Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sweet Salvage ~ Summer Lovin' ~ Part III

Today I'm hoping to take some of the Family out to various Events around the Valley.  Of coarse it's now impossible to get The Young Prince to do anything Family related, as he quickly nears Seventeen he's got his own Interests and prefers solitary activities to hanging out with all of us.  *Smiles*  The Man, well, it's hard to get him out of his Media Chair and separated from his Beloved big screen TV, but I might be able to coax him into joining Princess T and I, it's about a 50-50 chance.  

Those odds would be better if it was just he and I on an outing.  *Smiles*  He's just never quite sure how long her Good Mood will last while we're out and about?   She's getting better at picking a Mood and sticking with it for a minute, so I've had more pleasant outings with her and we've had some quality Girl Time now that she's not quite so Moody.   But she's prone to staying up very late and sleeping in very late, so she's not even up yet and Tick-Tock.  I'd like to go back to The Sweet and also to another Event in the Far East Valley, so lots of commute time.

Today also begins the kickoff of the Heat Advisory and brutal heat wave they're predicting for temps soaring from 110-121 degrees!  The highest ever recorded is 122 and I was in Arizona in those days, this threatens to break even that record or come mighty damned close!   Natural stalls when it gets above 116, every living Creature is just very Still, conserving all energy and Birds find it hard to take flight.   Not surprising since after a certain point all Planes are grounded for the same reasons.  I could just sequester myself Indoors to ride it out, but I'm getting a bit stir crazy this Summer already, I'm not a stay Indoors type of Gal!

Plus the Truck and all the Events are Air Conditioned, so why not?  I've only gotta make it from Buildings to the Truck and back again, so I figure I can hang for those brief interludes with the ferocity of Nature going berserk and being so intense.  *Smiles*  We dragged my toasted Vine to a shadier part of the Inner Courtyard so it's been recuperating and still Blooming like crazy in spite of it's near death experience.  You almost can't keep a good Morning Glory down and tho' I know them to be invasive and a Love-Hate kinda plant, it's the only thing I knew might survive the Inner Courtyard prior to getting a Pergola installed some day.

It's times like these we Wish we did have a Pool... Yes, I know they're an expense and Maintenance obligation... but initially we looked for Homes with a Pool already installed.   One day I Hope to install a smaller Natural looking Swimming Hole kind of Water Feature to Cool off in, with a Waterfall and Grotto, but nothing that overwhelms the whole back yard or looks like a regular Pool.  I want something aesthetically pleasing that I could always switch over to a Lovely Koi Pond if one day we decide we've had enough Fun jumping in ourselves.  But that's on the Bucket List right now, just like Bora Bora and far beneath that Trip on The List.  *LOL*

I haven't even been focusing upon my Bucket List very much lately, it's just not been a very high priority to Daydream about things I can't afford for perhaps a long while, if ever.   I'm being more practical nowadays about where my Mind wanders, to possibilities that are ACTUAL possibilities in the here and now.  I've also been spending more time up in my Art Studio Loft, not Creating, but Organizing it and getting all my Supplies slowly unpacked to assess the Inventory of what I have available.   I have as much Joy just beholding all my bits and bobs as I do Creating with them.  So I've kinda been Losing myself amid the Smalls I've accumulated... and the luscious Vintage Fabrics and Trims.

I had initially thought I just might Cull some of my Artistic Supplies during the Great Edit and Purge of my Stashes of stuff, but I've since changed my Mind about the Creative Stash, I'd regret it and only have to replace it.  I haven't been adding to it and that's Progress for me, I simply have more than enough to last a good long while and Create a host of Projects I might Dream up.  I have wandered into the Realm of Paper Arts and am quite Enjoying that Journey.  I also really want to start Creating more Fabric Art, but perhaps smaller pieces like Altered Salvage Fabric Art Cuffs and such.

I've also been spending more time, during the Hot days I have to sequester myself Indoors and have some Down Time, to visiting Pinterest again.  I forgot how much I Enjoy that site and how many Inspirational Images I've Pinned, literally thousands.  I've been an avid Pinner over the years and have numerous Boards that I still Enjoy the Visual stimulation of.   I know that many have moved on from Blogging and Pinning or Facebook to Instagram and one day perhaps I'll visit that Land more often, but for now I'm content with the Online Lands I'm familiar with.

I've said it before, I don't try to keep up with Technology and overwhelm myself with upgrades and too many different sites.   I'm that way with a lot of things, I have a definite preference for only keeping that which I'm comfortable adequately Maintaining... be it Web sites, Possessions, or Relationships.  Otherwise I know if I took on too much in any of those Realms I'd risk Neglecting some, if not all, of them.  From the volume of what I know wouldn't be comfortable or possible to adequately Maintain.  You can have too much of even a Good Thing and being overwhelmed is never a Good Thing regardless of what is overwhelming you.

I think that The Man is getting restless waiting to rouse Princess T from her slumber, that Child could sleep the whole Morning away if we let her.  Usually we let her unless we have an itinerary to pursue, Today being one such day as that.   So, do we risk a potentially Grumpy Princess T if we wake the sleeping Beast who isn't yet ready to begin her day and so won't have the Joy of Jesus in her Heart yet?  *Smiles*   Or do we just sit and wait for whenever she wakes up totally Rested and perhaps in a more Pleasant and Agreeable Mood?  Those are the daily risks we take around New Villa Boheme', it's a virtual Mine Field of Moods around here.


