Friday, August 4, 2017

The Human Magpie Effect

I am a Human Magpie, I freely admit my Bowerbird Tendencies, so I like to Display my Shiny Objects anywhere and everywhere around our Home.  Thus, I am always searching and Hunting for nice Display pieces from which to hang my Shiny Objects.   Can you spot my latest Find that serves that Purpose?  *Winks* 

Our Antique Mall, BRASS ARMADILLO WEST, is having a 15% Off Sale from Today thru Sunday and I'd been having a Love Affair with a certain Display Piece that a New Vendor had brought in and I thought would be Ideal for hanging my Bohemian Bling Necklaces from.

It is a thick plank of Old Wormwood Barnwood with a variety of Lovely Antique Doorknobs, Doorplates and Hook mounted to it.   It was also less than the cost of just a single Antique Doorknob, so getting an additional 15% Off the already low price was just a Bonus!    I just Love Salvage Creations such as this and if I don't have to make them myself, well, I won't.  *Winks*

The Vendor had Created two and this one had the Hardware I was most Attracted to.   I bought the whole thing for less than I usually see just an Ornate Antique Knob like this one Selling for, without the Doorplate!   I Collect Antique Hardware anyway but often I'm too Busy or too Lazy... or both too Busy AND too Lazy to Create my own Salvage Art Pieces.

Just look at these Amazing Knobs and Ornate Doorplates.   The Burlwood Swirl Doorknobs are a particular Favorite of mine so I was Jazzed one of them was on this Display Piece.   The Arts And Crafts Era Doorplates are always very Lovely and Ornate too.   It's a Shame that Modern Escutcheon are so bland by comparison, even in a Custom Luxury Home the Hardware is a Yawnfest of Underwhelming Boring Design.

I can Appreciate the Plain Knobs as well so long as they were Quality Made, which all of the Antique ones were.   Coupled with an Ornate Doorplate it's also quite Lovely.   I like to hang my Necklaces in plain sight both to visually Enjoy them daily and also to remember I have them daily, so they'll be worn more often!  *Smiles*

And the Antique Crystal or Glass Doorknobs, who doesn't Love those, right?  I used the excuse to pick up my Check to hit the Mall on the Morning of the first day of the Sale to ensure nobody bought this before I could get to it!  *Smiles*  Sometimes if you tarry someone can and will beat you to an item so I've learned that she who hesitates loses!

So I had the Perfect place on the Entryway Hall to hang it and load it up with some Bohemian Bling.   I got my little hammer out and installed it right away, since when I procrastinate about hanging things up, they tend to languish way too long all over the floors and propped up everywhere instead!   I am notorious for NOT hanging things up right away and quickly lose Interest in Projects and who knows when I'll get Motivated again?  *Smiles*

I had thought about either Oiling or Laquering the Old Wood but decided to leave it Weathered and As Found instead.   I Like how it looks and felt entirely too Hot and Lazy to start another Project anyway.  *Smiles*  Yes, this Humidity during the Monsoon Season saps and zaps my Energy like you wouldn't believe!  And once I've worked up a sweat doing practically Nothing, like just hanging up a Display piece, which is no Big Deal, I'm Done!  *Ha ha ha*

It is True, I'm not even Exaggerating, I actually worked up a freakin' sweat just doing this, which took all of about five minutes and not much exertion at all!  Can you only imagine what a Hot Mess I'd be if I actually tackled a considerable Project in the height of Summer Monsoon Season then?  *Bwahahahaha!!!!!!!*  And this is why I don't... ever... July thru August is typically when I do the very least possible during the entire year.

Besides, I have to Work Tonight and it is the first day of said Sale so we'll be really Busy and therefore I had to Pace myself, right?    If I'm to get thru a Shift, a Doctor's Appointment and a Shopping Spree all in one day, well, Pacing myself is crucial!  *LOL*   The Doc's appointment this Morning went very Well, for once my Diabetic numbers are going down like we want them to, Yay!!!

And Princess T's first day of School Yesterday went Fabulously she said, tho' when she got Home she was pretty Wiped Out from it all, which meant she was extra Fussy and Tired... ie: Bitchy!  *Le Sigh*   Besides, she has another loose Tooth that won't come out and she keeps fussing with and making it even more sore, which just gave her a handy excuse to melt down and have a Cryfest!  A big ole' snotty hysterical one, even tho' she'd been perfectly Fine and Excited to tell us how Great her first day had gone when she first got Home!

Yeah her Moods can still turn on a Dime like that... from ecstatic to miserable in the blink of an Eye!!!   So she felt she could not eat Dinner with this wonky Tooth that hurt... and she was hungry... and chewing on one side was NOT an option.   So I had to Dream Up a Placebo and gave her a Baby Aspirin and told her it was going to be some very Strong Medicine that would require her to eat something along with it so it wouldn't overpower her and put her instantly to Sleep!   Yeah, I can make up one helluva elaborate Story when I have to.  The Power of Suggestion is remarkable... she ate and fell fast asleep early!

But I digress, back to what else I Scored during the Sale... these two Antique Hat Forms from my Friend Michael's Booth.  He always has Killer Prices even before a Sale, so another 15% Off and Color me Happy!   Don'tcha already have some of those The Man queried?  Yep, and I Needed More I responded... he dropped the subject, there was no more to say.  *Winks*

This one is my Favorite just because of the discoloration from use and Age... the other one is more pristine, but probably just as Old.  I got them for just over Ten Bucks each... Booyah!!!   I'll buy them all day long at that price my Friends because I use them a lot to Display Vintage Hats, Santos Crowns and Tiaras.  Or sometimes I just have a Grouping of them with nothing on them since it just has that Vintage Haberdashery Look I Enjoy.

Well, I gotta get ready for Work now... head on down to the Mall to Score your own Found Treasures ON SALE!   See ya there my Friends...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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