Friday, September 8, 2017

Highland Yard Vintage ~ Inspired Home Autumn Edition

So Yesterday I made the long pilgrimage to the Far East Side to attend Opening Day of THE HIGHLAND YARD VINTAGE "Inspired Home Autumn Edition" Event.   You know I would never miss my fav Season of Autumn slash Halloween Holiday kick-off of anything around the Valley, I'll do whatever it takes to hit 'em all!  *Winks*

So my Friends Leslie and Mike's Space and Vignettes were of coarse my absolute favs because we're cut from the same cloth when it comes to Style and Merchandise that we mutually J'Adore!  I've cribbed some of their Facebook Imagery since Mike clearly has a better quality Camera than I and is Masterful at capturing the Panoramic View thru his lens!

I was alas, having some issues with my Camera again, or mebbe it was just me not being in Prime Pathological Photographer Mode, I dunno?  It's just that not as many of my Images turned out as I'd Hoped they might so that I could Share how fab everything looked.  *Le Sigh*

What I Hate about that is that I don't always know until I get Home and download everything and then of coarse it's too late to correct and take more pixs!   So I'm working with what I have, which wasn't a lot, I should have been more prolific with the amount of frames I took!  But thankfully I did Photograph Leslie and Mike's space a lot!  *Whew!*

My Friend Karen Valentine's space was of coarse a Vision of the Colorless Palette, which she does so well that even a Colorful Gal like myself, who is at the opposite spectrum of the Color Wheel, is totally diggin' it!  *Smiles*  She could probably bring me over to the Light Side easier than I could bring anyone over to the Dark Side I think.  *Winks*

A Wonderful Autumn Harvest Vibe was everywhere, so you could begin right now with switching out your Summer Decor with any of this and not look like you're rushing into Halloween Holiday Season yet!  I know for some it would be a concern to have creepy or the Weird and Wonderful for more than a very brief interlude, so you could just do an attractive Harvest Theme beginning now!

I think this looks quite attractive and certainly Inspired me, so if I wasn't now concerned about risking more HOA Drama I'd set a Harvest Autumn Vignette outside right now.  *LOL*  But if I got a Letter saying it was too early to Decorate for the Holidays, well, I might just lose it!  *Winks*  I really Loved that Vintage Industrial Palette with the striking Wheels.

But I had a Mission Statement and held true to it... meet Pappi.  My Friend Mike had Shared Pappi on FB when he Sourced him, I think he might have set me up?  *Winks*   Because of coarse, now I Needed Pappi to come Home with me, didn't I... I HAD to see if Pappi was within the dreaded Budget!?  Thankfully he was so color me Happy!

Yes, nobody I knew at the Event was even mildly surprised to see me walking around with Pappi slung under my arm sideways, to keep his little Sneakers on, and strolling around as if that is Normal... Woman and her Dead Pimped Out Raccoon!  *Winks*   I Loved the little Bow Tie and Mini Top Hat Mike had dressed him up in... just My Style!

The Sneakers however, hadda go, only because they kept falling off so by the time I got Pappi buckled into the Truck, off they came and they didn't go back on!   I want to see if I can find him some Baby Spats 'Sir Duke' Style and a little paper mache' Jack-O-Lantern that looks 1930's Era Vintage to hold for Halloween, since he'll be Greeting Trick-Or-Treaters in our Entryway Hall. *Smiles*

So, Pappi was Delighted to be going on a New Adventure and Home with me to Villa Boheme' where he will take up Residence permanently, he's a Keeper.  You should have seen the looks I got on the congested Rush Hour Freeway when peeps glanced over and saw Pappi staring at them from his Passenger Seat vantage point!!!  I'm sure they thought he was Alive and a Real Pet Raccoon all dressed up!?!  *LMAO*

So, here is Pappi at Home in his Entrance Hallway... lookin' like he's always been there, he fit in so well with our Style and our Cabinet Of Curiosities Addams Family Vibe, right?  *Winks*

In fact, here he is with his new BFF, our Little Wednesday Addams Style Gal!  *Smiles*  Yep, if they ever do another Addams Family Movie, Princess T could do Wednesday perfectly... in fact, she IS and always has been Wednesday in SO many ways, you have no idea!  *Bwahahahahahahaha!!!*


Well, if you've already ever met her, mebbe you do know and have an idea of what I'm talkin' about!!!?  *LOL*   She deadpans the most hilarious morbid statements like nobody I've ever met before and her Macabre sarcasm is Wednesday Addams on point!!!   I think she even LOOKS very Wednesday, don't you?   And No, I did not contrive those pigtails, she came down with them this Morning on her way to go to School just like that!  And Black IS her Favorite Color by far!  Most of her Wardrobe is Black already... with some Deep Violet and Blood Red thrown in!

