Friday, June 16, 2017

Sweet Salvage ~ Summer Lovin' ~ Part II

You would think with the Kiddos being out of School we'd be racing off here, there and everywhere with our new found Freedom!   I could have and should have been taking them to the Events around Town and making another visit to SWEET SALVAGE Today, but the intense heat has just drained us.  Wednesday's Crisis solving just drained me, so instead I spent most of the day napping and getting caught up on my Rest!  Even the lure of such Eye Candy as this Amazing Vignette, one of my Favs, wasn't enough to motivate me out of the beginnings of Summer Hibernation setting in!  *Gasp!*

Even The G-Kid Force didn't complain about just staying Home where it's Lovely and Cool and they could just gel and languish!   Usually at least Princess T is Game for any Road Trip and Adventure, but not Today, she never got out of her jammies!  I got back into mine when it was apparent we just were not going anywhere.  Why are you all dressed up she asked?  Good question, WHY AM I???  *Smiles*  So back into my jammies and off to a long nap I went, to recuperate from the two days of activity that had worn me clear out!  Yes, I got everything accomplished in a mere 48 hours, averted further Crisis and still managed to have a Big Time... Super Hero that I am!  *LOL*

But the Dreadlocked Wonder is feeling her Age a bit Today I suppose, I'm physically and emotionally spent so I just didn't push it, that envelope I usually push to the limits of my endurance.   It's probably a good thing, at a certain Season of Life you must recognize your limitations, frustrating as it is, and not push past exhaustion.   But it's a Head Trip and I was trippin' a bit, so the Nap put things back in perspective when I awoke from it like Rumpelstiltskin.  I cannot do it all... nor should I try to... and yet, looking around my Kingdom and assessing it, there's a lot that isn't getting done!  

There's messy piles that should be dealt with, there's stuff still being unpacked and rummaged thru to decide whether to Keep or Let Go?!  There's Keeper stuff awaiting a Stylistic outcome that has been procrastinated upon for two years now!   I have a virtual Chandie Graveyard laying about since none have been hung up until I hire an Electrician.   The Man used to do such Projects for me, but I cannot send him up the Ladder of Death and reaching towards these Cathedral Height Ceilings to wire and hang Light Fixtures.   The Historic Homestead had low Ceilings so it wasn't so risky, these are pretty intimidating height Ceilings that no ladder we own seems tall enough... they are the Mt. Everest of Ceilings!

And tackling any Mountain at this Season of Life is probably not the wisest Idea, so subcontracting the stuff we used to DIY is unfortunately something we're going to have to get used to.   We're so used to being very independent do it yourself sorts and particular about how we want things done.  So that's a bitter pill to swallow... hiring folks... budgeting for hiring folks... asking for or even needing Help.  When I think upon all the past Projects we did ourselves, it humbles me to think upon what we can no longer do like that anymore.  Thus, it often gets left undone for a while, a considerable while.  Finding qualified Help you Trust and budgeting for whatever they will charge is foreign ground for us.

When you've had a Man that can do anything and then he can hardly do anything anymore due to catastrophic disability makes you suddenly more dependent upon other guys than you like to be.   The Man used to be able to do any Project I Dreamed up, he was adept at any Home Improvement Project and I was adept at a lot more than I am now as well.   Now both of us realize that Season is over... completely over for him and for me it's more limiting than it used to be so I don't feel as fiercely independent as I'd like to still be.  

Aging, it just is what it is... and where ever you go, well, there you are.  I have tried to put it all in perspective and not let the small stuff bother me... and really except for Emergencies and Crisis it's all pretty much small stuff and not worth winding myself up about.   My Logic knows that, my OCD however is still rather disturbed about what I'm avoiding and not getting done, so they war with each other, my Logic and my OCD sides!  *Smiles*  There is that inner conflict raging on when I refuse to be at Peace with what just IS and accept it with Grace.   I've accomplished a lot in two scant years since The Big Move actually, and yet I still tend to focus upon what I haven't yet finished!

