Saturday, September 2, 2017

Dreadlock Update ~ 3 Months

I had fully intended to document my Dreadlock Journey and the stages of them Maturing, especially the first Year, which can be a hairy Adventure.  But since I'm notoriously inept at Selfies and abhor them, just getting a Loc Selfie has proven to be quite challenging!  *LOL*  Most of the time my arm doesn't seem to reach and be long enough to get a close-up focused Image of the Dreads that isn't just a washed out blur.  Plus I don't have luxurious Locs, since I have thin, fragile, fine hair and Dreading it didn't solve that problem.  Tho' I'm retaining all my hairs now and it does Feel thicker, like little ropes that indeed are much stronger and practically maintenance free!  

I am at the Stage now of Loops, stray hairs and Bumps, which was expected as the hairs Loc Up, shrinking, matting and tightening at varying rates.  I am not bothered and let them just do their own thing.  Tho' for some I have heard this is the Phase that often makes them give up or stress out.  I am not Pro Maintenance to try to fix unruly Dreads by crocheting and over working them, because it can just lead to breakage and other long term damage, especially with Fragile texture hair like mine.   Now that they've begun I will allow them to just Be and Mature as they will for as long as it takes.  I had preferred Blunt ends to Paintbrush ends, but that too has altered and I now have a mix of both. It was futile to try to keep every Dread Blunt at the end if it didn't wanna cooperate.

I have discovered that some other daily Maintenance is just pointless, Palm Rolling being a time consuming one that showed no lasting results so I just quit doing it.  I am Lazy and Practical, so if something does not work I don't keep doing it, especially if it takes up a lot of time and doesn't have a Pay-Off to the energy expended.  Wearing a Do-Rag at Night did not prevent me getting the Fuzzies and it wasn't comfortable so I ditched that too.   I'm a Fuzzy Wuzzy right now with loads of stray hairs and unruly Dreads and I don't really Care. Since the Pros of my Dreads still far exceeds any Cons so I'm still LOVING them!  My only Regret is I only Wish I'd done this twenty years ago!   Tho' I do Wish more Salons knew how to install them, Care for them or even give the most basic advice about them, there are almost none and it takes practically a Private Investigator to find the few to Serve you!  *Le Sigh*  People get scared and intimidated of having a hairstyle when they have to learn everything themselves, usually by making many mistakes by trial and error. 

I can put all kinds of Cool Silly shit in my hair now and it stays put... and since the Dreads are pretty Crazy right now anyway, it looks Okay and I'm still getting daily compliments on my hair!   I'm getting used to that now, compliments daily... on hair I never once got a compliment a day in my Life on before having Dreads!  I am getting used to the curious questions too, which tend to be the same ones, since clearly it's a hair Style that not a lot is known about to give answers to such questions unless you walk up and ask a Dreadhead.  *LOL*   No, even Online in the vastness of cyberspace that can tell you just about anything, having and Maintaining Dreadlocks is a virtual Void, with few Gurus out there Sharing important Knowledge and Experiences.

I am even somewhat getting used to people asking if they can touch them... and Yes, people sometimes ask and it's only OK if I know them Well and am therefore comfortable obliging.  *LMAO*   I like to touch them myself, it Feels so different than my hair did before and it certainly behaves differently... in that it BEHAVES!   Though each Dread can be unruly and doing it's own thing, combined they cooperate with anything I want to do with them or put in them.  My hair is now it's own Accessory because I can use a few of them to tie up the rest of them.  I'm finally also getting length back, since I lost length when I first had them installed in late May due to shrinkage.

I can roll out of bed and do absolutely nothing with them and they look just Fine, there are no more Bad Hair Days.   The Wind can blow like Hell and it doesn't affect my hair anymore... I don't need brushes or combs.  I will not have to use Conditioner again and my Dreadlock Shampoo is more cost effective than regular Shampoos since a little bit goes a long way and washing my hair can be spread out now.   I no longer have to wash my hair every day, I no longer lose hair or have breakage so it's getting longer quicker.  I have had to Deal with my first Congos... Dreads that want to become One with each other... I kinda freaked out a bit since Online Advice was vague about how to separate them properly!!!

As I have with other questions I can't get answers to, I sought the Wisdom of Sage Advice from Dreadheads in person or Online who have had their healthy Dreads for ten years or more.   I separated my pesky Congos successfully Tonight, the sound was rather like velcro coming apart, which was unnerving, but now each is separate and looks like I want it to again.   I no longer have that nagging fictional Visual of them all lumping together and morphing into a grotesque Super Dread or Beavertail!  *LOL*   The facts are, it would take them a while to do that so I'd have to drop the ball a long time and not pay attention to a Congo forming, mostly at the roots.  

And speaking of roots, my initial concern that my growing hair would not Dread has been alleviated because my hair seems to Love Dreading so much that it almost seems like it's growing out of my head that way!  *Smiles* The newly Naturally Dreaded hair that wasn't initiated by crocheting feels much different, it's not as stiff and is more compact like it should be.   Mine tends to do it about a half inch from my scalp, tho' I've heard that up to about five inches can be Normal for some people.   Since my hair was always fine, my Dreads aren't scratchy or itchy to my skin, which is a Positive, tho' they do Feel rather like the Wool of my Antique Persian Rugs or a piece of softer Rope.

I am still very much Attached to the Outcome I've had and know that it can only improve as they reach Maturity.  They have taught me Patience in a way that was both Gentle and has Created a totally different Lifestyle that I'm fully embracing.  Because it Feels more in Tune with my inner Self and way of Naturally Being.   It has been very Liberating to absolutely not Care about your hair anymore and yet, Loving it more and having more Acceptance of it.   I never liked my hair before, I often had hair Envy if anyone possessed luxurious hair.   I certainly had Dread Envy since I wanted them but spent too many years overcoming being fearful of taking the plunge and just getting them.  I'm Glad I took the Leap... it's been a Fun Journey thus far... and finally me and my hair are Friends.  And shit, it only took just under sixty years!  *Bwahahaha!*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. What fun! I'm intrigued by all the hair art you can add this way.

    1. Oh yes, that's the best part, accessorizing my hair now! *winks*


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