Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Contemplation ... And Being A Mannequin Magnet

As more of the Grandkids keep having Birthdays, one turned 17 in early August, one turned 16 in late August, another turned 18 Today, one will turn 12 by late September, I'm reminded that Life goes on even when some tragedies and challenges are thrown into the mix... and have you just contemplating Life.

They go from this to that, they are little one minute and then they are suddenly grown and away at College in what seems like the blink of an Eye!   This is the 'Then' and 'Now' of the Granddaughter that turned 18 Today and is away at ASU doing Life in the dorms.   Life just really beginning as a Young Adult, full of Promise and Excitement.

And then the other end of the spectrum, of Life almost ending, sobering times... as I also went to visit a Co-Worker Friend in the Hospital, that actually died and was brought back to Life by Emergency Responders!!!  Near death experiences are a reminder that Life can be fleeting and so unpredictable, we just never know.   Some get another chance, I'm so Glad this Friend did, it was good to see him recovering from such a catastrophic event!

Knowing we both Share a Gallows Humor we were able to joke and laugh about the unlaughable.    But is was sobering... is sobering... and at certain Seasons of Life each knows it could have been us.   The Man has a slew of Appointments and the VA messed up again and asked for some Lab Work as a Walk-In for Yesterday, when they were Closed for Labor Day!  So we showed up... and realized their mistake and went back Home, deciding to come again in the Morning and explain the mix-up.

And since they were Closed Yesterday for Labor Day, Today the wait was very, very long for Lab Work, so we took a number and waited well over an hour for our turn at Cattle Call in groups of ten.   Only to then find out when our turn came up that they had pulled the order for the Labs because the Doctor appointment next week had been cancelled!   Only they forgot to notify us of either cancellation, so there we were... again... que sera sera!

And so it goes... and at least he didn't have to get stuck and could end the Fasting and go for Brunch, since now it was way past Breakfast... and we'd have one less Doc Appt. for next week.   Since the one cancelled was on a day when we had another one later in the day at the Downtown Main VA Hospital clear across Town, I was glad really we could cross one off the tight schedule for that particular day.   So now he only has the Acupuncture one and a Cardiology one for next week.

His Appointments seem never ending at times... Housekeeping too... tho' Downstairs is still looking miraculously presentable STILL!   It was Curious tho', as I tidied up, how a Fidget Spinner happened to land HERE, in the Formal Dining Room that no Children are supposed to ever be playing in??!  *Things that make you go Humnnnnn...* Yes, even Bird seems perplexed by it landing at her feet!  Good thing it didn't knock her head off, since it's the sturdy Aircraft Aluminum one with substance!  *LOL*

Lately I've become somewhat of a Mannequin Magnet, just the Torsos... I'm happening upon all kinds of Mannequin Torsos at a Bargain and so the Hoard is building.  *LMAO*   I do Sell them too, as well as Display them at Home as a Collection, so there's no down side to Hoarding them up when I can hit the Motherlode of them.   I had these two in the backseat Cab of the Truck at the same time.  "You do know how Weird that looks Gramma?", the Young Prince says as he gets in this Morning on his way to School.

Really, IS IT, I mean, in the realm of our level of Weirdness, is it REALLY that Weird and more importantly Unexpected?   "Yeah, well, if you put it that way, probably not...", he had to admit.   I mean, I am the one who casually once mentioned, at a Luncheon with a Friend, that I had a Taxidermy Deer Nose out in my Truck, AS IF THAT was somehow Normal!  When our Waiter had rolled up on that conversation he couldn't help himself, he laughed out loud and said he had to hear the rest of that Story!   And now we may be Forever a part of a Story he'll tell!?!   *LOL*

And my Friend contemplated that the Dead Deer Nose in my Truck was so 'Normal' for me, that she was way more Surprised to hear that I had actually Texted something on my Smart Phone!  *Bwahahahahahaha!*  I mean, usually, the only thing I do with Text Messages and E-Mails is delete all of them after I get about 500 or so of them stacking up... I don't actually Read any of them!  Who has Time??!??!?!?   *Smiles*

And now I'm out of Time for this too since I have to leave for work...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. you are too funny. My BF (age 45) and my kids don't understand, I don't look at my phone that often, and I have the sound off...If they need me they can call on the land line and leave a message---that we here. Cell phones are for emergencies, and to see where you are? lol, too funny. Oddest thing in the back of my truck ever---a 15 foot---pumpkin man---designated for a pumpkin farm, and he had the creepy 20's vintage face ...icky. grins, Sandi

    1. I could just see you tooling round town with creepy Pumpkin Man, hilarious! I too do not like the Leash Effect of the Cell Phone, sometimes I don't WANT to be reached... or bothered. *winks*


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