Tuesday, June 13, 2017

This, That, And The Other... But Mostly The Other

I have been doing a lot of this and that... but mostly the Other lately.  By the Other I mean those things that I haven't done before, I'm ready to do things I haven't done before.   I've gone thru those phases in the Past but it's been a while since I've taken the plunge to just do things I haven't done before... or just do again those things I've felt pulled towards Experiencing again.  It doesn't have to be big things, just different things... Change.

I am of the opinion that we go thru Life Cycles and right now I'm in my Change Cycle, where I'm ready to just make a lot of them, intentionally.  In some Life Cycles I'm rather opposed to Change because it's just not Time yet for them and I can therefore be Content to keep things the same, for however long it takes before a Change Cycle hits.  I need to be moved out of my Comfort Zone regularly actually, I know this about me.

For me anyway, I tend to get restless when I'm nearing a Change Cycle so I know it's coming and I try not to ever Resist, though I have in the Past so it's been my Process to learn not to.  That Urge to just Change things up and Experience things I've probably not done before is internally manifesting.   When what IS no longer Satisfies me I am ready and willing to Change, small Changes, big Changes, really any Changes, even Extreme ones.   

I think that Change can be very Exciting once you get over any and all hesitancy or fears that might be holding you back from it... from the embracing of Change.   To lose all Inhibitions about what you want to Change, need to Change, or just want to Experience, perhaps for the first time... or perhaps again after a long dormancy or hiatus.  I can Deal with Change a whole lot better than I can Deal with Restlessness you see... so it's just easier to go ahead and make Changes than continue to be Restless about not making them.

The Death and mourning period, so to speak, of what WAS can keep you holding onto anything past when you should have moved on, moved forward, buried it and laid it to rest, Changed and had that important Metamorphosis.   After all, if Caterpillars refused to Change we wouldn't have Butterflies would we?  But they can never be Caterpillars again, that Cycle is finished and they're a new Creature and Creation now after having Changed to Be what they should Be NOW in their Life Cycle.

The Seasons of Life can be very Mysterious indeed, after all, we only move thru them this one time and so we never know quite what to really expect as we enter each one, each phase and Metamorphosis taking place first within, then externally.   I happen to be having a lot of Fun with this Season of Life, I personally Believe, for me anyway, it's the Best Season of Life ever!   Being a Senior is a Season of Life I didn't realize I would embrace and Enjoy quite this much actually!  Who knew having the privilege of Growing Old could be such Fun and so extremely Liberating?  For Rebellious Types Liberation is FUN indeed!

I've never been much of an Inhibited person anyway, but in my Senior Years I'm a helluva lot less Inhibited, so that trait has just been Magnified with Age!  *LOL*  Mebbe it's not that way for everyone, but for me it has been and I am quite certain it was for many of the Females in my lineage since as they Aged they just seemed to get better and even bolder.   They seemed all the more Confident and all the more Comfortable in their own skin.   Sure, they each, as did I, have a Wonderful Youthful Season as well... I have fond Memories of my squandered Youth actually!  *Winks* 

  My Nanna and my Mom {Maternal side of the Family} were both very much like me in that they were quite Bohemian and Free Spirited, Strong Willed Women, so they never discouraged me from being one as well.  Nanna and Mom would have liked my Dreads and the Fun I'm having Experimenting with Styling them and Adorning them!  They always liked my extreme tastes in Style and Fashion... in fact, they Shared them, each in their Season and Era.  My very Theatrical Nanna got Married in a Flapper Dress, I always thought that was so Cool... but then again, Nanna was so Cool right into her 80's, my Mom too... both finished Life in their 80's and Fabulous!

I just cannot Believe I didn't Change my Hair and have them sooner, my Dreads, years ago actually rather than waiting so long!   Because I've Connected with my Hair favorably for perhaps the first time ever, rather than Hating it and having Hair Envy for anyone with 'Good' or Luxurious Hair!  Lately I've been practicing Hair Wraps like the above couple of Inspiration Images of Women that I Love the Styling and Wrapping of their Dreads.   Mine aren't as thick nor long enough yet to Coil.  But they've looked rather Cute poking up around and above the various Dread Headband Wraps I have added to my Wardrobe, like Funky little Antennae.  It's Fun and it feels Right for me going thru this Change Cycle and making some very different decisions that are just bringing me Contentment and even more Joy.

