Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thoughts On Turning Sixty

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!” ~ Hunter S. Thompson

I am in unanimous Agreement with Hunter S. Thompson's Quote, it's how I've lived out my Life thus far and I doubt very much I'd change much of anything about that Sentiment!   On August 16th I will be turning 60 and I feel as tho' that is a Milestone Year and I'm very excited about it.  Mom always said anything after Sixty was Gravy and the most Liberating Years of your time on this Earth.   Mom was always a Free Spirit and particularly so after Age 60 when she threw all Caution and Inhibitions to the Wind!  *Smiles*

Before giving thoughts of random musings on turning 60, I'll tell you a little bit about Birthday Pressies I received.   My Fav being what The Man got me, another Magnolia Pearl Purse from the early years of the Line, which I Collect and aren't being Created any more.   I J'Adore the original Line of Magnolia Pearl when it was very Bohemian Glam and distinctively so, since that is just My Style of well... EVERYTHING!  *LOL*

Most come with an Antique Brooch of some kind on the flap, this didn't have one, I don't know that it ever did, but I had just the Perfect Antique Nanna Brooch to add to it, so I did.   I Love my Antique Brooches and add them to anything I possibly can that would Showcase them Beautifully and this Bag certainly Showcases this one Magnificently!!!  I also consider my Art Bag Collections as an Investment since they've all increased in Value over time... so if I ever Need ready Cash, I could hock some... or all... you just never know!

It's one of the larger Bags that can be worn Messenger Style and is covered in Cute little Minks on the front, resplendent with Heads, Tails and Feet!   Please, no Haters from PETA leaving comments, I don't Care how you Feel about me being as close to a Viking as one can get!  *LOL*  Villa Boheme has so many furs one would think Vikings did live here!  


If you don't have furs that's your prerogative, just don't force your prerogatives upon me, I have my own Thank You and wouldn't think of trying to force mine upon anyone else.  Just about all furs I have are Antique specimens and were killed before most of you were probably even born anyway... nothing any of us can do about that Fact.  One of my thoughts on turning Sixty is I find I have zero tolerance or patience for anyone trying to force any of their ways upon me or others and I don't Care how they Feel about it!  *LOL*

I have always held the personal opinion that anyone attempting to force their ways, whatever they are, upon anyone else, is practicing a form of Bullying and I have always had zero tolerance for Bullies.  I'll confront a Bully toe to toe whatever it is they're trying to force feed to me or anyone else.  I respect someone's prerogatives even if I'm not at all in Agreement with them, they have a Right to their own... likewise the rest of us do too.  Be Mature enough to just Agree to Disagree and leave it at that is my Old Age Mantra.  I don't even want to engage in discussion to change anyone's Mind about anything and I'm certainly not changing my Mind so we'd be wasting breath and time!   At this Season of Life I don't like wasting either it's all in such short supply!  *Smiles*

I asked The Force if I'm becoming an ornery Old Lady, they said No, I've always been ornery if provoked, so I didn't have to become that way.  *Winks*  I guess I've just always been Nice until someone gives me a reason not to be... then watch out!  *Ha ha ha*   Mostly I think I go thru Life Happy, perfectly Content, Zen and Tolerant of most things and just about anyone who just returns the Favor.  So how are you liking my new Vintage MP Bag so far?  This is one of the Original Labels of the Line, I always liked that the Labels changed over the years to differentiate when they were made.

On this shot you can see where it would hang in regards to the torso when you're wearing it and just how large it is.  This is a very tall Dress Form that is about a full foot and a half taller than me.   I always liked the larger MP Bags since oversized Loveliness just always Appeals to me.  I should have probably been taller, huh?  *Winks*  Actually, another Senior Thought... you come to have a total Peace of just about any dimensions of yourself because you don't Care nearly as much anymore.  Well, mebbe unless you're really Vain and as my Mom used to say, are perhaps intent on being Mutton trying to dress up as Lamb... God I Loved Mom's hilarious sayings!

I guess I Learned a lot about growing Old with Grace and yet keeping the Spirit Youthful from my Mom and my Maternal Nanna.   Both Women grew Old with such Grace and a Happy Attitude about it, knowing it was a Privilege not afforded to many.  Perhaps that is why the Lord allowed both of them to Age well into their Eighties, they did it so Well!   They also both maintained such a Youthful Spirit you just never thought of them as Old, their Spirit never Aged, it remained Constant, Youthful and Vibrant... that is what I Aspire to as well.

Here's a peek inside my new Bag just so you can see that the interior is as Lovely as the exterior, with equal attention to details and layering Beauty and luscious Vintage Fabrics and Trims.  These are the two interior pockets, both trimmed with Vintage Metallic Trims and one also trimmed with Mink.  

