Sunday, August 6, 2017

Spiritual Icon Motherlode

I don't know about you but I typically stumble upon the best Finds when I'm not even looking for them!?   I was Goodwill Hunting with the Mission Statement of new Wardrobe for Princess T.   Since she's growing like a Weed and thus she'd recently purged her closet of anything that didn't fit or she never wears... and that was just about everything, so now she had few clothes!   We hit the Motherlode of her Fav Brand Name Clothing, but I hit the Motherlode of Spiritual Icons by pure Serendipity!

My pulse was racing faster than a Hummingbird's when I spied the Cache of large Spiritual Iconic Statuary all lined up along the floor!!!   The price, a mere $2.99-$5.99 each and I was to be also getting my 25% Off Senior Discount off that already ridiculously low price... Booyah!!!   I was gathering them up so fast I couldn't contain myself and even pretend to be low profile and discreet about it so as not to draw undue attention!!!  *LOL*

My cart looked like I'd just looted a Catholic Church!!!  *Smiles*  In fact, I felt these all had probably been Donated by a Church and likely not out of a Private Collection, because the identifying Plaques had clearly been removed.   Each Statuary had also been venerated for many years, they resembled many of the Beautiful Old Santos from the very Old Churches and Missions.

Because of the Condition was the reason I knew they were the Real Deal, their Age quite apparent.   Also, the painting of them was Classic, the newer Religious Statuary and Icons tend to be really cheesy by comparison and I don't like them because the mass production is always so evident in how badly and sloppy they're painted.   There were two Saint Anthony of Padua with Baby Jesus identical Statues but with varied condition issues and appendage loss.

To find FOUR very large Antique Religious Statues in one Find of a Thrift Store Score is beyond Rare, in fact, in all the years I've been Collecting Iconic Religious Artifacts, it's never happened before!!!   Usually to locate this Quality and Age of Religious Collectibles you would have to be at an Antique Store and pay a Premium for them and not just a few bucks apiece!!!  These are so large they literally took up my whole cart with no room for anything else!

They are the Old Chalkware with copyright stamps but not dated and no internal wires evident.  The Saint Anne with Virgin Mary just has some paint loss but no major dings or appendage loss.   They are very heavy and you have to pick each up with two hands and only carry one at a time since they are way heavier than they look, almost like picking up a Cement Statuary!  That's another indicator of Age since Modern Chalkware tends to be particularly lightweight by comparison.

The Saint Theresa is the smallest of the quartet, she's several inches shorter than the other three.   I went back a few days in a row to ensure they weren't putting out any more because sometimes a single Donation isn't always put on the sales floor together at the same time.   I definitely sensed these were all from a single Donation, sometimes you can just tell!

While I was there my Friend John happened by and Smiled when he looked at my cart... which like I mentioned, looked like a plunder of an Old Church!  *Smiles*  What are you up to Today he asked, assuming I was trawling for Inventory for my Showroom or Booth?   Well, Believe it or not I came for clothes for the Grand-Daughter I says, there was not one piece of Child's Clothing in my cart at that particular point in time!  *LOL*  Clearly spying the Motherlode of Religious Artifacts had distracted me somewhat from my original Mission Statement!!?!??! *Bwahahahahaha!!!*  

So it seemed like a likely Story... like the poor Grandchild who'd outgrown almost all her clothes would be butt neckid' if I didn't get my Mission back on track!  *Smiles*   Don't worry... after trawling a few more Goodwill locations we filled up an entire cart and her closet with some really good quality Brand Name Clothing she J'Adores and all ON SALE from a mere 99 cents to only $3 apiece!  Most were her coveted preferred 'Justice' Brand and lemme tell ya that at the 'Justice Shop' they retail for about $25 apiece so she was as Delighted as I was to Score her Haul!  *Winks*

At first we'd hit 'Target' to buy her some brand new Jeggings and some Tops, but after seeing how spendy they all were and how few items of clothing she'd get if I paid full retail, she insisted we hit the Thrifts instead!  *Smiles*  Yep, she's a frugal smart cookie that way, she knew if we were to fill the closet with Grandma's paltry budget, we'd need to go Goodwill Hunting!!!  *Ha ha ha*  Besides, kids at School don't know and can't tell if your Designer duds were brand new or gently used... all they know is she's always The Ultimate Fashionista!   *Winks*

Okay, now back to The Spiritual Icon Motherlode Score: The first thing I'd actually spied was the Antique Crucifix under the original Cloche.  Priced at $19 it was the spendiest item but I had 25% Off with my Senior Discount and these typically sell for around $80+ when you can even find the Real Deal Antique ones with undamaged Cloche Domes and all the parts of this type of Crucifix intact.  So I didn't waffle even tho' for Thrift pricing it was "up there" and clearly recognized as something with actual Value. 