Yes, I absolutely realize and recognize it's been an Epic task and this is a Big Home, so without Staff, it's just gonna have to take as long as it takes.  Simplifying things for The Man would entail just getting rid of everything not absolutely necessary and not owning a Home at all!  So he's generally not responsible for any of the Hot Messes around here, he's a Tidy fellow and rather sedentary in his ways now, he's also a True Minimalist married to a Maximalist, poor Guy!  *Smiles*   He is also not the least bit interested in Home Decorating, as few Men are, that's my domain and so I've rather overwhelmed myself in that arena by buying a McManse to Decorate!  *LOL* 

I Love Decorating, don't get me wrong, any Blank Canvas gets my Creative juices flowing.  But then there's that pesky Caregiving priority that gets in the way of my Creative Expression.   Caregiving consumes, sometimes it seems as tho' it is all consuming actually and maintaining a Home, the mundane daily part of all that, is not my forte.   I've probably mentioned it before, I'm no domestic goddess, housekeeping bores me out of my Mind!   I'm not one of those Gals that throws herself into a cleaning frenzy to allegedly 'relax', unwind or de-stress, I've never even understood the dichotomy of that!??!!!  There is nothing relaxing or renewing about housekeeping to me, it's laborious thankless Work that gets undone almost immediately if you have a Family!

High Five to the Suzy Homemakers of the World, I watch Shows like Pioneer Woman and feel like a total slacker by comparison... geez, just watching that Woman and all she accomplishes makes me tired!   If my Family expected that level of Pioneer Spirit and from scratch Care, well, they'd need a Stepford Wife replacement coz it sure as Hell ain't me!   And The Man watches that Show way too much, it's disconcerting!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   And I know there actually are Wives and Mothers and Grandmas like that, I've even known some, tho' we have very little in common.  *LOL*   My Tribe just aren't hard wired that way and I'm totally Okay with that fact... there's other stuff I'd rather be doing than cleaning a house that won't stay clean!

But, I do like to behold those Designed Spaces, those Editorial rooms that Inspire me not to be a total slob and to have and keep a Lovely Home.  I do my best to aspire to the Orderly Home that surrounds it's inhabitants with Beauty and Function.   In fact, tho' I'm no domestic goddess by any means, filth, disorder and chaos aren't something I can tolerate or live in, I don't like it.   I cannot ignore a Hot Mess and disorganization around me, it makes me physically sick and feeling mentally disturbed and out of balance.   So you can clearly see why sometimes I don't feel so good and appear mentally disturbed and imbalanced with running damage control behind this crew!  *Winks*


Today in fact I had the Come To Jesus talk again with Princess T about the condition of her Living Spaces Upstairs, which almost gave me a Stroke to walk into!   You know the condition of the living spaces of those on Hoarders, well, she can be a bit like that!  *Gasp!*  Yeah, she who is The Organizer, The Stylist and feels compelled and OCD about Organization and Styling of other places and spaces, is a complete disastrous slob in her own Spaces, go figure!?!   I'm no Shrink but I would Imagine there's some Couch Time in her Future to sort that shit out... and I don't Plan to visit her Home once she's grown unless she gets that shit sorted out, my Heart probably couldn't handle it!  *Yikes!*

The Young Prince isn't much better, tho' he's more of a Minimalist so most of his slob tendencies revolve around any food and drink he totes up there and doesn't make it's way back Downstairs for clean up.  Yes, he has a Kitchenette up there, but it's not like he uses it for the Purpose of which it was Intended!   *Le Sigh*   And I loathe going up there, into the Abyss that is their individual Living Spaces Upstairs.  But I have to do my due diligence and run Hygiene checks from time to time so that we don't need a Haz Mat Team in here to Deal with it!  I'd like to ignore Upstairs and pretend it doesn't even Exist, except that my Art Studio Loft is also up there and I need to ensure her Mess doesn't migrate into my Space!  It migrates enough into Downstairs space, like it has a Life of it's own!

And Yes, I do Clean their rooms in between them being forced into submission to... but it doesn't stay clean or tidy long enough to be worth the enormous effort it takes.  So I'm not very Motivated, I freely Confess that nothing Motivates me less than cleaning up behind people who don't appreciate my efforts nor have enough flesh in the Game that they'll manage their own Spaces and Common Areas they Share with others.   If you're a slob or lazy, or chronically disorganized to the point of needing Therapy for it, I am just not all that Motivated to keep helping you out, I got other more important things to do... that I actually ENJOY doing!  *Winks*

I'm actually Glad we don't get many visitors way out here in the boondocks since the house is rather disorderly right now.  So I don't have to make apology for it nor photograph my Shame for Blog Fodder.  I can instead regale you with other Eye Candy worthy of beholding, like these Events.  Or the taking of Close-Ups at Home that disguise the Mess and Chaos that might be all around them, to the right and to the left, but just out of frame.  *Winks*  Photography is rather an Illusion like that, I can make anything look Editorial so long as I avoid the Panoramic View around here!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   That's why you don't get and won't get too many, if any, Panoramics of New Villa Boheme'!  And I'd never, EVER allow a Photo Shoot, I'd have a nervous breakdown in the Process.

