Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Harlequin Halloween

So, every single Halloween I always tell myself I don't Need to buy any more Seasonal Decor.  Need... well, you know how that goes... I mean what do we REALLY Need... I have very little Needs left in this Lifetime when it comes to Stuff, right!?  *Winks*  Even tho' I'm Culling Halloween Decor as we speak and sending it off to the Showroom and Booth, it's difficult to resist a new Theme you just fall in Lust with... this Season it is the Harlequin Halloween Theme... LOVE IT!!!

Have become rather Obsessed with it really, since it's so stinkin' Whimsically Cute and just My Style of Decor!   Princess T thinks it to be particularly Creepy, I dunno Why... the Macabre and the Grotesque she can handle, the Gruesome and Gory don't bother her, but Harlequin Halloween Whimsy somehow Freaks her Out... go Figure?!   So she's not altogether Sure she likes it in the house, but she's slowly coming around to Tolerating it this Holiday Season.  *LOL*  The Young Prince really digs it and The Man, well, he doesn't Care.  *Smiles*

The Man frankly doesn't Care whether I Dress the whole Home up Obsessively for the Holidays or don't bother to Decorate at all... he's quite Neutral about it actually.   So it's left up to my Whims and this Holiday Season I decided I wanted to put it all out as early as possible.  September 1st wouldn't have been too early, since I consider that the beginning of Autumn and end of Summer, but my calendar schedule was too insane.  So it had to wait until the 11th before I dragged everything out of Storage for Autumn, Halloween and Dia de los Muertos... yep, went the Whole Hog, it's all out already now!


Well, the Interior Decor anyway, didn't wanna risk another HOA Letter if I put the Exterior shit out too early and the HOA totally then Lost it!  *LMAO*  It's Tempting tho' since I would like to make them Lose it... just to amuse myself... since Uptight Pretentious folks Losing it is just so damned Funny to watch!   Anyway, my fake Pumpkins are Old and just too damned Sad, they Need an overhaul in the worst way.  So since I'm currently Obsessed with The Harlequin Halloween, I bought this oversized fake Pumpkin already gorgeously hand painted Harlequin Style and adorned with Glitter!   I will use it as my Muse to paint my Old ones in a similar Style.

This is not an Outside Decor Pumpkin since it appears to be Paper Mache' so it will stay Inside as Decor.   But I think my Exterior fake Pumpkins will paint up like this just dandy and tho' I don't Need another Project for the Holidays, or any other day for that matter, it's something I'm rather looking forward to dabbling at.   Who knows, I might become such an adept Harlequin Fake Pumpkin Artist that I'll be hawking them in my Retail Spaces or moving to the Philippines to join the other Harlequin Pumpkin Hand Painters?  Yeah, I know, probably not gonna happen since I doubt I'd be that ambitious, motivated or prolific about it, but just sayin'... *Smiles*

The Reality is more like this might be my only Harlequin Pumpkin this year I have on Display and I never get around to painting any of the Sad faded fake ones I've had for years.  And just stick them Outside unceremoniously at the last minute when I realize that's one more Project I procrastinated on too long to pull off this Season.  *LOL*   It happens a lot, I always have Intentions of this Creative Process, but like when do I ever have sufficient Time?!!???  Since the Calendar is always jammed packed with appointments and such... and The Fam practically stalks me around this house interrupting constantly! 

 I'm Lucky to get this Blog Post out uninterrupted... in fact, I've already been interrupted three times and I've only got two of the three at Home with me right now!  *Le Sigh*  They virtually ignore me when I'm not doing something relaxing and when I decide to, they meander in doggin' me with a curious Whatcha Doing... or an Immediate Need that just can't wait.  I had initially decided I would not fork out thirty-five bucks for the giant Harlequin Pumpkin and just photograph it for visual reference.  Then when the Store that had them got down to the last two in stock I decided not to Cheap Out and just suck it up and buy one for easier visual reference.   I'm Glad I did, no regrets. 

Sometimes I can be so Cheap that I have to Check myself... because it wasn't so much the price tag that made me hesitate, it was another trifle I had to Get Over.   The Witches Hat Style Stem, initially didn't dig it... it had to grow on me until I was OK with it and now Oddly I rather Like it!  Besides, painting my other ones will be so much easier to do with a Live Model rather than an Image on my Smart Phone or having to reference my Photo Archives Online as I paint.   I could attempt it from Memory, but this Old Memory just isn't that Photographic anymore so no telling how it would turn out from Memory?!?  *Bwahahahaha!*

Now, I did Cheap Out on the Lace faux Pumpkins even tho' they were way Cool too.   I'll opt to buy some Cheap Plastic faux Lace Doilies or Tablecloths from the Dollar store and use them as Stencils.   Main reason, these were Resin and I have had the Negative experience of having poor Luck with Resin Pumpkins lasting all that long at our House, they get cracked or broken or implode from the heat if set Outside.   Remember the Buddha Knee blow-out when I had my Resin Buddha in the Inner Courtyard?  I don't Need exploding Resin Pumpkins or Buddhas so I no longer buy any for Outside!  *LOL*

Had these been Plastic or Paper Mache' I might have caved, popped and bought one.   I have had such Fun trawling all of the Retail Shops looking at their Halloween and Dia de los Muertos or Autumn Decor, whether I buy anything or not.  Sadly many are already clearing it all out in preparation for Christmas expansion... oy vey!!!   I had Hoped they'd keep Halloween up longer, they barely put it out, but it does tend to Sell Out fast and most of the desirable Theme Decor is already seriously depleted.  So you better rush out and get yours while there's still some left!

