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I have a bad habit of magnifying how much work will be involved in various Projects to the point that I put them off too long, assuming it's going to be this Big Deal to get it Done.   In reality, after all the protracted delays and procrastination, it usually turns out that my magnification was an erroneous perception and it was no Big Deal after all!  It usually turns out that it was far less overwhelming than I imagined it would be!!!  And then I feel foolish for putting it off and avoiding it for so long, building up needless anxiety and angst!!!

It actuality, the putting it off part was the most excruciating part of it, not the Doing of it!   Case in point, my 1800's Antique Botanicals I had put off hanging behind this computer desk in the Library for much too long.  Simply because I thought I would have to move the desk and all the electronic devices in order to hang them up.  Turns out, on a small step stool, I could easily lean over the desk and equipment and hang them all up effortlessly, took about 20 minutes!  So I had drawn out a 20 minute Project for Months due to an erroneous perception of the amount of work involved!!!

But I really like how it turned out.   So the last few Botanicals I still need to hang up somewhere else, I'm not as intimidated by the prospect of the balance of the Project now.   In fact, the momentum I built up cleaning up, organizing and tidying the entire Downstairs turned out to be far less overwhelming than I'd blown it up and out of proportion to be in my Head!  

 I'd been so overwhelmed by the perceived scale of the clean-up that I hadn't done anything for a while, almost paralyzed by the dread I felt about it.  I'd look around and it all seemed so epic and trashed, when in fact, it was all superficial and didn't take long at all!

In reality nothing was all that bad, visually I'd just overwhelmed myself by the panoramic scale of it all, which seemed vast and intimidating.   It seemed like too much and so I had put off tackling it.   And yet it all bothered me to not get around to it, constantly, it tormented me daily to not have it all just Done.  And after I got it all Done and it wasn't so bad to even do the entire Project in one fell swoop in a matter of just a few hours, I felt positively victorious!   It felt so good, great Positive Energy instead of the Negative Energy of having a Mess and Hating every minute of being surrounded by it.

Having yet another set of intended Projects completed also buoyed my Spirit considerably because finally each room was coming together and looking more complete.   Who knew that merely hanging up ten Botanicals in a single room would have that much of a Positive Effect and impact, but it did!   It leaves me wanting to Do more and Finish more that has been put off for too long!   Now I am also more able to keep on top of everything and hopefully keep it from backsliding into Chaos again!?!

Yes, there are a few random things out of place, like the large Cloche on the floor beside my computer desk, since it doesn't have a final resting place yet and I want it somewhere it's protected from breakage.   And that long Votive row of Candles in front of the Fireplace will eventually end up in the Meditation Room where it belongs.   BTW I Scored that Votive Holder for a mere Nine Bucks and it still had the original Retail price sticker for Forty Bucks!  Not a single Candle of the dozen of them has been lit, it's like New.

This room gets used a lot since it's the Office and Library so it was one of the first rooms I concentrated my efforts on trying to finish.  With the exception of hanging some ambient lighting and taking a few things out in due time, it's now Done and that Feels Good!!!   Oddly, when we bought the Home this was one of my least favorite of all the rooms Downstairs, because it had fitted carpeting and I'm not a huge fan of that, I prefer Hardwood or Tile floors and Persian Rugs underfoot. 

I wasn't actually certain what the room's Purpose would initially even be.  I know I didn't make Traditional choices for many of the Downstairs rooms compared to what I'd seen this floor plan's use as in Realtor Listings.  But I'm very pleased with the outcome of this being the Office and Library because it's so separate from most of the other most used rooms of the Home so it's very secluded and quiet.

When I'm in here working or reading I'm not disturbed by what else might be going on in other rooms of the Home and that's nice.   This is also a room Princess T likes to spend a lot of time using, it lends itself well to reading and to computer use so we often take turns monopolizing this room.  *Smiles*

You can see the few Botanicals I have yet to hang up, leaning against the Library Bookcase Ladder.   I have now filled up my Bookcase and so I'll probably look for a smaller version that will go under one of the windows and only be about two shelves high.   We Love Books and almost all of these are Decorator Books for Room Design and Styling, which I'm Passionate about.

It's just a nice comfortable room to work or hang out in and has a soothing ambiance about it.  If I could manage to Create that atmosphere in every room of our Home I will try to.   Of coarse for me function isn't always paramount, one of my Favorite rooms in Villa Boheme' is actually one of the least used because it's been Transformed into a Formal Dining Room and we almost never Formally Dine!  *LOL*  

 But as my Dear Ole' Mom always said, it's perfectly Okay to have a room that is just Pretty even if you don't have much Use for it.  To her any Beautiful Space was never a Waste of Space... it's Purpose was therefore to just buoy the Spirit Visually and be Pure Eye Candy or a Fantasy Space come to Life.

I remember while growing up that we often had rooms like that, just a Beautiful Space that might not have been the most used of any of the rooms, but certainly always was stunningly Decorated and Styled to Perfection.  So it felt Luxurious and I Loved having any Space in our Home that was Opulent and Beauty for the sake of Beauty.  I remember Mom used to scoff at 'experts' that would talk of Wasted Space in a Home because it was rarely 'Used'.  She said that was like saying any Natural Space Outdoors is a complete Waste of Space if Humans aren't occupying and using it all of the time!

I make any room as functional as possible, but it doesn't have to be used nonstop for me to feel like it's still got value to me or to others beholding it or being Inspired by it.   Perhaps for some people utility is paramount for any space they have.  But to me having Beautiful spaces regardless of how much use they do or don't have is equally important.  This is the nicest Home we've ever owned and it's able to showcase what we have so Beautifully that I'm totally enjoying my stuff here.

And there is enough room that I didn't have to get rid of so much of my stuff that I felt Anxiety about what I Needed to Edit and to Purge in order to curate what we have.   In time I am certain I'll have less and I'm Okay with that Process, however long it will take, but at least as I'm embracing that Process I can enjoy what I have currently with ample space for it.

I have thought about the Future, if we decided to downsize considerably what would I have to eventually get rid of?  How much of that Process would bother me or be particularly difficult?   I'm not sure since that will be in the Future and who knows how I'll Feel by then?   I've had a little and I've had a lot... either way I've been equally Content so the volume of possessions has never been the Contentment Factor anyway.

However, over Time our Home is more Attractive now because we've upgraded to nicer possessions as we were able to.   I no longer have cinderblock furniture, remember that... when all you needed was that Good Stereo and Speakers up on a makeshift Entertainment Center of cinderblock and planks?!  *LOL*  When I think back upon the Minimalistic Lifestyle I Lived for my entire Nomadic existence just so I could move easily and often, it wasn't so bad.

In fact it was a whole lot less work and rarely messy because you actually have to own possessions to have a mess and we barely had any!  *LOL*   I think back in those days I could pack up and move in about an hour and everything we owned could fit in the back seat of my vehicle!  *Smiles*  And there were places I lived that were furnished so I didn't even actually own any furnishings of my own.

So Yeah, it's way different than the Old Days... and I'm rather enjoying my Maximalist Phase of Life even while downsizing possessions constantly.  And if I could just stop that magnification habit I'd get a lot more done without imagining how overwhelming it all is.   Because once tackled and dealt with, the victorious feeling is quite intoxicating and I'm rather basking in it right now!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Your library/office is beautiful! Love what you did with those botanical prints, and your other collections are shown off so nicely as well. Very cool things you have displayed, Dawn.


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