Friday, August 11, 2017

Johnny Was ~ To Get My Mind Off What Is

My new Favorite Designer is Biya Ramar of the 'Johnny Was' Line, it's Urban Luxury Bohemian Vibe is just My Style, I think I NEED this Velvet Jacket!  *LOL*  When I took The Young Prince to Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall they had one of the Boutiques there and even tho' sticker shock was considerable, I'd still want a couple anchor pieces for my Wardrobe one day... add it to the Wish List!

The big oversized Boho Velvet Floor Pillows were Sublime too... I think I NEED one of those as well, put it on the ole' Wish List too, why not?!  *Smiles*   In fact, fantasizing about 'Johnny Was' helped me to get my Mind off what IS.  What IS, well, I've been in a Funk lately where the disorganization and disarray of the Home has been bothering me more than usual... but not enough to actually DO something about it!

I don't even know why my Head Space is such lately that I'm procrastinating about anything that even resembles Work at all no matter how bothered I am that things aren't Orderly, Tidy and less Chaotic or Cluttered?!?   Perhaps it's because I know it wouldn't actually STAY that way for long no matter how much time and effort I put into it.  That is, IF I had an ounce of ambition and motivation in my Being to actually DO any of it, which I don't so it stays As Is even tho' it bothers and torments me!

Here's a pix of Biya Ramar, the Designer, no Wonder I was drawn to her Line, huh?  *Smiles*   Loving her Colorful Braids and Laid Back Spirit and Style, tho' clearly her Home is in less of a Crisis than my own!   I always Imagine that everyone's Home is probably in less of a Crisis than my own... since most people seem to be capable and able to keep their Homes Tidier and Organized... I constantly fail at that miserably!

I get Overwhelmed very easily when things are Chaotic and have no Order, it seems to short circuit my Brain or something.   And yet, when you live with other people and it doesn't seem to bother them, you could be fighting a losing battle to Maintain Order and Organization to your preferred Standard.   I'm not rigid, obsessed or fanatical about Housekeeping, I've never been a Domestic Goddess and likely never will become one and I'm Okay with that part.  I'd just like to finally feel DONE with getting the Home in Order and Tidied Up... is it ever Done I Wonder?

So it just Feels endless, pointless and rather intimidating most of the time, when I take it all in at a glance and see the magnitude of what Needs to be Done and isn't getting Done!!!   Just taking one bite out of the Elephant in the room might sound like the most Logical Solution to not having it Overwhelm me, but I'd still be Aware that I Needed to eat that whole damned Beast eventually... so... doesn't Help much!  I don't even Feel hungry so even the first bite isn't Appealing, you know?!  *Winks*


Fact is, I loathe Housekeeping and yet it always seems to be a Constant, a huge overwhelming one in fact, all of the time.   So, instead of Cleaning until I drop, well... I just opted for The Mall and to Enjoy 'Johnny Was', to get my Mind off what IS instead.  And since Princess T is now Obsessed with the fact she has no Mehndi and is Fixated on mine and her Brother's, well, good enough Excuse to Escape to the Mall Tomorrow too and put off once again what I don't really ever Want to get around to!  Works for me... since I seriously doubt that on my deathbed I am likely to ever be heard saying, "Sure Wish I'd spent more Time housekeeping... coz damn I regret that I'm leaving this World with the house a hot mess!"   *Bwahahahahaaha!!!*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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