Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Night Pick-Up

So I picked up an extra Shift at our Antique Mall on Friday Nights covering for someone whose going to be on an extended Leave of Absence until November.  Working three Nights a Week is more than I really want to do, but the Family seems Okay with fending for themselves for my short part-time Evening Shifts. So we're rolling with it, since it's only temporary and will help earn some extra Cash for the Holidays.

We have several new Vendors, one Young College Aged Guy has a Booth with some Amazing Vintage Local History pieces.   This 1931 Wall Map of Maricopa County is Awesome, since it shows how much the Metro Phoenix Area has grown since then.   If I could afford this piece I'd get it and hang it as an Anchor Piece for a room.  It's huge and has Aged to a Lovely Sepia Hue and has Wooden dowels on each end.  You just never find pieces like this very often anymore outside of a Museum.

But Killer pieces like this don't come Cheap and so this would have to be for the consummate Collector with much deeper pockets than Your's Truly!  *Le Sigh*  But I do like to see this quality of Merchandise hit the Mall and I always like to Imagine where each Vendor might Source such things?   I have to Confess I get Green with Envy when anyone can go on Mega Picks all over the Country or Internationally, it's not something I have the Luxury of doing, but I'd sure like to!!!

To be able to Source the Exceptionally Good Stuff you have to possess the financial Resources, cultivate the Contacts and have the Time plus the Freedom to Travel.  Alas, I fall short on all those things with my particular situation such that it is.   But the Thrill Of The Hunt would be Magnified if I could... so my Imagination likes to consider where certain Fab Inventory might have come from and how it was Found?!?   I'm sure the Open Road Stories of the Pickers who Sourced it and provenance of the items are as Awesome as many of the pieces themselves!?

We did bring in some more Inventory for the New Showroom from Home.  I'm still downsizing my personal Collections so I needn't Source much anyway from anywhere else.   I'm hoping by the end of the Year to have gone thru every Storage Box and Crate that has yet to be unpacked since the Big Move and purge most of it.   I'm making good headway even tho' Summer's Heat prohibits spending any time IN the Hoarded Garages since they aren't air conditioned.

I'll usually just drag one Box or Crate at a time inside the house in the early Morning hours and go thru it.   Which is a much slower process than when I could sit in the Garages with the Garage Doors open and just plow thru things comfortably for hours on end if I wanted to.   There's just something about having to take a Storage Box of items somewhere else to do it that makes me lose momentum and the rhythm of Culling efficiently and effectively.

My eventual Goal of coarse is to get the Garages cleared out enough to Organize them into a Staging Space for Inventory that is Showroom bound and already Priced and sorted.   But like an extension of my Showrooms instead of the Hot Mess that it currently all is, with things just packed up from the Big Move and after two years of being that way, I don't have a Clue what is in any of the Containers anymore?!???!   *Smiles*

And eventually... the Long Term Goal will be to have all of my Personal Possessions completely Culled, Edited and Purged.   So that anything I am Sourcing is specifically for the Showrooms and to Sell exclusively.  That way The Thrill Of The Hunt has more direction and Purpose... not so random as it presently just is.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Congratulations on making headway to your goal! You could put an a/c unit in your garage and use it year round!

    1. I know, I've been thinking of the best way to have one installed, with our HOA you have to get approval for a lot of construction changes that are visible from the exteriors of the Homes.

  2. Life is a journey, I have ignored my stashes in the basement of my mom's stuff. I think the new booth looks great, and clearly you have a goldmine stash. Good luck and keep going and then come here and do mine. Grins, Sandi


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