I've discarded a lot of things and will continue to discard more, detachment right now seems to be the order of the day.   I don't mind having attachments, but detaching feels very liberating too and right now the detaching from stuff is steamrolling and picking up momentum and speed.   Anything now being added is not looked at as long term, tho' it could be... it's just not expected that I might not Change it sooner, than later.  I feel rather detached right now Emotionally as well, but in a Good way, just letting people Be or letting them Go... and doing my Own Thing rather than getting embroiled in Their Thing just because they might want you engaged in it or tagging along.

People can and will do that you know, have you all tied up in Their Things at the exclusion of your Own Thing.   I tend to accommodate the People I Love and Care about at the exclusion of Self sometimes.  And as a Full Time Caregiver sometimes you just have to, no real Choice, Caregiving has to be Self Sacrificial by it's very Nature.   But sometimes Friendships can ebb and flow too and since I tend to be very Loyal, sometimes I haven't just pulled up anchor and floated on and left people behind that maybe aren't on MY Journey nor meant to be.

Maybe they're docked and not ready for anything to Change, maybe their own Journey is taking them to a different destination and there's not a lot of Shared Vision for the Future because you're going to different destinations in totally different directions.   Without Shared Vision there is ultimately Division and that's not always a bad thing, you'll just end up in different destinations that's all... different Destinies as you part ways and go your own ways.  I just happen to be following my own Destiny and that doesn't include everyone making the Journey the whole way with me... nor I with them on their Journey, where ever it might be taking them.

I didn't always accept that as Well as I do now... sometimes I'd just be eager for everyone to come along on MY Journey, come along, it'll be FUN and you'll be Great Company!   Sometimes I'd be talked into remaining on their Journey, even if it wasn't any place I really had any interest in going and wasn't MY Desired destination, just because they were Great Company!  If you've ever gone on a Journey that wasn't your own and you probably shouldn't be on, I don't have to tell you that it's not going to fit or feel Right.   What fits and feels Right for me definitely isn't for everybody... and vice versa.   I can do this and that, but mostly I'd rather be doing the Other.

There is just something about the Other that for me is Intriguing and beckons me and I'll be Restless unless I pursue it when that Change Cycle really hits hard.  It's hitting HARD right now and so at this Season of Life I don't even try to fight it at all, I quit Resisting and I just Roll right along with it.   Because Time is of the Essence when you get to those Final Seasons of Life where Experiences might be limited so you might as well Go For It more than you EVER did during the earlier Seasons.   Besides, I've always been a Go For It kinda Gal, so why Change THAT now, right?   Because I wouldn't even Want to!!!  *Winks*

So, here's to embracing Change Cycles when they come... I don't know how often yours do, mine can vary in length and in between Cycles.   So, if you're Feeling rather Restless, perhaps you're nearing one of your own too, I Suspect you could be in fact.   And taking the Leap and making the Changes, however slight or epic, is probably gonna Feel a whole lot better than remaining Restless and malcontent.   Because Contentment is great Gain, whatever you Feel Content with or about.   But by all means, have FUN on YOUR Journey, where ever it's taking you my Friends!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love the idea of a Change Cycle being a regular part of a Life Cycle.

    1. I am a firm believer of it and can track the many Cycles of Change I have moved thru in Life's Journey... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Yes, Dawn, I do become aware of the change cycles, but usually at my own instigation. Sometimes it may take years to accomplish the change I'm planning to make. And, I'll be turning 60 in July, so I am feeling that restlessness and know that I need to plan something different. I'd love to think that it will involve traveling abroad. . .

    1. Well, you're reaching that milestone just a month before me my Friend! *Smiles* And yes, travel would be wonderful, I'm having Wanderlust myself! Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I really, really, REALLY want to see your dreads!
    As for change? I'm smack in the middle of 'em! And not for the first time...

    1. I have a couple of archived Posts with the Dreads when I had the Reveal of them... Loving them more each day and Thankful that for the first time I have a Peace about and Love affair with my own hair! Dawn... The Bohemian


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