And you can see my other acquisition just to the far Left of the Antique Dress Form Trio of Gals.   Yep, found an Antique Hat Form on a ridiculously heavy Cast Iron Ornate Base, heavy as a Boat Anchor it is!  I got a Workout carrying that sucka around, I'm sure one bicep is now much larger and more defined than the other one!  *LOL*

Now Yes, I already have a slew of these, most without original stands, one might call it a Hoard of Antique Hat Forms in fact.  *Winks*   But can one ever have too many of them, I think not!  They're like Antique Dress Forms in fact, in Groupings they make quite an impact and they are Useful for Display of Vintage, Antique or OOAK Creations of Clothing, Hats and Accessories, I use mine all the time.  I am also always on the lookout for Original Stands for both Hat Forms and Dress Forms that might be missing theirs at Home.

So... what else did I 'Score' either at the Event or at the Antique Mall in front of the Event?  {BTW: The Post for the Antique Mall will be in a separate Future Post my Friends.}   Well, this Cool Pharmacist Sign with Circus Style Lettering, I am a complete Fanatic about Circus and Carnival Style Lettering.  If something has hand painted Circus or Carnival Style Lettering that is done well, I almost cannot resist it in fact!   And this is Perfect near my Collection of Antique Pharmacy Apothecary, which I'm also Obsessed with!

I don't have a sense that this is Old at all, but it's very well done and it's either Screen Printed Paint or Hand Painted, since it's not stickers stuck on, so I Liked it a lot.  I Liked the vibrancy of it and the content for a nice addition to my Cabinet Of Curiosities Display of Antique Medical paraphernalia, which I have a lot of in the Collection.  

I do remember Signs similar to this on the Old Pharmacies, the Old Rexall Drug Stores were always my Favorites since they often had a Soda Fountain area and many a time when Mom or Dad needed to fill an Rx Script we'd also have a Milkshake, Soda or Hot Dog!   I'm Thankful that at least one Old Pharmacy Soda Fountain still exists in the Valley and my Grandkids Love going there as much as I ever did as a Kid going to the Local ones where ever we lived.

I grew up in an Era where a lot of the Old Drug Store Soda Fountains still existed, sadly few do anymore and it's a Shame, nothing quite like 'em!  I remember that Woolworths also usually had them and other Five And Dime Type Stores, which were the precursor to Today's Dollar Stores.  Only the Old School Discount Stores were way better IMO and more Interesting and Community Based to meet up with Neighbors at regularly, encouraging Socializing with the Shopping Experience.

But back to the Show... sorry a wave of Nostalgia had just rushed over me there for a minute... ha ha ha... I Loved this Victorian Ceiling Tin Wall which was for Sale but dammit not within my paltry Budget!   They had it set up like a huge Clock and I could see this against our Bedroom Wall {with or without the Clock}!  I just Love Victorian Ceiling Tin with the original Patina and this Aged Mustard Hue was Wonderful!

The Salvaged Lumber Clock Numbers were Wonderful too, I really like the use of Salvaged Lumber like this, such Character with the varied Aged Woods.   I thought the price of the Wall was very reasonable tho', just not within my present Budget... and I don't know how I'd get something this big clear across the Valley and Home anyway in one piece, logistically that would be a large U-Haul Truck Rental Project I'd have to get The Son involved in too.  *Ha ha ha*

The Son and his Friends now remind me that as they're all now in their Thirties, rather than their Twenties, moving loads of heavy objects for me isn't so effortless anymore.   *Smiles*   The Son likes to joke that now in The Trades he's nearing The Old Man in the Shop Status... and I forget that our Grown Kiddos are now Middle Aged Adults and it's our Grandkids that are the Young Adults... WOW, Time just flies, doesn't it?!?

So, enuf of that Aging Business, coz I just don't think of myself really as "Elderly" nor my Adult Kids as "Old" so in my Mind we're all still Youthful Enough!  *Winks*   And certainly we attempt to do things we probably shouldn't, "For Our Age" as the Adult Grandkids like to remind us sometimes... Ha Ha Ha... and it is one of those annoying reminders that perhaps they could be right!   *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*

The Young Prince is the worst, he's always telling me, Gramma, you probably shouldn't be doing this and that anymore, you might get hurt at Your Age!  I know he's just looking out for my Welfare and Well Being... and knows I'm rather inclined not to think of Aging as anything keeping me from doing anything and everything I just Want to or always have done!  *Ha ha ha*  So I'm not so much offended as annoyed, because he could be right and I know it!

