Saturday, July 29, 2017

Turning A Lemons Day Into a Lemonade Day

The day did not begin well, I had one down sick... since Princess T has apparently had one of those adverse reactions to all the Immunizations she had to have before School begins and it gave her a mild dose of the Flu... The Man was struggling with his Mood regulation and was in a Blue Funk... and The Young Prince was having a Mental Health Day!!!   Yep, the Trifecta of Misery befell them all at Home, so since The Princess wanted to sleep hers off... Grandpa didn't mind being left alone to babysit her because he didn't want to be around people or do anything anyway... I opted to take The Young Prince out to Cheer him up while the other two rested at Home.  We headed for the Zoo nearby... that annual Pass has already deemed itself to be Priceless!

Even if you're not in a Good Head Space, being around Nature has a way of Uplifting you and bringing you back to Center.   Though there are loads of animals at the Zoo, my Grandson's Favorites are the Marine Life and Birds so we spent almost all of our time there viewing what he likes to visit with.   Many of the Flamingo Eggs from our last visit had hatched and fuzzy White Baby Flamingos were everywhere mingling with the Adults.  It is always nice to see all of the new Babies at the Zoo, this has been a prolific Spring and early Summer for all of the Wildlife there.   This West side Zoo is known to be a Successful Breeding Zoo so they always have a lot of Babies and it's quite an attraction to see so many Young of the Zoo's Residents.

We timed it just right Today to feed the Lorry Birds, very Beautiful and Friendly Birds that are quite Sociable so long as the Humans are bearing Fresh Apples!  *Smiles*   There were some of the Species with Bright Red Heads but the ones that came to Feed from The Young Prince were the Lovely Violet Head Variety.  Some people weren't as patient and the Birds tended to gravitate to the Humans that weren't trying too hard, so they flocked to my Grandson, who allowed them to initiate contact and stayed Calmer while they interacted with him.   I could tell it had put him in a much Cheerier Mood to be around the Wildlife, they really do have a Calming Effect upon you and reminds you why the Simple things in Life are so Great to Experience and surprisingly Therapeutic.  

Our Quiet Times Together and Walking around the Zoo are perfect opportunities to just Talk as well... and just discuss everything and anything.   We discussed Issues Deep and those superficially just Fun.   He is a virtual encyclopedia of Wildlife and Marine Trivia... I don't know how he knows so much about various Species!?!   He absorbs knowledge like a sponge if he's engaged with the Topic and Interested in it.   He has always had a fascination with Zoology and Marine Biology, I wouldn't be surprised if he pursued them into Adulthood.   They have Volunteers at the Zoo and I'd like to see at what age they allow you to Volunteer and see if he might be interested in that since it's so close to Home?

Look at these Sweet and Beautiful little Guys with their chops filled with Apple!  *Smiles*   The layers of Color of their Feathers is Magnificent and each Bird seemed to have slight variations that made them distinctive as individuals.   My Dad used to breed Exotic Birds and Exotic Fish as a Hobby, and Sold them to Pet Shops, so I grew up around the Raising of them and learned a lot from him over the years.  Sometimes I'm astounded at how much I still remember about the various Species Dad had Raised and Cared for over the years!!!  He had excellent Success with some Species that were notoriously difficult to Breed in captivity.

We knew there were likely to be Monsoon Storms later in the day so we only spent part of the early Afternoon at the Zoo.   I needed to stop by the Antique Mall and drop off the Dress Form I was Selling Off.  The Young Prince had been invited to a Sleepover at a Friend's Home in the Old Neighborhood and I'll pick him up Tomorrow Night after my Shift at the Antique Mall.   We had Lunch and Dinner while out... I always look forward to visiting our Favorite Haunts in the Old Neighborhood and running into Old Friends everywhere and visiting with them.

One of the Combo Plates at Raul & Theresa's is always way more food than I can consume, so there were plenty of delish leftovers to bring Home for another whole meal.   This one has the Cheese Enchiladas, Pork Tamale, Shredded Beef Street Taco, Spanish Rice, Chips, Salsa and spiced Whole Beans.  The Man and Princess T told me what they wanted for Take-Out from their Fav Restaurants in the Old Hood... so as it was storming we sat Home Tonight just enjoying a great knosh!  Nom-Nom!!!  *Smiles*

I picked up this Sweet Little Edison Bulb Mini Chandie at our Antique Mall... this Vendor Upcycles Old Lamp and Retro Kitchen Parts and Creates Interesting Chandies from them.   New Villa Boheme' is bathed in tons of Natural Light during the daytime.   But being a large spacious Home with very high Cathedral Ceilings, at Night I need more Ambient Lighting to be suspended from several rooms to light it up to the degree I prefer.  So I've been accumulating Lighting and Shades I Love so that we can Group them in varying heights from ceilings of various rooms eventually.

We also picked up some inexpensive Titanium Aura Geode Specimens from the Rock Guy's Booth.   We've been Rock Hounds from as far back as I can recall and always add to our Display Collections any Rocks we either Find or Buy that we think are particularly Beautiful or Interesting.   I utilize many Stones and Crystals in my Meditation Spaces or to wear as Jewelry.

I still Love the Antique Sewing Drawers this Vendor has, but it's the whole complete Machine and Cabinet and I don't need anything that large just for a Display piece that wouldn't have any real Function.   But I sure would Love to have all the drawers... so if the Vendor cannot Sell it complete and decides to part it out and Sell it for the sum of it's parts, I'm Down for the Drawers!  I have found that parting out certain larger pieces like Antique Sewing Machines and their Cabinets is more profitable and practical actually.  People can then Display Modest sized items from it, use practical items from it and re-purpose other parts for Creating Interesting Stands for Tables etc. from the Wrought Iron Base.    Complete, tho' Rare to find them that way in Good condition, is a tough Sell from my own Observation and Experience and waiting for that Buyer can take a mighty long time.

Love this Old Metal Medical Cabinet but it's as heavy as a Boat Anchor and thus I'd never get it Upstairs where I'd want for it to be used.  *Le Sigh*  I'd want it to Display Cabinet Of Curiosities Collections in the Meditation Room Upstairs.   I've thought about springing for it, but don't know who or how I'd find a way to get it where it needed to end up here at New Villa Boheme'?   It is not a one Old Woman job so I've hesitated on purchasing something that I wouldn't be able to wrangle on my own effectively and safely.   That said, we turned a Lemons kinda day into a Lemonade kinda day and it all worked out quite Well in the end. 


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Glad you had a good time at the zoo. Sharing your time with wildlife can be therapeutic. The birds look very colourful.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  2. Oh I do love those gorgeous geode's! And I keep looking fora sewing machine drawer or two. I don't have any!

  3. The birds are so beautiful, and so are those geodes. . .What a way to spend a day, surrounded by all that beauty!


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