Saturday, June 3, 2017

What Are You Trying To Convey?

Sometimes I get very Deep inside my own Head, thoughts so random I wonder where they're coming from?   What triggered a Topic, what are you trying to convey?   Sometimes I don't have a Clue, I just feel compelled to write... and I don't even know about what?  Or why?  In the randomness and spontaneity of it there has to be Purpose of some kind, though it often eludes me, at least in the moment it's manifesting from God knows where?

It wasn't there a Moment ago, no thought towards it whatsoever, until I sit down here, to Blog, that's how many Posts just evolve.  And it's also why I Love Blogging as a Creative Outlet, as a Platform for anything and everything that comes to Mind and needs or simply wants expression.  It means nothing and sometimes it means everything, at least in the Moment.   Who I was Yesterday is sometimes so very different from who I am Today, depending on how Life unfolded and thus the Posts evolve constantly, as I grow and change.

I suppose that is why if someone has been absent for a while I don't feel they even know me anymore... or I them.   The only constant is Change and it's all around us, unfolding all of the time and shaping us, molding us.   I wondered about Nostalgia, why is it so Sweet and why do we block out what might not have been so rosy in the Remembering of anything?  I am a Nostalgic person and so I often like to take those strolls down Memory Lane while being Present somewhere that triggers that Memory of the Past.  Yet in the Present has often Changed drastically from how it was... and now just is.

Part of the Nostalgia is in the Missing of what was... and now isn't... a Sentimental longing... a wistful affection of the Past.  I recently contemplated that when something or someone has been gone long enough, and those with the personal Memory attached to it or them are now gone too... it's almost as if it or they never existed.  Because nobody is left to Remember the actual thing, the actual place, the actual person... there may not even be documented remnants left as evidence of the existence.  I find that to be rather Sad and tragic in many ways.

Perhaps that is why I have a deep Affection for that which has Survived over Time and still exists.  Is a last bastion of what was, reminding us of a Past that might not really be Remembered anymore by anyone still living!?  Buildings that are older than any living person left on this Earth.  That others of long gone Generations walked upon the floors of and did Life within the walls of.  Echoes of the Past still resounding in the Present, because they have not been erased like everything else around them.

The Soul of a place can be evident and I wonder if it is because the Souls that spent Time there have a residual Energy that just changed form?  Because I do believe that Energy never dies it just transforms.  Getting very Deep inside my own Head I often think about such random thoughts of which there really are no answers.  Just my own speculation about the Mysteries of Life... Death... everything and how it relates to everything else.

I don't even need solid Proof, in fact, the less Proof there is of something the more intriguing it actually is for me to contemplate.  Some people do believe they have all the answers, I happen to not be one of those people.  I find it to be arrogant... there are things I know and many things I don't know and I have no delusions of being all knowing.  If someone is pontificating about their opinions I find it to be rather amusing, though not always very accurate... as they might like to believe it is.  I don't engage in an argument or debate of the Topic though, I don't need to be right and I don't Care if they are... or aren't, actually.

So many things are passed off as Truths... but are they?  Sometimes it's pure Speculation... or Opinion... or propaganda... or set of beliefs... and not actually a Truth.  And that Alternative Truth and Facts thing, how ridiculous... either something is True or Factual... or it's not.   Or maybe some think it is... and thus for them perhaps it is True or Factual only because of that perception they hold about it and actually believe, given their own conclusions?  What I believe can be subject to Change as well... because I'm open to the possibility I could have believed incorrectly and was wrong... and I'm okay with that.

I have actually been Wrong at times in my Life, I will probably be Wrong again at some point and admitting that doesn't take a whole lot of humility.  There are some things I Believe very Deeply though and they are not likely to Change very much, if at all.  Those are the Core Beliefs and a more solid foundation that are meaningful to me personally and thus anchor me during my Journey thru my Life.   I've seen people with no apparent anchor and they do tend to drift all over the place, which they might be okay with, I would not be, so for me getting back to Center when I drift off course is important.

I have been reading and following many types of Blogs lately, conveying many things, positive or negative.   I Enjoy reading as much as I do writing, I don't even have to agree with what I read, nor does anyone else have to agree with what I write, it's okay.   I don't happen to thrive on controversy or even being controversial, though sometimes I find that I'm tempted to push the ticket into that territory every now and again because I'm not much of a Conformist either.  I refuse to follow a herd mentality, especially if they're heading towards a cliff or I realize I'm just not part of that herd and where they're heading regardless of where it takes them!

  In fact, I abhor Conforming, it's so boring, so not True to Self really... to be told how to Be.  Even if it's in direct opposition to how you actually Are!   I can be compliant to what makes sense and be obedient to what matters, like Laws, even if on occasion I don't totally agree with some of them.  It's not as if I don't have a moral compass, even if I can be a rebel if I have a Cause to be.  Society does need some measure of Order and mutual respect.   I do find nowadays tho' that the Order and mutual respect seems to be waning... and that's unsettling because it disrupts Harmony.

It does appear that some have been living behind a facade of who they really were and now suddenly being True to Self they are exposed and it isn't always Pretty.  Life isn't always Pretty though and people aren't always what they appear to Be.  Eventually tho' the cracks in the facade will give us glimpses of the Real person, the Authentic Self of who they just Are.   Sometimes it is Lovely and sometimes it is Unlovely... they have to reconcile themselves with how that fits in their World and if Change will alter them for better or for worse? 

Choosing a side, people tend to feel that you simply must... always... choose.  That it's totally unacceptable to be Neutral or feel that neither side is for you.  I found that to be the case in this most recent crazy election, you had to be for one party or the other... or be vilified for rejecting both as unacceptable to you.  Neither was acceptable to me personally and that was my Right not to choose any side that I would absolutely NOT have a Peace about aligning myself with.  I Believed BOTH were Bad choices, that was my personal assessment and I still stand by it.  I thought either outcome would be unfavorable and that was disheartening more than you could know.   Because if you were on a side, and firmly aligned yourself to it, I at least Imagine you Believed it was a favorable one?

I would have liked to have had a choice I Believed to be favorable, I really would have liked that viable option.  Rather than an ensuing shitshow in Leadership of a Nation I Love and questionable Leaders being offered up.  Rather than being told I should then choose the "lesser of two evils", as some put it, in order to sway you to choose a side... any side!   But my conscience wouldn't let me... and so I suppose what I'm trying to convey Today is that I have to be True to Self about many, many things as Life unfolds... and I Hope you do too.  Unswayed by coercion, judgment, blaming or popular Opinion... standing upon your own Principals and Beliefs, whatever they happen to be... Right, Wrong or Indifferent.  Because if you don't Stand for something, it is absolutely True you might fall for anything and end up on somebody else's Platform as their malleable Pawn.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love reading your posts, Dawn. You are so open with your feelings, and always seem to be true to yourself. That was one thing my father always stressed was important in life, and he was so right. By the way, great photos today!

    1. I agree with your Dad, it was something our Family stressed as well, being Authentic and also Kind. I'm glad you Enjoyed some of the same Imagery that always Inspires me too and the Topic of the day. Dawn... The Bohemian


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