Of coarse The Man, when I told him how this Buffalo Head my Friend Mike has would have looked so Awesome behind his Recliner, still thinks it would be better if he drew out the once in a Lifetime ability to Hunt the one he'd hang on his Wall!!!   And bring Home a Freezer full of Bison Meat to eat all year.  I think his Buffalo Hunting Days are quite over, but like me, he's stubbornly resisting the suggestion that he couldn't go out and be The Great White Hunter he's always been.  *LOL*

The Buffalo Mount was quite reasonable too, just not within the damned Budget, I Hate Budgets, don't you?  *LOL*  Of coarse, if Money were no object, I'd probably buy too much of everything ALL the time, right?  *Ha ha ha*   And then I'd need an even bigger house than already Too Big Villa Boheme'... so... it's just as well I'm not filthy Rich I suppose with Money to burn!?  *Smiles*

Because without a Budget in place I certainly would have come Home with this...

And this... because I have bought Marvelous Skullies from this Designer before!  I Loved that each of these two Skullies had Pearlized Paint and Bohemian Vintage Bling on them!

Because you know how Infatuated I am with Skullies and Bling... and anything Shiny and Sparkly that catches my Human Magpie's Eye, right?!?  *LOL*

And Too Much is just Too Much and so Much catches my Eye coz I'm inclined towards Muchness!   I've tried not to be, but it's just not in me to have restraint when it comes to Muchness and the pursuit of it!  *Smiles*

And when so much Cute Stuff exists, well, it's very difficult to muster sufficient restraint unless you DO have a Budget restraining you!   So I should probably be Thankful for the Dreaded Budget thang... Le Sigh... I know... probably being and being can be two different things, right?

I'm sure, as you're coming along with us Virtually, that had you been there, you would have had difficulty resisting too, huh?   I suspect I could have contributed to your delinquency had I dragged you along in the flesh to be partners in crime at buying more than we intended, couldn't I?

Now, Oddly enough, and you might even find this hard to Believe, I am Religious about Sticking to Budget, it's the Old Retired Banker in me I suppose?  If I cannot afford something I won't go into debt to obtain it, it has to be within Budget, whatever that is at the time.   I will not overpay for anything either, I'm a Serial Bargain Hunter, I gotta have a Deal.  Not a perceived Deal, a Real Deal!  *Smiles*

No, I am NOT one of those Shoppers that goes into those Big Box Stores that do the fake mark-down 'Sales' the day they put the shit on the shelves and expect me to Believe the perceived Value was higher than what they're now asking!  Tho' I am the Shopper that will pay a higher margin to the Small Business Owner because I know competing with Big Box Stores is difficult for the Indie Shops and Boutiques that offer different merchandise.

And I Want all of those Amazing Small Businesses to still Exist and not go out of business so that the only Options we have are the Big Box Monopolies, often selling mass produced crap!   So I do encourage all of you to Shop Small whenever you can even if you do have to pay a little more to Support the Small Businesses in your Community, it's well worth it, it's an Investment none of us will regret.

I Predict, that should we NOT Support the Small Business Owners and they all go away one day and out of business because we didn't, we will have huge regrets tho'.   There is something Priceless about the Small Businesses of America and the Entrepreneur Spirit that goes along with it, it has been the backbone of America for as long as I can remember and we Need to Preserve it and continue to Value it's contribution to our Society!

You will transcend the Client and Shop Owner relationship in a Small Business Environment, you will make Friends and cultivate True Relationships with one another when you become a Regular.   You will never, ever probably do that in a Big Box Store or Mega Corporation.   I can't remember even the first time I ever became Friends with someone just by shopping at a Wal-Mart for example.  In fact, your treatment as a Customer at a Big Box is likely to be very impersonal with little Value placed upon your individual patronage.

They feel like they don't Need to treat you right or provide good Customer Service because they're so big they don't have to, there's plenty where you came from.   And because they typically use Third World exploited Labor Force, well of coarse they can undercut the Small Business that buys and produces Locally from someone actually earning what is a decent wage for their Labor.

And if anyone is trying to convince you they're exporting their ideas abroad to 'Help' the 3rd World Peoples they have making it rather than making it here in America, I challenge you to ask them if they're paying equal and comparable Wages then to really 'Help' not exploit those disadvantaged Workers?  If not, it's REALLY all about the Margins baby and how much more Profit they can earn off the backs of those they can pay less and exploit to do the same Job cheaper... you can take that to the Bank!!! 

Outsourcing generally isn't Truthfully being done to be Philanthropic by any Company.  Especially if they're charging a lot of money for their merchandise regardless of how much Cheaper they may be having it made Abroad, they're not being Philanthropic to their Consumer for sure.  Those Savings are not being passed along to you all of the time, tho' for Big Box Shops they often do and can drastically cut the cost of the Product to be more competitive, because of exploiting the Labor Force somewhere that makes it Cheaply and in Mass Production ratios.