Here's a view of the full frontal of the Bag with the flap up... it is mos 'def a Minkfest going on!!!   I have several of the Fur MP Bags and I liked when the Line was going thru that Phase of using Natural Furs because they looked the most elegant and high end.   I got this particular Bag for a price well below what they originally cost, even way back then, so Color me Happy!

I was Delighted to find one so affordable to add to my Collection of Art Bags.   I use them and Display them as Wearable Art so I've enjoyed the Collection for many years.  Another thought on turning 60 is there are very few Wants left, I have most of what I really Want and everything I Need for the most part.  With perhaps the exception of College Funding for The G-Kid Force, but that's a whole other Post Topic for another time!  *LOL*  I suppose that came to Mind only because The Young Prince's Open House for High School was Tonight and my Mind is now Racing about College Planning!

Here's the back of my new Bag, just as visually appealing as the front.  I'm Glad I am surrounded by things that are Calming and Delight the Eyes. Because thoughts on turning Sixty and still knowing I've got about another 7 years or more of raising Children can be rather frightening and intimidating.  Especially when you've been forced into early Retirement to be a full time Caregiver to an ailing Spouse and said Children... fixed incomes and a Crazy hectic Schedule leave fewer Options!

Sure I have my little side Hobby Income of the Antique Mall Spaces and Selling Off possessions to help fund whatever might be needed, but it's not the same as having had that Successful solid Career Income rolling in!   So when we talked to the College People at the Open House and I realized what Funds I'd have to come up with up front and on the Fly so he could take advantage of a Program offered for discounted tuition while still enrolled in High School... well... I panicked more than a little bit!

Good thing one of the Pressies from The G-Force was another little Hamsa Dish for dispelling Negative Energy... coz all I could think of is how can I squeeze Tuition out of a strained Retirement Budget... schedule College Classes with transport to and fro into an already insane Calendar, since I'm the only Driver with one vehicle in the household?   Oh... and get The Man to his endless VA Doc and Specialist Appointments, plus Work my part time gig at the Antique Mall a couple Evenings a Week to comp the Space Rent?  I think I might have thrown up a little bit in my mouth actually.  Thankfully The Young Prince wants Cosmetology or IT Classes, which cost far less than other Career Fields I could never afford to put him thru!

But hey, the Little Darlings got me this Cute pair of Earrings to match my Birthday Necklace... so how can you think to refuse them anything as important as an advanced education so they can obtain gainful Employment once grown and support themselves... hopefully!?!   Especially Children with Special Needs, where it might be even more Important for them to have the Security of being less dependent upon others or being a Charity Case... by knowing they have some Skill Sets developed to make their own way in Life!

It is vitally Important to me to get them to that place where they can earn a Living and Live Independently and with Dignity... especially since Federal and State Budget Cuts axing Benefits and Services for the most Vulnerable of Society are always on the chopping block first!   I don't want them to assume anyone will ever come to their aid and take Care of them in my absence, because perhaps nobody will once I'm toes up.  So these Thoughts also come to Mind as I'm turning 60, coz, Hell... Tick-Tock Tick-Tock on getting them adequately prepared in case I'm not here for them one day!

So, if a Younger Parent seems intimidated by funding Future Needs of their College Age Kiddos, it's just Magnified for those of us who are raising our Grandchildren and preparing them for Adult Life in a similar way!!!   Seems you Need more degrees than a thermometer anymore to get any kind of decent Job or Trade, let alone a Successful Career!   Yeah, I put myself thru some College and my Employer also paid for a portion of it in order to get a two year Commitment out of me to remain employed with them.  But those were Kinder, Simpler and Gentler times... a lot has changed since the Dark Ages of my own Youth!  At least I got a lot of Cool shit I could still hock if I Needed to along the way!?  *Whew!!!*

And there certainly is a lot to Think about and Contemplate at this Milestone juncture, which I'm both Excited about and rather nervous about too.  Since I'm still in the Game of Child Rearing and Caring for a Vulnerable Adult with serious health issues and brain damage... and some days it's a LOT to Think upon and take in.  A LOT to confront and sort out in order to compartmentalize it all in such a way that I'm not more than a bit scared shitless and freakin' out a tad... that it might completely overwhelm and overtake me at this slow pace I'm now plodding along at in my Older Age!?!  *Yikes!!!*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Glad you got such loved gifts for your upcoming 60th! I prayer your birthday will be special too!!

  2. Your mom was right. The older you get, the less the reason to defend yourself. Each year after sixty is more liberating. At my age and being invisible to many, I enjoy being liberated and having few regrets.


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