Now I don't know what utter Madness befell the Goodwill Employee that taped the Antique Cloche, but they absolutely lost their Mind with the taping of it and went berserk!   I may never get all the tape and residue off the fragile Glass Dome, so I'll be working on it as Revelation comes to me on how best to get it all carefully off?!?   I already removed a huge mound of tape before I took this Image, you can still see tape residue, which looks like light glare in the pix, all over it. 

So that was my Epic Haul whilst actually looking for clothing for the Grandchild!  I will not be Selling off these Finds, they have been added to my Private Collection of Antique Religious Artifacts and Statuary.   Sorry, tho' I have Sold Off some in the Past, at the Present I'm Content with Keeping the remainder of my Antique Religious Collectibles for now.   Every so often I do purge some... but mostly and generally I still have a strong preference for Decorating with them around our Home.

The Statues all ended up on the Fireplace Mantle in our Boudoir... our Room has actually not even remotely begun to be properly Styled and I don't know why I keep procrastinating about it already two years in!?   We spend a lot of Restful time there so I Imagined I would get it done first, but I just haven't.  Mostly because I don't have a defined Vision yet of what exactly I want our Boudoir to be Styled like?  And Secondly, I've been procrastinating a lot lately on Decorating and Styling in general!

In fact, procrastination of Housekeeping in general has occurred yet again and everything is back to being in a state of disarray and cluttered up.   I have tiny Hoarded piles of stuff seemingly everywhere again... some mine... some belongs to the other culprits in the Home that haven't put their shit away either!  So, we're all equally Guilty and equally Lazy about getting around to it... Pray for us!   And... if you think you might be coming over for an unannounced visit, please don't, you'll give me a Heart Attack with the Shame and Embarrassment of it all!  *Winks*

But hey, I've kept up on the Exterior, well, at least in Front where the HOA might Care. *Winks*    And the Front Courtyard leading up to the Front Door looks presentable and didn't all die off during the heat of the Summer... tho' about half of it unfortunately did!   So nobody could guess what a Hot Mess our Interior Living Spaces looks by the Exterior of Villa Boheme', they might even think we have it all together!?!   *Bwahahahahahahaha!!!*

And my Beloved, and almost Impossible to Source, Queen's Wreath Vine is thriving and I couldn't be more Delighted about that and cannot wait until it Blooms!!!   I had worried about how fragile and frail it was when I bought it, the only one I could even Find at ANY Plant Nursery in the Valley actually and they discounted it because it looked like it might not Survive!?!  I Nurtured it attentively until it took hold, once Mature they are hardy and Wonderfully Invasive about creeping everywhere and blanketing their habitat!  How do you like my Jury Rigged Trellis made out of an Old Metal Gate?  *LOL* 

And I also Scored an Old Metal Ice Chest, which The Man insisted and reminded me that we didn't Need... but since when has that stopped me from buying Cool shit, right?  *Winks*   Besides, when I go Grocery Shopping, especially during the heat of Summer, I DO NEED Ice Chests for the perishables or frozen goods, so there!   And nothing keeps them as Cool as the Vintage Ice Chests, you don't even Need Ice!   Besides, I could flip this for 3x what I paid for it, so... nuff said, it's an Investment too!!!   *Winks*

And the big ole' bundle of Peacock Feathers that I Scored for three bucks, what Need did I have for those?  Well... why None at all my Friends, does anyone ever Need an Excuse to have MORE Peacock Feathers after all... I think NOT!  So, those, I got JUST BECAUSE!!!   *Winks*


Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh I can just imagine your thrill when seeing the religious figures! I have had success using fingernail polish remover to get off sticker residue. I love your Queens wreath vine! I guess in your location you can leave that out all year!

    1. Thanks for the tip! And yes, my Vines can do well year round, the extreme heat here, especially against White Stucco, can be harsh for them tho'.

  2. OH my gosh, Dawn! You really did score on the statuary. I have wanted to start a collection for such a long time, envying those I see in Jeanne D'Arc. And I'm a Methodist - LOL! But, there is something so serene in the faces, and when they've been loved, cherished and venerated such as these you're showing, they're just that more special. WOW! Hope your Grand kids have a good start to their school year.

    1. I am nondenominational in Faith myself but the Catholic Spiritual Art is so Beautiful and brings such a sense of Peace and Sacred Protection.


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