Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Rainbows, Buttercups And Unicorn Farts

Life is rarely always Rainbows, Buttercups and Unicorn Farts, but sometimes things just work out.   We've had a couple of consecutive days like that in dealing with The Man's significant Medical Needs thru the Local VA, nothing could have gone any better actually and the relief I feel is Epic!!!   Because previously it has not always gone like that, so I had my War Paint on just in case!  *Winks*

It was Nice to finally have Staff Partnering with me to get him the follow-up, Specialized Care and appointments he Needs in a timely manner, without having to go on the Defensive Position on his behalf!  In fact, they expedited most of them, a Pleasant Surprise!  *Yay!*   He was treated with Dignity, Patience and Respect, so his Anxiety levels diminished considerably by Day No. Two and we got an awful lot accomplished for his Care, without it taking a huge toll on him physically or emotionally.

He is Aware he Needs the Care and so much Medical intervention, but receiving it has been such an Ordeal at times that it has made him very reluctant to go thru the Process or be very Trusting of who is administering it.   The Staff over the past two days, that we've been assigned now, has instilled a level of Trust that had previously been broken, almost beyond repair.   I'm encouraged now, instead of discouraged and so angry... he's finally receiving the Treatment and Care he earned thru many years of Service to Country and deserves... so Color me Happy!

I'm very Protective of those I'm Caregiver of and so to have Medical personnel on the same page as I am about appropriate level of Care is refreshing.  To NOT have to fight the Systems of Care tooth and nail for every little thing and every inch of the way is all I've ever wanted.  To finally Receive that, well, I can't begin to tell you how much that buoyed my Spirits... it was answer to Prayer in fact!   I was sure to Praise each Nurse, Doctor and Administrative Staff Member about this being such a Positive Experience... unlike all the Negatives we've endured in the past!

Several even sincerely apologized for some of the 'sins' of the past against The Man, as they are Aware they exist and never should have while receiving Care at any VA Facility.   I think perhaps things are finally being turned around in this particular System of Care and it makes me very Happy for ALL of the Veterans and their Families.   It is a good start and I do Hope it continues... in fact, my Hope for the entire Country is that our Health Care System can be fixed sufficiently so that ALL can Receive a standard of Quality Healthcare as a basic Human Right.

I don't even like to see an Animal enduring Sickness, Disease, or extreme Disabling conditions that could lead to Death without intervention... and basic Humanitarian Aide being denied to it... never mind a Human Being!   When Care is available why withhold it and make it only available to those that can most afford it and degrade Quality of Life to mere socioeconomic status!?   The measure of a Human's Worth should not be based solely upon that individual or Family's economic and social position in relation to others... based on income, education and occupation.  But we all know that IS "The Standard" isn't it?

I Liked that these past couple of days that The Man's Worth and Value was not based solely upon what he no longer can do for his Country... but upon what he now Needs to Support the best Quality of Life in his current Condition.   When he was a Warrior and fighting the Wars they sent him to fight, he did so with Honor and Courage, his Social Value therefore was higher while he was Actively Serving.  But after 39 Years of Service he's rather a beat up Old Warrior now and Needs to be Served instead.  

I feel he's more than Earned the Right and it's Owed to him, so I've fought hard and aggressively to preserve that Right on his behalf.   I didn't feel I should have had to, but sometimes you just have to do whatever you have to do.  Because tho' others might just see a broken down Disabled Old Man wearing a crusty old Veteran's cap, with body and mind beat up by too many deployments to too many Wars in the span of almost four decades of Honorable Service to Country...  that's not what I see.

I still see my legitimate Bad Ass to the Bone War Hero!  Who has Served in the Marine Corps., the Army, the Air Force and the Dept. Of Defense.   Who has done duty as a Sniper in Special Ops serving two consecutive tours in Vietnam... a Field Medic... and kept the F-16's Fighting ready for numerous conflicts all the way thru Desert Storm.   Who is way too Humble to ever talk about the Heroic deeds he's so highly Decorated for, and which take up a huge chunk of Uniform if he were to wear all the Medals he's Earned in Combat and Service.   We're very Proud of him... and the biggest battle he's ever waged was Rehabilitating himself successfully from his Catastrophic Injuries, so he Soldiers on.  All he Needs them to do now is to have his back.  I'm Glad they did for two days in a row now!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So Happy For You Both! You both deserve it!

    1. Thank You my Friend... it turned out so well that I am very Happy with the recent Outcome!

  2. Yay! Sooo glad it went well.
    Too many feelings to write now, but your man is in my are you!
    Many virtual hugs to you two warriors. xo Jazzy Jack

  3. And the battles continue, but I know you two, "troopers" will make it. I hope the VA continues to help and cooperate. Thanks for sharing, a burden is diminished or a joy is multiplied when shared, hugs, Sandi


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