Saturday, September 30, 2017

Wicked Faire Cont. ~ Sweet Salvage

So... I'm always rather Sad when all of the Halloween and Autumn Events are a Wrap, it's over all too soon for my liking and everyone will be rushing forward to Christmas already.  I attend every single Autumn, Halloween and Dia de los Muertos Event I can possibly cram into my busy schedule.  It can be quite a whirlwind and perhaps that it why it seems over too fast.  I linger in Autumn and the Halloween Holiday Season since it is indeed my Favorite Season and time of the year.  There isn't very much about Autumn that I don't like or could complain about, it's rather idyllic and the Essence of it all is something I connect to strongly and Delights my Senses.  I suppose everyone has their very favorite Season, Holiday or time of the year, this happens to be mine.  So while everyone else might be rushing forward eagerly to Winter Fantasyscapes and subsequent Holidays... I will continue to savor Autumn thoroughly.  The weather, the sights, the aromatic Fall scents, the creepiest and most imaginative of the Holidays... all of it... clear up to probably the day after Thanksgiving... only then can I begin thinking Wintery thoughts and move on.


Happy Holidays from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Friday, September 29, 2017

Gypsy Fortune Teller Assembly Line... Etcetera

So, with the Mannequin Hoard I decided to churn out a Fortune Teller Assembly Line of sorts... a couple for Home and the rest to Sell at the Antique Mall.  By the end of the day the Mannequin Hoard soon became a Gypsy Fortune Teller Hoard. *Smiles*   This was the first one I made for us, I only had one cheesy Halloween Wig that was rather Retro 50's Pin-Up Gal in it's Styling, it would do for this Gypsy Fortune Teller.

Our 2nd Gypsy Fortune Teller for Villa Boheme' would be this Gal, I cut up a beaded Vest to make her Scarf... eventually both Gals will get more Bohemian Bling.  Right now I'm focused on getting the rest ready for the Showroom and Booth at the Antique Mall since Halloween Decor Sales have been strong.

Actually Sales overall have picked up since some of the Snowbirds are coming back now that we've dropped below triple digit heat and most of the rest of the Country is suffering from catastrophic weather events.  We've also had some Pickers and Re-Sellers in the Mall and I always do good when they're in Sourcing Inventory for their Clients, Shops, Shows or Events.

So Color me Happy that Sales are picking up at just the right time, before the Holidays... a Grandchild's Wedding in November... and several Family Birthdays that all hit AT the Holiday Season!   *Whew*   As it is I'm in the active Process of overhauling Showroom 114 to breathe new Life into it for 2018 and change things up.

So since our Antique Mall is having a Bargain Barn Sale with deep discounts of 25%-65% off this Saturday, September 30th from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, I have set up a table up there.   This has cleared out a lot of Inventory from Showroom #114 so that I can begin the Transformation in there.  The Bargain Barn Sale is for one day only so be sure to head Upstairs at our Antique Mall to check it out.

I'm still waiting for it to cool off a few more degrees before I hit the Hoarded Garages and begin purging them again of potential New Inventory which will be heading to the Antique Mall for Sale.   I Love Autumn the most because not only is the weather sublime and my Favorite Holidays begin, but I get motivated to do all the clearing out of possessions once it's cooled off sufficiently to tackle it comfortably again.

The Great Edit & Purge is still in full swing and I only really have The Hoarded Garages left to Cull considerable Possessions of.  I'm Imagining what it will Feel like when I'm finally DONE?!?   It's been a very long tedious Process yet a very therapeutic one.    So... Okay, here are some of the Gypsy Fortune Tellers that are already for Sale now at the Antique Mall.   This Gal is located in Showroom #114, she is a Fair complexion Lovely with real Eyelashes.

This Gal is also located in Showroom #114 and she is a Dark Complexion Lovely and the Mannequin Shape is Stylized differently with a Shoulder.

This Mannequin Gypsy Fortune Teller Gal is the same Style with Shoulder and is a Medium Complexion Lovely.  She is located in my Booth #502.   I will Create more once these Sell Out... so just lemme know here in The Land Of Blog if you went to the Mall and I was out of Gypsy Fortune Teller Mannequins!  *LOL*

I'm only working three Nights a Week now, Sunday, Tuesday and Friday Nights so those are the only days I'm usually at our Antique Mall to bring in more Merchandise.   This is a very busy time of year and there's so many Fun Autumn and Holiday Events, Shows and Activities to attend!

I also brought in some more Creepy Doll Heads since those are Selling Out fast!  I know I probably have more in the Hoarded Garages but whether or not I'll locate them in time for this Season is questionable!?  So... get yours while there's still some left is all I can say!  *Winks*


Now, every Holiday Season I tell myself that I don't really NEED any more Seasonal Decor for Home.  Yet, it seems every Holiday Season there will be some Halloween and Dia de los Muertos Delights that I just can't resist buying!  And if they're at a Bargain, well... what can I say?!   This year ROSS had a wealth of really Cool Holiday Decor on The Cheap.  So I picked up the Dia de los Muertos Frida Skully large Votive Holder {large pillar candle can sit on top of the head} and this Laveau Mysterious Curiosities Vampire Bat tall Votive Candle which is in a "Pumpkin Peppercorn" heady Scent and smells rather like a cross of Pumpkin Pies and Cinnamon Buns baking.

Along with three really Nice large Dia de los Muertos decorated Votive Candles with Fancy Coaster Lids in three different Delightful Scents of "Midnight Fiesta" {Exotic Spicy blend Aroma}, "Calabaza En Dulce" {Sweet West Indian Pumpkin} and "Mexican Hot Chocolate"... Yeah, the house is smelling Divine!!!   I also picked up this very heavy Vampire Bat Metal Tray with Vampire Bat Handles... every single item was under ten bucks... some way under!  Booyah!   I don't mind Big Box Store Wares if they're Fabulous and on The Cheap!

Besides, a lot of this type of Decor will not just be out for the Holidays, some of it we utilize year round since our Home is very Addams Family Style and we dig The Weird And The Wonderful year round.  *Smiles*   I also burn Candles incessantly, I like a Home to always have the Ambiance of Candlelight and the Beautiful Aromas of Scented Candles in luscious Scents drifting thru all of the rooms.

And of coarse SPIRIT STORE had the Tarot Card Votive Candles so I had to pick up a couple of those too... I got The Empress.  
The Empress sits on a throne wearing a starry crown, holding a scepter in one hand. The scepter is representative of her power over life, her crown has twelve stars representing her dominance over the year, and her throne is in the midst of a field of grain, representative of her dominion over growing things. The Empress is representative of the productivity of the subconscious, seeded by ideas. She is meant to be the embodiment of the growth of the natural world, fertility, and what one knows or believes from the heart.[1] 

And the Magician.
In the Magician's right hand is a wand raised toward heaven, the sky or the element √¶ther, while his left hand is pointing to the earth. This iconographic gesture has multiple meanings, but is endemic to the Mysteries and symbolizes divine immanence, the ability of the magician to bridge the gap between heaven and earth. On the table in front of the Magician the symbols of the four Tarot suits signify the Classical elements of earth, air, fire and water. Beneath are roses and lilies, the flos campi and lilium convallium,[a] changed into garden flowers, to show the culture of aspiration.[b][7]


Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
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I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

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