Besides, those of us who don't want Cheaply made items made with Inferior materials, probably by an exploited Labor Force, would much rather opt for Well Made items constructed with Quality materials and pay up for that Standard of Excellence and Conscience that is lacking in Cheaply made items constructed out of lesser Quality materials exploiting anyone.

There is no Substitute frankly for Quality... OOAK Products and Artisan Produced items just last better and are more distinctive and Valuable.   I've never lost Money when I've re-sold a Quality item... re-pop and lesser Quality items are always a hit if you try to flip it.   Some Labels might hold particular Value because of the Branding and Name being coveted and Well Merchandised, but even then, I'm leery if the Quality has gone down and it's only the Brand or Label that is counting on it's continued popularity and appeal.

I won't single any major Popular Brands out {Okay, mebbe just a hint below of one in particular that pissed my Mother off before she died... ha ha ha}, but there is some mighty Ugly stuff being produced now by Well Known Brands that used to have Quality and Style but it's slipping and is either hideous or being poorly made... or both hideous and poorly made!   I always have to Wonder when the Consumer will just say, enough, you jumped the Shark and this is some Ugly or poorly made shit even tho' your Label and Reputation is riding on it?  *Ha ha ha*

I remember my Dear Ole' Mom being totally Obsessed with Coach Bags, she had several of the Vintage ones that were Spectacular Quality and therefore worth the Investment.   Then when Coach started Creating Ugly Bags with Cheaper Materials that were just hideous, she told the Sales Lady trying to hawk her one, "Love, I'm not Obsessed with just the Label... the Bag has to be of Superior Quality and Design or it's simply not Worth what you think it's Valued at because of a mere Brand. Even one that has become Successful and now become Arrogant and overly Confident that alone will Sustain them and fool the savvy Consumer!"   Clearly Mom didn't mince words or settle for Crap Products just becoz of a once Fav Brand that has slipped.

And as Heidi Klum would famously say on "Project Runway"... in Fashion, one day you're IN and the next, you're OUT!   True that, Fashion is indeed arbitrary and entirely consumer driven.   If nobody Wants it or will buy it, then what's the point?   I think a lot of Popular Brands have perhaps become Legends in their own Minds and risk being forgetful of that Fact.   Of coarse, you do have the Die Hard Follower that will buy anything if their Fav Label is affixed to it... stick it on a dog turd, wouldn't matter!  *LMAO*

Of coarse that reminds me of another famous saying attributed to P.T. Barnum of "There's a Sucker Born Every Minute", he capitalized on that Fact and made a fortune.   So it did work for him to work it and dupe some of his Loyal Base of consumer while clearly feeling blatant contempt for them being identified by him as Suckers.   I don't know about you, but if I felt I was being duped and considered a Sucker, the Business would fall out of Grace with me ever spending Money with them.

Wow, we've covered a lot of Deep Topics and Ground here Today while we've been Enjoying this Spectacular Event haven't we?  We might Solve all of the Problems of the World if we hang around like this Together often, dontcha' think?  *Bwahahahahahahaha!!!*   I Hope you've had a good time, the Event runs thru Sunday so you've still got time to hit it before it's a Wrap!

And now to Show Off some of the Smalls I picked up... like this Antique Ornate Door Knob that was turned into a Bottle Stopper, for a mere $4.99!  I am Obsessed with Antique Hardware and the Repurposing of it to be Useful.

And I got a couple of Skeleton Keys for $2 apiece and some yummy Seam Binding, since my Obsession with THAT knows no bounds!  *Ha ha ha*  It's True, my Friends joke that they could give me a White Elephant crappy Gift but if it were tied up with Seam Binding I'd still be Excited about receiving it!  *Ha ha ha*   So now you know my Kryptonite!

And besides, Smalls never are Budget Busters unless you buy a boatload of them... so I always try to pick up a few when they're at reasonable prices to make my Haul seem EPIC!  *Winks*   Well, really it was Epic this time around, totally Delighted with my Haul in fact!   The only other thing I got was a current Edition of a Fav Magazine "Jeanne d'Arc Living" 9th Issue September Edition.

via: Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine

Because, well... Imagines like these slay me... just My Style of Collectibles and Vignettes... tho' they use more Neutral and Colorless Palette than I do here at Villa Boheme' I still totally dig their Aesthetic and Design Sense!

So... now we're at the Check-Out... so it's a Wrap for Today my Friends...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Enjoyed the tour! And I do like the way your stuffed "Pappi" looks in your entry! Happy Fall!

  2. I love your artwork and follow you pots this very minute!


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