I don't know if I ever told you that at the Old Homestead I had some Editors of Styling Mags contact me via the Internet and ask if I would allow them to Profile my Art Studio Cottage... and perhaps even our Historic Home?!  Uh oh, I almost had a Panic Attack just thinking about it!   And the Art Studio Cottage was actually Editorial enough to withstand a Professional Shoot and in many ways I Wish I had said Yes so it could have been Immortalized in Print.   But the Old House, not so much!   And the Acreage, well, it was like The Lost World, so I had to think up Polite ways to decline any and all offers.  I've had Friends who have been Profiled in various Mags and they almost had Anxiety Attacks in The Process, even tho' their Homes are Sublime, probably all of the time!  So I knew I couldn't get thru it with any Sanity left intact!

But there is that Egotistical side of me that was Flattered, I ain't gonna lie, at least they thought they wanted to see it all in person, you know?   *LMAO*  Apparently I had given enough of an Illusion, enough Smoke and Mirrors on the Old Blog, to entice Industry People to like what they saw.  So in that way I felt Accomplished that my Blog at least had shown some of the best parts of our Beloved Old Homestead, my stuff I have Passion for and Mi Vida Loca, to appear semi-Normal and perhaps even Editorial?  *Winks*   One day perhaps it even will be, who knows, when I get my shit together and finish everything I've set out to accomplish in Styling and Decorating our Home?  As Judy Tenuta would satirically say, It could happen!!!

But for now, as my Sweet Friends so aptly say, what happens in the Booth... {or the Home}.. stays in the Booth {or the Home}!  It's kinda like Vegas that way.  *Winks*   Only my Inner Circle, and well, you guys, know the Truth!  Most people can't handle the Truth, as Jack Nicholson so famously said in A Few Good Men, nope, they can't, it would overwhelm them completely in fact and burst all their Illusions and bubbles.   When I left the Old Historic Homestead and it was empty and devoid of possessions that had distracted from how run down and in need of complete restoration it was, it actually made me weep.  I go by often now and see how the New Owner is coming along with his Restoration of the Old Jewel, she deserves the Labor of Love he's putting into her.  I know I made the right decision to accept less and not Sell to a Greedy Developer.  She still Exists and is being resurrected rather than razed.

Tho' I miss Owning her terribly, she's in the right hands now and he's doing what we had begun but couldn't finish to the end.   Restoration of a Historic Home is a lot of Work and Expense, but it's a Passion I still have even tho' we no longer can be in the Doing of it.   At least owning a New Build means the upkeep is lower maintenance in repairs, tho' they don't build em like they used to, that's for certain!   So nothing in a New Build will last a Century or more, I'm certain of that fact, but I'll be long gone by then so I don't even Care.  *Smiles*  I am also not so Attached to New Villa Boheme' that her Future concerns me, it's a Subdivision Home, as Fabulous as it is, they build them all the time, nothing that Unique or Special about it like the Historic Ones.


I could be Wrong, mebbe in 50 years or so these will look Charming to the New Generations, perhaps the Era will have it's Appeal in what they are building now, I just can't see it.  It's like Cars... Modern Cars don't have the Appeal nor the Design of the Classics, they all rather look the same to me without much distinction.   I can't tell a Cadillac from a Ford now, similar lines... price point is the only Clue really of alleged Quality of Brand.  It's like the Knock-Off Lines of Famous Brands, if it is difficult to tell the fake from the Real Deal, really, why pay more then?  *Winks*   If the Real Deal is clearly evident, then by all means pony up and don't settle for less than the best.   But lets face it, some fakes now look pretty damned good and cost way less!

I'm not such a Purist that I have to always have the Real Deal, especially if I can't afford it and don't want to Invest that much into obtaining it really.  I can mingle some Beautiful Authentic Treasures with some Good Quality Knock Offs that fool the Eye.   In fact, if you have enough of The Real Deal then it can give an easy Illusion that everything therefore is what it Appears to be, and the fakes can blend in quite well with all the Real Deal stuff.   My Dear Old Mom taught me that, she preferred the Real Deal and had a lot of it, but could mingle in some Knock Off when she had to, or until she could afford to replace it with the Authentic.  Upgrade, Darling, Upgrade was her Mantra!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I agree, cleaning others' spaces unappreciated is such a soul drain, even though I try to think of it as service. We are not big on cleaning here and tend to do it mostly when we rearrange, which we do regularly. We just moved my son's room around at his request, so it seems the genes have passed on! Xo Jazzy Jack


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