Tho' The Young Prince woke up Cheerful and Early, two things that rarely happen!  *LOL*  But he did decline the Invitation to join us, as I knew he would, he fixed my Dreads for me and promptly disappeared again Upstairs, not to be seen again until he's hungry.  His Independence as he's Maturing is slowly taking shape and that makes me Glad.  Any time you have a Special Needs Child you are never quite sure if or when that will actually happen, usually it's not on Schedule with normal timelines of Maturity that are expected in the Growing Up Process.  He's not actually lagging too far behind Schedule tho' and without the benefit of any Psyche Meds anymore, that is nothing short of Miraculous and definitely answer to much Prayer on my part!

I am one of those tenacious ones when it comes to Prayer, so God is likely to hear the same ones several times a day from me so He might as well answer some of them to catch a Break.  *Smiles*   I'm like that with just about everything though, tenacity happens to be one of my particular strengths.  I am like a Dog with a Bone about most things I need or want... or have great Passion for.   Some people call it Obsessed, and once something becomes my Obsession, well, I'm not giving up, giving in or giving out until I get the Desired results.  Apparently I Fixate very well.  *Winks*

I was told by a couple of the Designers that in this Vignette there WAS this Mermaid statement piece that made them instantly think of me... now I Wonder what she looked like?   She Sold right away... so that's Flattering... if it was a Me Mermaid and couldn't be Resisted any longer than 5 minutes after the doors opened!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   I don't know that anyone captured the Pristine Vignette thru the Eye of their lens or not, I haven't yet seen one, so if you do, let me know so I can take a gander.

I'm still totally Obsessed with this Merman and Mermaid in my Fav Vignette.  I didn't even look at the Price of either, assuming that they'd not be within Budget and I'd already spent all that the Budget could withstand anyway.   I'm kinda Hoping they Sold by now so I don't have any undue Temptations.  I could probably Resist the Mermaid piece, Lovely as she is... but that Merman is quite Handsome and Super Creatively Cool, he might have to come Home with me.  This is why I'm bringing The Man, if he'll come, for Accountability, he rarely gets Obsessed about Decor enough to encourage me and contribute to my delinquency.  *Winks*

Of coarse right now he's Obsessing about a GPS for Father's Day and I don't quite know why?  I reminded him that my Truck already has one built in... and that both of our Smart Phones have one as well... as does The Young Prince's Smart Phone.   Besides, The Man rarely moves out of his Media Chair so it's not as if we don't know where to locate him at any point in time, right?  *LOL*  And he doesn't drive anymore or take walks by himself since he's a wander risk and gets disoriented easily.  But he's convinced he Needs a GPS System so I suppose even tho' it's not really Needed, if it makes him Happy it's easier to just buy him one and let him not ever actually use it.   I told him it would be easier to have a chip put into him should I ever lose him, you know, like they do with Pets.  *Bwahahaha!*

So I am supposing we will also make a stop at Cabelas Today as well, which is a Man's Dream Store.   I like all the Taxidermy Displays and the Live Fish Tanks... oh, and the Food Boutique Upstairs which has some great gourmet food options.  But the rest of the Store is about as boring to me as I'm sure my Events are to him, so I'll take one for the Team if he's taking one for the Team... it's only Fair.  Princess T Love both my Events and Cabelas so she'll be Golden to go to it all.

And speaking of her it's almost 10:00 am and we've all been up since about 7:30 and ready to go, so we're going to have to risk waking the Beast prematurely.   And getting her ready to roll in a hurry, which is no small feat, she takes as long as her Mommy used to.   I'm one of those 10 minutes and I'm ready to roll kinda Gals so I never understand why it takes some Gals so long?  I can get ready quicker than most Guys actually, I'm very efficient about pulling myself together fast and with no fuss.  So waiting on people who can't is rather agonizing for me, so I have been known to leave without them if they test my Patience to an extreme.  *LOL*

So it hasn't been uncommon for the Crew to be putting on their shoes and socks in the Truck or Styling their Hair in the Sun Visor Mirrors if they just couldn't seem to get it together quickly enough that I could stand it anymore.  I am not looking forward to when Princess T is old enough to want to wear Make-Up and extend the wait time as she puts on her Mascara probably one Eyelash at a time!?!  *Smiles*   She can already change ensembles three different times before we roll her out the door and agonize about Hair accessories like it's a Life and Death decision she's making!  Good Lord Child, you're not deciding to donate a Kidney, just put THAT Bow in your Hair already, THAT ONE is Fine, now put the other forty-three away will ya?!  *Winks*

You probably thought I was Exaggerating about the volume of Hair Ornamentation she picks thru to make a decision about which one to wear, I'm NOT!   That's probably a conservative estimate as to how many Bows, Head Bands, Clips, Ligas and Hair Claws she fans out each Morning... and THEN there is the agony of deciding which Hair STYLE... oy vey!!!   So, I will now brace myself for all that and talk to you all again in the next installment...

With Hopefully a tonnage of more Visual Blog Fodder and Arizona Adventures to regale you all with... so lets see if I can get this Show on the Road shall we... and roll them out, load them up and head East...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn you always make sense to me. So, I suppose that is really scary. Love your Sweet S posts...and the artwork is gorgeous. If you can provide a link for the artist, I would be interested in seeing more. Thanks, Sandi

    1. The Link is provided in the very first Post under Studio Antica, just click on the name and it will take you right there, you will fall in Lust with it all! And yes, me making sense is certainly really scary stuff! LMAO Dawn... The Bohemian


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