This is precisely why all of this is Showroom bound Today after I take Princess T to her Dental Appointment after School!   Because I've Sold Out of every piece of Halloween I've brought in too and need to restock my Showroom and Booth again already!!!  I'm hawking my Goth Resin Pumpkins becoz of the Resin factor.  It's a discontinued Style that was Popular several years ago so they should sell well.  I still like them but they're some of the few Vintage Resin that didn't bite the dust over the years of use.   The Uncle Festus Bowl we never actually used for Candy so he's exiting Stage Left, he used to be animatronic but we haven't put batteries in him for so long I don't even know if he's still functional so he'll be going Cheap.

I'm Selling off some Skullies too... have more than enough and am past my Halloween Glitterized Phase.  *LOL*   It's one of those Phases where you begin to question your own Taste because, well, OMG!   Now, if you're still a Glitter Gal I mean no Offense or Judgment, it might suit you better than it did me.  I just was like, "What was I thinking?!?"   *Winks*   I mean, when I bought it I do recall being Jazzed about him, but each Season it just began to irk me more how tacky I thought he was and then when the dust from being in Storage all year stuck to his mat Glitter it just became unbearable so he's gotta GO! 

Becoz Seriously, there are a lotta things in the Shops or other folk's Homes that I can Admire just fine but I don't want to Decorate with myself.   These blown Glass Pumpkins for example, Beautiful, wouldn't be practical at this house or My Style tho', so I wouldn't be Tempted to buy one.   I have been Gifted with some in the Past and when a respectable amount of time has passed... given them away to someone who just totally digs blown Glass Pumpkins and would thus Appreciate them properly and Display them without risk of breakage!

A delicate Blown Glass Pumpkin in this house would probably not last a Season before somebody broke it to smitherines!   In fact, when The Force were taken to see the Chihuly Exhibits I was holding my breath and watching them like a Hawk lest I end up owing The Desert Botanical Gardens my Income for Life!  *Smiles*   Don't even Look at that Glass too hard I Warned them... lest your Gaze shatter it!   The Force are Good about looking with their Eyes and not their Hands in Public, under the Threat of Harm by Yours Truly.  But still, at Home shit gets broken... often... and nobody allegedly did it or knows how it happened or by whom... and swear each other to Secrecy or develop Amnesia about the incidents... so...

It's probably a Good thing that my Desire for blown Glass Pumpkins is nonexistent and just Photographing and Admiring them somewhere else is sufficient for me.   Blown Glass is Beautiful and Visually it can be breathtaking and impressive, so I was surprised how reasonably priced they Sell for... cheaper than my Paper Mache' Harlequin Pumpkin in fact!!!   So if you dig blown Glass Pumpkins, 'At Home' has an impressive selection left for now.   I just Love that Store, it's Warehouse sized and has some of the biggest selection of Seasonal Decor I've seen.  It's also just a block from The Young Prince's Alternative School so I can pop in often on my way to pick him up.

They have all manner of faux Pumpkins, Paper Mache', Resin, Fabric, blown Glass, Plastic.   Their prices I think are reasonable and they don't tend to have the fake Sales of their merchandise.  Especially the Seasonal stuff which some Stores try to make you believe they are having a big Sale of the day they put it on the shelves... really, do we look that stupid and naive?!?  

The Harlequin, Ouija and Palmistry Themed Halloween merchandise was going fast and seems madly popular so I did get mine while there was still some left anywhere they've had it!

I got the last of the Harlequin Big Hat Cat sitting on a Ghoulishly Whimsical Jack-O-Lantern... whew... I had hesitated last week when they had several and was fortunate they had one left by the time I decided!   I got the next to the last Harlequin fake Paper Mache' Pumpkins too and the last of the mini Harlequin  Jack-O-Lantern Buckets in each of the two facial designs!

I Enjoy looking at Indian Corn and Love it, but I've had it in the past and it gets bug infestations and has to be thrown out so I don't Decorate with it anymore.  They had some lovely specimens of it here and if you have a way of keeping it bug free... go for it, the price was Cheap.

Some of the Halloween Inspired Art was Cute, Loved this one of Black Cat and Goldfish Eye to Eye!

And if you're going for Horror or Haunted House Theme this Season they had plenty of that as well.   We lived in a legit Haunted Historic Home for almost two decades so we tend not to go that route anymore.  *LOL*   Besides, it's nice actually having Trick-Or-Treating Children and their Families that aren't terrified of coming up to your door for Candy... nice change!  *Winks*

I almost ran over this huge Dragonfly that had crawled under my Truck's wheel in the driveway this Morning... we coaxed it out but it wouldn't fly away, which was strange.  So I Photographed it since it was so lovely and you almost never catch them being this still... perhaps it was dying, I dunno?

It kept moving around more like an Inch Worm like this rather than flying, which was very Odd, so perhaps that is the Dragonfly Death Throes, I dunno?  I just didn't wanna run over the poor thing in case it was just Resting or doing some other Dragonfly Ritual I don't know about?  *LOL*   The Man was rather annoyed that I made HIM come out and coax it out from under the Truck and then go back inside and get my Camera while I had the Rare opportunity to Photograph one this close and this still!  *Smiles*  He knows full well that if I or one of The Grands find it Dead in the Yard, I'm keeping it's Remains for our Cabinet Of Curiosities.  *LMAO*

I will regale you with more Halloween Decor Posts of Villa Boheme' now that I've got it all Decorated for the Holidays... so stay tuned...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Glad you got your Halloween decorating done. I'm having fun making a few new things this year.

    1. You are always such a prolific Artist my Friend, will pop in to see what Creative touches you put on your Holidays this year?!


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