical Island Cruises in a Lifetime... and even tho' I've never been on even one, I suspect I'd have no Saturation Point of such things as that!?  *Winks*

Well, it's kinda like that with me and my MP Bags, Rosaries and Bohemian Bling... I have very nice stashes of each Collected over many years.  I hardly ever get rid of any from those particular Collections and only the Rosaries I actually reached Saturation Point on and haven't bought any in years.   I might one day tho', buy a Rosary again or Sell Off some Bling or Bags, you never know.  

The Vintage Tablecloth Collection I thought I could never, ever part with... and tho' it's not entirely easy and I still have a Hoard of them, I've begun Selling Off a LOT of them now!  *Gasp!!!*   Yeah, they Sell well too, several a week in fact, so clearly some others Share that Obsession with them?!  *Winks*  In fact, I Sold Off about a half dozen Vintage Tablecloths this week alone so now I've got to consider whether I want to go thru my Collection again and Cull even more?

You see, we like Money too... and I've Sold every one for far more than I ever paid for them years ago... so the profit margin is enticing.   The funds gleaned from the Sale of any Collections I'm Culling also bankroll the Purchase of some Coveted items like the Bags, etcetera... or for Family Activities we all get to Enjoy and so it's a means to an end.   I dump a slew of Vintage Tablecloths that have been out of circulation for decades back into the Market and the Circle Of Life is complete!  *Winks*

Besides, dont'cha just Love it, if you are an Incurable Collector too, when someone does that, dump a large portion of their Cherished Collections on the re-sale Market, that took them a Lifetime to accumulate that many of?!   Of coarse you do, you can buy in an instant what might have taken them an entire Lifetime to Find and amass!   In this Era of Instant Gratification peeps Love it when they can easily purchase what they Desire in an instant rather than have to go out seeking it for years on end!

I'm of the other ilk, the type that actually prefers The Thrill Of The Hunt and Investing long periods of Time in getting my Collections to an impressive level.  It also helps when you have a dreaded Budget, not to have too many Options all at once, and know you can't buy it coz the Timing sucked and you're too broke!   I much prefer to have something I Seriously Collect only come up once in a Blue Moon during a time when I've Saved Up and can throw my hat in the ring to Negotiate for it!

It doesn't always happen that way of coarse, I can't begin to tell you how many of the ones that got away, because the Budget just wasn't there, had slipped thru my fingers!   To this day I lament I just couldn't be a contender and in my Mind's Eye I can still see some of those Objects I absolutely Lusted after and just could not afford.   I am a diligent Saver... I am always working upon a Savings account to be built up for whatever.  But sometimes the kitty has run dry for "whatever" and had to start from scratch again.

In our case Personal Crisis and Unexpected Emergencies drain the kitty more than Cherished Object purchases lemme tell ya!   If I still had the Money we've spent on Medical Emergencies and Health Crisis for example, within the extended Family, I could pay outright for Villa Boheme' AND that Trip to Bora Bora!  But que sera sera, such is Life.   You don't always get to choose where your hard earned Savings goes sometimes, shit happens.  Sometimes a lot of shit happens in succession... and so I never feel the least bit Guilty when I get to splurge on a Cherished Object finally!

Pappi also got a brand new Jack-O-Lantern, a Not-So-Vintage two dollar one, I couldn't find any Vintage Paper Mache' ones that were Budget Friendly.   Okay, in Reality I couldn't find any Vintage Paper Mache' ones PERIOD even for Sale... but if they had come up for Sale they would have been well over Budget so it's just as well.   It's disheartening to see how seldom Vintage Halloween ever becomes available for Sale actually.  Even our 55,000 sf Antique Mall had zilch in the way of Serious Vintage Halloween.

Yeah, they had Vintage Halloween in the way of 70's-90's Era, but I forget that is even considered Vintage now... I'm talking about 1920-1960's Era Halloween, the Real Deal Serious Vintage Halloween stuff that is a rarity!   I can still easily recall the Seventies thru the Nineties so I just don't consider it as Vintage as the Youngsters do who think that is Ancient History now!  *LOL*

I did 'Score' this Vintage Retro Light-Up Jack-O-Lantern, probably 1960's or 1950's Era, from our Antique Mall tho'.  Someone had weighted it with Rocks unfortunately and the weight had caused the base to crack and when my Friend Scott tried to help me get all the Rocks out of the interior it began crumbling and so I had to tape the base back together.  *Le Sigh*   But I still Like it even with damage and it had been discounted due to Condition Issues anyway.  I won't risk lighting it up, the condition of the plastic is just too fragile and brittle for any heat source anymore.

So indeed, there are still some Collections that are hard to come by since they don't become available all that often or are just scarce overall so it would take a Lifetime to amass an Impressive amount of them.   I think perhaps I Cherish things that I can't instantly just have so easily and effortlessly.   Only the most extraordinary of Objects can't be had on a whim and that is what makes them not ordinary and usually more valuable and valued.

So my Friends, what constitutes some of your most Cherished Objects and Collections?   And would you... could you... ever part with them?


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. That bag is gorgeous! I have been trying to use up my fabrics by making handbags, but they're not as awesome as the ones you have been showing. . .I have been collecting antique parasols and umbrellas and hand fans. . .they're not easy to come by at a good price, and most have some minor damage but that's okay, because they've been used and loved.

    1. I think that when something isn't easy to come by it makes it all the sweeter to Collect it and build up an impressive display of what is uncommon. Minor damage is okay by me too, in fact, imperfection is my preference.

  2. good topic thanks for post for sharing on website ..

  3. those bags are to die for, well, at least swoon. I know what you mean about vintage halloween. I had a company I used to buy from for my shop that reproduced vintage looking halloween, but I think they were defunct. they were expensive and I wish I had kept more for myself, but it always sold out! Good luck on your hunt, and try an LED votive light in your pumpkin, they run cooler now and might do the trick. Sandi

    1. You know, I was thinking about some of my most Cherished items I'd have to Save if we ever had to choose just a few things to leave in a hurry with and I'd have to say my Bags might be among them! Since you could stuff them with necessities too like pretty luggage LOL... and yes the repop Vintage Halloween is so Cute too that I don't mind it not always being the Real Deal. And thanks for the tip, might try that with that Vintage Lantern coz lit up it would look so much more Impressive.

  4. wow !!! it really beautiful so much.i like your good idea Thanks for the inspiration!



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